Birthday Wishes For Mysel

Birthdays should be full of heart-warming messages and wishes from friends, family, and even from yourself. While most people find it unusual to wish themselves a happy birthday, we highly recommend it. Not only does it reaffirm your self-worth but boosts your self-appreciation. By all means, write yourself a birthday card or birthday message filled […]

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Birthday Wishes for Best Friend

The enthusiasm and anticipation that comes around during your best friend’s birthday can be overwhelming at times. While most people get engrossed in throwing surprise birthday parties and spending money on flashy gifts, very few remember to send sweet birthday messages. Similar to words of affirmation, birthday wishes have the power to reassure your love […]

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Belated Happy Birthday

Forgetting a friend’s or family member’s birthday could spark feelings of regret, and in some cases, it could trigger a strain in the relationship. Regardless, you should know that it is normal to forget. What truly matters is how you make it up to them. And what better way than sending a cute belated birthday […]

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Short And Long Romantic Birthday Wishes For Boyfriend
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Besides gifts and surprises, one of the most effective ways to express warm birthday feelings is through well-curated wishes. Regardless of how you may think of it, words go a long way and have a lasting effect than any physical gift. Words have a lasting effect and resonate throughout time to encourage and influence the […]

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Birthday Wishes to A Female Friend
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Women are unique in the sense that, they love celebrating their birthdays but hate growing old. Though this may seem odd, they the greatest gift ever given to man and should always be loved and respected. If you are a guy, the least you could do on your female friend’s birthday is to show her […]

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Happy Birthday Wishes for Her
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For the longest time now, women have been known to be more receptive to the little things. A simple “I love you” text or a random surprise coffee date could make a huge difference. Whilst big surprises and birthday parties also go a long way, you would be surprised how much power a good birthday […]

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Birthday Wishes For Sister
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Needless to say, a sister’s bond is unique in every aspect. Without even delving into details, you are blood-related and have been in the same womb. That by itself makes your union super special. That being the case, you should be ready to celebrate your sister’s birthday differently. Buy her the best gifts in the […]

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Birthday Wishes for Mom
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The bond between a mother and her children is sometimes incomprehensible. There are no words or enough gifts in the world to give the one person who brought you into this world and took good care of you. Celebrating the woman who taught you the basics of life calls for special wishes, not just on […]

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Funny Birthday Wishes Funny Birthday Wishes

So you are celebrating the day someone you care about was born? A birthday is a joyful time for the birthday boy or girl as they commemorate the day they were born. It’s also another chance to be thankful for another year in their lives. It is a special day when they want their dearest […]

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Heart-warming Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad
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Dads also love birthdays! Accept it or not, there’s a vacuum in a child’s life only a dad can fill. It isn’t just about being a man; the role of a dad goes beyond fathering a son or daughter. Getting fully involved in the upbringing of one’s child makes the difference between a dad and […]

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Sweet Sixteeen

Celebrating birthdays could get quite boring without certain landmark ages. We have the silver, golden and diamond jubilees. And then we have the sweet sixteen. What is sweet sixteen about or is it just an attempt at rhyming first letters? The age of sixteen is often times associated with a subtle transition from childhood to […]

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Funny Happy Birthday Wishes for your Husband

Birthdays are very special days in the lives of humans. And on those days, consciously or subconsciously, we all crave for people to celebrate us. We think it makes sense; at least, that once in three hundred and sixty-five days, we owe ourselves that. Spouses are our better halves; we owe them even more on […]

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Christian Happy Birthday Wishes

Being able to wish a fellow brother or sister in Christ a happy birthday should not be a herculean task. But, navigating words beyond the mere, “happy birthday” to pass across the love of God that actually binds you together may be a bit of work. Hopefully, these quotes can be a good map to […]

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Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Being in a relationship is a great thing. There are many occasions to celebrate and more than actions, having the right words to pass across feelings becomes quite important. Men have been known to be of few words and no matter how much they love their lady; it sometimes gets hard to say the right […]

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Happy Birthday Son Wishes & Quotes From Mom And Dad
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Children are the Heritage Of God, they are the best gift from God to Human kind. Every married couple always feel blessed when their marriage is blessed with a beautiful child, it’s an evidence of a blessed marriage. Children often fill their parents life with immersive happiness when they are born. As children keeps growing […]

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Happy Birthday Quotes for nephew
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Birthdays comes once in a year and it’s always memorable especially if it’s that of a loved ones, birthdays makes it possible to express how much you care and love that individual especially family and friends. We have made a compilation of birthday messages and quotes for a Nephew that would make him feel loved […]

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Dear brother, we’ve made
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In this article, we have compiled some birthday wishes for a brother, it doesn’t differ if you’re a elder sister trying to wish a younger brother a happy birthday, or a younger sister trying to wish a older brother a happy birthday, Even if you’re a younger or older brother trying to wish a brother […]

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