Trust in relationship
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Keeping a relationship isn’t as easy as it look, it’s not a bed of roses, there’s the sweet side and the bitter side of every relationship. At the beginning of every relationship, it look easier because you feel you’ve find the right one, you enjoyed everything about the other person but later You tends to […]

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Broken Heart Saying
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Heartbreaks tends to hurt and it’s not really to deal with letting go of someone you’re used to, someone you loved and care for, someone you want to spend every moments with, someone you thought would be yours forever. Someone that light up your soul but all of a sudden just leaves you hanging just […]

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Happy Birthday Son Wishes & Quotes From Mom And Dad
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Children are the Heritage Of God, they are the best gift from God to Human kind. Every married couple always feel blessed when their marriage is blessed with a beautiful child, it’s an evidence of a blessed marriage. Children often fill their parents life with immersive happiness when they are born. Sons are their parent […]

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Make Him Smile
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It’s a good feelings knowing that your words is making someone grin at their phone screen and smiling even without them knowing. Men tends to be the type that rarely show much emotion when they’re looking at their phones. Unless one of their buddies has sent them an inappropriate and, quite frankly, gross picture, you […]

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I Miss You Messages Dad
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Fathers are their children greatest inspiration, they build, create and nurture, they are children greatest provider. Having a lovely father is like getting a treasure pack, filled with a lot of captivating surprises. Every children often feel their mother remain the best and often try harder to make her feel loved but in the actual […]

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Romantic Poems About Love For Her
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Love is certainly a beautiful thing, it’s an expression that can’t be hidden. When love comes into your life, it takes ground and over shadow every other feelings. You tend to forgive easily and care massively for the heart chosen person. Love is what make the strongest weak and makes the softest strong, depending on […]

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Dear, I love you because you
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Love is that feeling that comes from within and something you can’t just explain, it doesn’t announce itself before taking place In your heart and it knows no limits or boundary, love knows no age, color, height, religion, family background, language and this days it’s no wonder that love knows no sex and that’s why […]

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Niece
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Nothing will make your niece feel special and loved on her birthday than getting her message from her Favorite aunty or uncle ( that is you ), we know she’ll feel on top of the world and obviously would be the happiest person on earth to know you really care about her day. Nieces are […]

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Happy Birthday Quotes for nephew
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Birthdays comes once in a year and it’s always memorable especially if it’s that of a loved ones, birthdays makes it possible to express how much you care and love that individual especially family and friends. We are given the opportunity to let the person know how much they mean to us, how lucky we […]

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Thinking of You Message For Girlfriend
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Thinking has been an essential part of every humans life and it mostly occupies our mind, it’s either we think about work, school and every other areas of life but thinking becomes more fun when it’s about what or who we love. Sometimes we get entangled to thinking about our love ones that we tend […]

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister
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Wow, it’s sister’s birthday and you’re looking for words to tell how much you value and respect her, to show her how awesome she is and how grateful you’ll forever be for having a sister like her. A sister is someone like a mother, she cares for you the same way a mother does and […]

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Dear brother, we’ve made
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In this article, we have compiled some birthday wishes for a brother, it doesn’t differ if you’re a elder sister trying to wish a younger brother a happy birthday, or a younger sister trying to wish a older brother a happy birthday, Even if you’re a younger or older brother trying to wish a brother […]

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Get Well Soon Texts For Her & Him
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Here we have complied a list of ‘Get well soon‘ messages for your special one, we hope this messages can make them feel loved and better and also aid in their quick recovery. Every sick person loves to know that someone out there care about them and is wishing for them to get well soon […]

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Good Morning Text Messages For Her
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Nothing will make a girl feel special than waking up to see a sweet good morning message from her man. If you’re looking for something special to express how you feel for your girl through a good morning message and how to say good morning to a special girl in your life. Here are some […]

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Love is a beautiful thing
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Men are strong. A lot of women recognize this but is that all that makes a man? I am pretty sure you think your man does not need mushy moments, candlelight and romantic gestures. That’s where a lot of women are getting it wrong. In fact a lot of people say men just need food […]

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