Romantic Pick Up Lines For Him And Her
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Pick up lines are conversation starters which do wonders in catching the interest of that someone you fancy. They rule the world of romance; they have been known to make ladies blush uncontrollably, and guys dangerously hooked. On that note, we have compiled the following romantic pick up lines for you to get the dice […]

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Compliments For Her
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A woman’s ears are often attributed to be the channel to her heart. By that, the words you speak to her make her heart ready to accept you with open arms or throw you over the fence. Irrespective of your relationship with a lady, it is advisable to pay her compliments. Compliments are words of […]

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Never Have I Ever Questions
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The classic “Never have I ever…” statements trend so noisily among friends that it is absolutely hard to turn your deaf ears to them. It’s a must-be part of fun, where you will learn exciting, as well as disheartening things from your friends. It could start when everyone is seated in a circle, and somebody […]

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Would You Rather Questions
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Many of us were hit, albeit too early in our teen years, with the harsh reality of opportunity cost as found in Economics, which demands that we forego one item or activity, for another. And that’s what life is basically all about. Would you rather questions in the context of fun, are asked to find […]

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Deep Questions To Ask A Guy
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Trust us, when it comes to asking a man questions, it’s easy to guess how important the questions are to him, from the way he thinks them through. If he answers immediately he hears them, he’s a joker, and shouldn’t be taken seriously. But if he ponders on them briefly, supports his answers with additional […]

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Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl
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It isn’t all the time that a man gets to have a face to face, up-close meeting with a stunning woman he’s heavily attracted to. It is not unlikely that he could be groping for the right questions to ask, and may not be able to imagine what would become of him if the girl […]

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