love and happiness quote
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Very few people ever truly live happy lives and it’s amazing how difficult it is to find love and happiness in the world. A lot of people talk about wanting to be happy or wanting to be loved yet there’s so little of these things to go around. If only some of us were able […]

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He says he can't live without you funny love quote
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There are so many sides to love, the dark, the ugly and the humorous side. We all get tired of hearing about how beautiful love is or the pains of love. Some times we just want to kick back and crack some funny love jokes. Love’s not always all that romantic, everyone does some funny […]

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True love is consistent

We all want to find love at some point in our lives so we busy ourselves getting into several relationships. We watch our friends get hurt, get dumped and get broken. No wonder there’s too many people with trust issues because even the most loving person could just be another fake. How else can you […]

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dont chase love

Having fallen deeply for someone can make you look out for them in some exceptional and extra ordinary ways, You find yourself fighting battles for the one you love without thinking twice. Falling in love has a lot to do with our heart, most time we don’t send our heart message to do does things […]

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I Love You More Than Quotes
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When true love found you, you tend to become more refreshing and extremely promising. You will embrace happiness and choose to live regard less of what life offers you, cause you tend to find great joy knowing someone truly love you. Love is not just a thing of the mouth, Love is beyond words and […]

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Beauty fades love quote
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Women are not the best at showing their feelings all the time. A lot of times they end up giving you a lot of mixed signals. What if you could just tell her how you feel about the relationship. Give her some pointers in her quest to find you. There’s no easier way to show […]

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We did it again! There’s so little information about how a woman wants to be treated. A lot of men make costly mistakes while trying to make their woman happy. How about getting into the mind of a woman for a second, we’ve made a awesome collection. Let’s school the men with these excitingly accurate […]

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Trust in relationship
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Keeping a relationship isn’t as easy as it look, it’s not a bed of roses, there’s the sweet side and the bitter side of every relationship. At the beginning of every relationship, it look easier because you feel you’ve find the right one, you enjoyed everything about the other person but later You tends to […]

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Dear, I love you because you
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Love comprises of a variety of different emotions and mental state, it is the deepest affection you have for someone that is dear to your heart, some people see love as an intense feelings or deep affection, a great interest and pleasure in something, a person or a particular behavior or act. Love is also […]

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