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Broken people are their own responsibilities

Are you confused about life and the meaning it brings? Do you think that life is so full of complex issues and these things make you wonder if you can cope? Life is beautiful and you can enjoy every bit of it. There so much to learn from the process you are passing through. In […]

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I miss you.

It’s not easy to admit when we miss the people who are important to us but it’s a beautiful thing to do. Don’t just assume that people know how much you value them. With the right words you can also build affection between you and your loved ones. In this quote collection, you can see […]

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Quote About Failure

Very few people ever handle failure with dignity. You’ll see some cry river of tears and lose all composure because of failed plans. It’s amazing how easy it is to lose all your happiness just because you failed. A lot of people talk about wanting to succeed but very few consider the possibilities of failure […]

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The way to heal from hurt
Yes I'm sad

Hurting deep down, a lot of us mask our reel feelings. Most people think that by hiding the hurt would fade but it never really goes away. It’s hard to confront the fact that you have been hurting. This could make you unnecessarily lash out at people, isolate yourself and even experience bouts of depression. […]

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Be kind to your wife

How easy is it to be father to your children? It’s probably a lot of work. Now you have to do a lot more work when you are raising a daughter. She’s adventurous, inquisitive, emotional and likely to try running away with some boy from school. Girls could sometimes be a handful but they are […]

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rose quotes

What do you know about Roses? Asides the thorns and the colours? We all love Roses because they represent something pristine and lovely. It talks about love, innocence and strength of character. Different Roses for different occasions but a Rose is a Rose is a Rose! It’s simply enough to have someone who cares enough […]

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Prayer for Healing and Strength

You don’t need to struggle with words when saying your prayers. A lot of us know what we want to pray about but knowing the words to use is a different thing entirely. We believe prayers are a crucial part of your life and so we have compiled these short prayers which could give you […]

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Letting go quote

A lot of the problems people have come from unresolved pain and struggles. As more and more people hold on to grudges, hurts, and baggage from the past, we continue to create horribly abusive relationships. There’s nothing worse than judging others around you by the things that happened to you in your past. Holding on […]

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awesome life quote
Life, Motivational

There’s too much talk about what life should be or not be. Too many speculations about the ideal life and too little positive assertions to live by. Every day you step out, you are more likely to bump into negative people because life is not always a roadshow. It’s important to arm yourself with all […]

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love and happiness quote
Love, Motivational

Very few people ever truly live happy lives and it’s amazing how difficult it is to find love and happiness in the world. A lot of people talk about wanting to be happy or wanting to be loved yet there’s so little of these things to go around. If only some of us were able […]

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Quotes About Life And Struggles
Life, Motivational

Too many people get used to struggles and we even start to see that as a way of life. Struggling is not totally avoidable but then one must have the right perspective of how life and struggles are connected. To achieve anything great, you definitely have to do some reasonable amount of struggling. However, life […]

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The only antidote for loneliness

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the issue of loneliness. A lot of people never want to admit that they are lonely. Also with the rising age of social media, most of your friends are probably lonely. We’ve grown into a system that isolates and rejects people based on class or race. There’s so many […]

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daughter can get from her mother

There are relationships that are simply adorable, like the one between a mother and daughter. It’s sometimes so complicated that you wonder if they are sworn enemies and other times they are just perfect. There’s so much confusion there, passion, emotions and words that sometimes leave indelible memories. How about you share these mother daughter […]

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Saying "Good morning" Quote
Life, Motivational, Quotes

It’s commonly said that the way you start your day sets a precedence for the whole day. It’s important to have your energy in the morning, and to be ready for the opportunities of a new day. This is why we have come up with this collection of highly inspiring good morning quotes. There’s so […]

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He says he can't live without you funny love quote
Love, Quotes

There are so many sides to love, the dark, the ugly and the humorous side. We all get tired of hearing about how beautiful love is or the pains of love. Some times we just want to kick back and crack some funny love jokes. Love’s not always all that romantic, everyone does some funny […]

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Trust is not a product

How do you know who to trust in these times when everyone has some hidden agenda? We cannot also go about suspecting everyone who tries to get close to us of some treachery. There just has to be someone you can trust. In fact, most of our humanity is built on the idea of trust. […]

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Being part of a family

The subject of family is one very few people consider. We are so carried away with activities that we pay so little attention to the most incredible parts of our lives. It’s not like family is always the best experience. There are days we feel like just walking away and never looking back but family […]

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Pregnancy is going to alter Pregnancy Quote

Most of us assume pregnancy is just one of those phases of life and we hardly realize how much this period alters a woman’s life. In the experiences of pregnancy, there so much wisdom, philosophy, spirituality and history. Women who have been through this path, are acutely aware of all the fear and anxiety, the […]

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Accept my deepest condolence
Yes I'm sad

Our stay on this earth is not permanent, as such everybody must die. Loosing someone very close to you or any of your family member is one of the most difficult things to bear. The difficulty experienced during this period is due to the bonds we have created with them before they die. Knowing the […]

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Goodbyes are expensive

Saying goodbye is a struggle for a lot of people especially when someone you care about is leaving unexpectedly. A change of job, new schools, college, marriage or other life changes could make people leave. It’s not easy to say goodbye but you eventually need to let them know how you feel. It’s more painful […]

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