146 Interesting Conversation Starters For Couples

by Updated on October 9, 2019

It is almost impossible for a conversation between two persons to be dull and boring where there are loads of engaging conversation starters to marshal out one after the other. For couples (old or new), you are most likely to get to discover more of the fascinating sides of your partner, travel into time with them, and wonder at how their minds churn out incredible information through conversation starters.

For you to enjoy using conversation starters, you have to mutually agree that the questioning will be done alternately between you and your partner. Ready? Let’s begin!

Conversation Starters For Couples

Conversation Starters For Couples

1: What’s the most difficult situation you’ve ever had to deal with alone?

2: Is there any person close to you who you wished you never met?

3: How well do you appreciate visual arts?

4: Define honesty in its most basic form.

5: How did you handle your first heartbreak?

6: Do you have any secret that will remain a secret?

7: If you were asked to list 6 important decisions you’ve made in recent times, what will they be?

8: What is your favorite night club?

9: Which of your siblings is the silliest?

10: How often do you feel responsible for others even when you shouldn’t?

11: What kind of friend are you?

12: How would you treat a lady/man who disrespects your significant other in your presence?

13: What gives you the utmost satisfaction at the end of every working day?

14: Do you keep enemies?

15: Why is your best food the best?

16: How did you feel the first time you were told: “I love you”?

17: How do you react when surprised in the least expected ways?

18: Childhood or adulthood: which has been your most memorable?

19: How long have you known your best friend?

20: In which part of the world would you like to raise your kids?

21: If you were to travel back in time, what two events will you undo?

22: How deep is your conviction about the existence of God?

23: Describe your boss in five sentences.

24: What’s your dream car?

25: How fast are you in mathematical calculations?

26: What’s your sexual fantasy?

27: How old is your grandmother?

28: At what point in your life did you realize that I am the one for you?

29: What got you attracted to me?

30: How far can you drag an issue of contention?

31: Which extracurricular activities were you most recognized for in high school?

32: Whose face lingers in your memory from childhood?

33: What’s your take on self-employment?

34: Have you ever hitchhiked or lifted a hitchhiker?

35: What are you most afraid of?

36: In your own opinion, would Apple be doing better if Steve Jobs were alive and in charge?

37: What’s the farthest distance you’ve jogged?

38: Where did your parents first meet?

39: How many of your relatives do you still maintain contacts with?

40: Is Halloween evil?

41: Have you ever had a nightmare?

42: Can you endure hunger for 12 hours?

43: Have you ever been in a plane’s cockpit?

44: What effort have you made in experimenting on exotic meals?

45: What does it feel like to talk to yourself all alone?

46: What is your hugest turn off in a person?

47: What fun activity do you wish we can do as a couple?

48: What’s your dream getaway spot for couples?

49: How long was your previous relationship?

50: Which hairstyle, either on a man or woman appeals to you?

51: Can you detect fraud at a glance?

52: Which medieval architectural building known to you takes your breath away?

53: Do you value flossing your teeth more than facial cleansing?

54: Which gift received remains special to you?

55: What are you most curious about in life?

56: What can’t you be caught doing?

57: How assertive are you?

58: Have you ever crushed on someone who didn’t even know you exist?

59: Tell me the importance of romance to the heart.

60: How sensitive are you to criticism?

61: Who taught you the need to brush your teeth twice daily?

62: How much, on the average, can you spend on your personal grooming?

63: What aspect of your job do you despise?

64: How well do you love your workplace?

65: What are your top plans for your future kids?

66: How do you cope under pressure?

67: In what way has friendship with different personalities affected you over time?

68: Are you time-conscious?

69: Have you ever questioned the events surrounding your birth?

70: What are your thoughts on migrating to another country with your family?

71: Have you ever had to stand for someone who is guilty of an offense?

72: How tough is your love?

73: Have you ever been arrested for a crime you knew nothing about?

74: Have you ever considered the possibility of being in a polygamous marriage?

75: How many languages can you write fluently?

76: Which volunteer work have you recently considered doing?

77: Which animal is out of the question as a pet to you?

78: What could be a major source of issue to us in our relationship?

79: What do I do that makes you want to kiss me over and over?

80: How often do I speak your mind?

81: What could make your trust for me wither?

82: Which of your life’s achievements are you the most proud of?

83: How free are you in the presence of strangers?

84: Which high school subject gave you the goose bumps of fear?

85: As an adult, what form of bullying have you had to endure?

86: What is the one difference between love and lust?

87: With respect to our relationship, what has been our most recent achievement?

88: How might you wish to change the world if given the opportunity?

89: What triggers fear in you?

90: How well do you believe in me?

91: Have you ever taken advantage of somebody who never thought you would?

92: How long have you been in the dating world?

93: What is your fondest memory of your parents?

94: Which electrical gadget was your first to own?

95: How has time changed you?

96: What do you do with a compliment on your physical appearance?

97: Which year is your best ever?

98: What’s your take on surprises?

99: Have you ever mixed work with pleasure to your own detriment?

100: Which word hurts you the most when used on you?

101: How much does love mean to you?

102: Where will we be as a couple in two years’ time?

103: Have you ever been to the zoo?

104: What is your personal experience with gangsters.

105: How much do you value life?

106: Have you ever been compelled to avenge the cause of anyone dear to you?

107: What 3 things can be a hindrance to the success of our relationship?

108: Who first introduced you to the art of lovemaking?

109: How special is your love for me?

110: Will you accept the idea of co-owning a pet with me?

111: How well do you know your neighborhood?

112: Who is the fiercest human you’ve ever encountered?

113: Will you like to marry a man like your father?

114: Will you like to be the kind of woman your mother is to your father?

115: Who gave you your first paying job?

116: What are your long-term plans for your career?

117: Have you ever been in a public fight?

118: Under what circumstances did you persist on a matter until something positive happened?

119: Describe your dream house.

120: Do you gamble?

121: How deeply can you love?

122: What are your two love languages?

123: Have you ever been burned in a relationship in the past?

124: What opinion of me you had changed when we started dating?

125: What’s your favorite restaurant?

126: Can you vividly remember the first sentence I spoke to you on our first meeting?

127: How do you like your chicken prepared?

128: Who is your music idol?

129: In your next life, what won’t you be?

130: Which of your grade school teachers was the grumpiest?

131: What part of our lovemaking life would you want us to improve on?

132: How good are you in dancing?

133: What activity can keep you up all through the night?

134: What is the saddest day of your life?

135: Have you ever been in a near-death experience?

136: Briefly narrate your first flight experience.

137: Whose wedding was your first to attend?

138: Have you ever been betrayed by someone you trusted?

139: How effective a teacher are you?

140: To you, do cats really have nine lives?

141: How truthful are you?

142: What is the easiest exam you’ve passed?

143: How friendly are you to stray animals?

144: Who is your childhood superhero?

145: How thankful are you for your experiences of the past?

146: Which of your friends has stuck with you through the thick and thin?

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