Cute Good Morning Poems For Girlfriend

by Updated on June 3, 2019

One of the beautiful things about relationships is the instinct to appreciate everything about your partner. Having someone to say “good morning” to is quite important and does a lot to an individual’s psychology. However, a repetitive, monotonous good morning does no one any good. There are too many mornings in just one year to not have creative ways of greeting your significant other per morning.

Your girlfriend needs to know that she is special. She needs to know that every morning you share with her, whether beside her or not, is unique. She needs to know that you think of her every morning. These poems will go a long way at helping you achieve that.

 Cute Good Morning Poems For Girlfriend

Cute Good Morning Poems For Girlfriend

#1. Chirping birds and crowing cocks,
chiming alarms and to-do lists,
are all nothing but reminders
that I have a renewed privilege
to appreciate the gift of you.
You brighten my day.

#2. Like the breakfast-lunch-dinner cycle,
yesterday, as every other,
is like a satisfying meal that’s since digested,
waiting for a refill today.
A refill from you.
A refill of you.

#3: I keep snoozing my alarm,
hoping the day would break faster,
hoping I could turn forward the hands
of time—to when my doorbell will ring,
to when the sight of you at my doorstep
will steal my breath away and make everything okay.

#4: Like a whiff of fresh coffee stimulating the nostrils,
or the warmth of daylight sneaking through the slits of the curtains,
you are this engulfing presence,
this recurring hope of a fresh start, a new break.
Good morning, Beautiful.

#5: The night might lengthen and linger
but the light will always emerge.
Thanks for always showing up for me.
For us. Every day.

#6: You’re like the same present
re-wrapped each night
revealing a different delight each morning.

#7: I thought the greatest joy
was sending you hot affectionate texts each morning
until I started receiving from you too.
What makes each sunrise with you splendid
is the selfless love we share.

#8: Just like dew drops on green grass
and fresh flowers on blooming branches,
the very thought of you makes each new day
a joy to anticipate.

Good Morning Poems For Girlfriend

#9: How did it all come to this,
this addictive routine of replaying your voice notes every time I wake up?
Well, I cannot but take a regular dose of my morning pills.

#10: Glow. Warmth. Light.
Rays, are easy to conclude as parts of the weather,
forgetting it’s also a description of a woman.
My Woman.

#11: Science says the morning sun
brings with it Vitamin D.
It all just makes perfect sense realizing it is D for you,
Darling, my sunshine.

#12: “What’s the softest lullaby and the sweetest alarm?” someone asked.
“A soul mate,” I answered.
“Oh yeah?”
“Sounds like you found yours.”
“The fairest of them all.”

#13: Counting the ceiling squares,
numbering the floor tiles over and again,
synching my heartbeat with
the second hand of the clock—finding ways to kill time
until the next sound of your voice
at the first glimpse of daylight must be the hardest things to do.

#14: Rumpled sheets and tossed pillows;
tousled hair and stale breath,
I love the disorderly mess of us,
cuddled up from the last hint of dark until the glint of dawn.

#15: I always thought daytime
was merely a time of day,
not until I met you and realized it’s a type of person.

#16: Long nights and wet pillows,
creaking sounds as I toss and turn
in a bed meant for two but occupied by one.
But then the morning comes
and the struggles are overturned by the arrival of you.

#17: Watching your chest heave and relax,
heave and relax, all night is a spectacle,
and seeing you stir awake at daybreak
with that giant smile
is the most breathtaking sight ever.

#18: Drawing the blinds
to see the soft blinding rays
warmly flood my room
only reminds me of how you occupy my heart,
full and complete.

#19: Sometimes I’m undecided which I prefer:
To awake to your adorable face each day
or to keep seeing you in my dream.
I’m greedy, so I’ll take the two: Day-dream.

#20: Sleeping and waking
to know you’re here beside me
makes getting out of bed
not a good idea one bit.

#21: The sun rises
in acknowledgment of your beauty
and that is why you glow
just as bright as the sun every morning.

#22: I wish I could see your dreams,
be sure they are sweet ones
so that when I tell you good morning,
I am sure it is actually a good one.

#23: I love the way you sound all baby-ish
right when you wake up.
I can listen to that voice everyday
and if telling you good morning every day would give me that,
I will gladly do it.

#24: I feel like I should be jealous of your bed
seeing as you spend hours lying on it,
exchanging warmth with it
and playing out the scenes of your dreams with it.
So when morning comes and I can have you to myself,
I feel great. You are my good morning.

#25: Wake up, dreamy eyes,
the world awaits you.
It is like things are not set right
till you are awake
and a part of the going ons in the world.

#26: Good morning, pretty woman,
blink those captivating eyes,
stretch those smooth, long limbs and yawn,
yes, your teeth are just perfect.
Would you like to brush first or do some exercises?
You look amazing doing either though.

#27: I sleep better knowing
that I will be waking up to your love.
Not all men out there have such a privilege
and I will do anything to make you know I appreciate that
and it all starts with a love filled good morning to you, my Lady.

#28: Every morning
with you
as my girlfriend
is a good one.

Good Morning Poems For Girlfriend

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