71 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

by Updated on September 2, 2019

In Deon Jackson’s words, “Love makes the world go round…Everybody needs love…” As a matter of fact, the desire for a good dose of love can make a girl’s heart hunger for the sweet nothings only love-smitten guys are capable of. It takes a healthy mixture of creativity and careless abandon to words, to be able to come up with cute lines that will satiate the passion in your girl’s heart.

What’s more, those lovely words go a long way to let her know that you are still taken by her. Enjoy the following Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend while you prepare to get her head swirling with some of them.

Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

1: A thousand words fail to describe the smallest piece of the joy you bring into my life.

2: It isn’t just about the life you carry; you are the life source to me. Without you, I’m a goner.

3: I love to think about you all the time. Doing that keeps me hopeful that we will set our eyes on each other again.

4: I have a deep respect for you. Not because of what you do, but because of who you are: you are a carrier of a rare kind of excellence.

5: It isn’t a mistake to love you. Rather, I will be making the worst mistake if I refuse my heart from loving you any day, anytime.

6: The beauty of life is seen through your eyes.

7: It isn’t just enough to love you. It pays to make a public declaration of it.

8: I can count how many times I was lost without you. I wish the number of times I tell you that I love you makes them worthless.

9: I prayed for a woman like you, and God gave me the woman herself.

10: I am privileged to be the one who makes your world colorful. Truly, I am always at your service.

11: It is difficult to imagine a world where you are not present. It is just impossible to do.

12: Girl, you are beautiful in every sense of the word.

13: I am honored to call you mine. It is a thing of pride, a blessing to brag with.

14: The day I met you became the turning point of my life. You are the real definition of a pure soul.

15: The truth about love is that it is life-saving and freeing when it is all about loving a woman like you.

16: There have been moments of doubt in my life, but never have I questioned the genuineness of my affection for you.

17: You bring me life. The reassurance of your love gives me hope of a great life. I don’t want to lose you for anything else.

18: Only you have got the key to my heart. I give you the permission to use it anyhow you deem fit.

19: If I were to have a fresh start to life, I choose to do it with you by my side.

20: The way my heart beats for joy whenever your thought pops into my head is the same way my body craves to be with you whenever I hear your voice over the phone.

21: You are not just a girl worth my attention; you deserve every treasure to my name.

22: You beat my expectations of you hands down. There’s no other, and none will be like you, sweet.

23: It takes a man like me to love you right, baby girl. You only have to give me the chance, and I will lay the whole world to your feet.

24: I am simply amazed by your personality. Every day, you bring something new to the table, leaving me struggling with my comfort zone. I’m loving this exhilarating challenge.

25: I have dreamt of making you mine. It is only a matter of time, and you will bear my surname.

26: You are my sweetheart, my darling, and my everything. I owe my success to your outstanding support of my life pursuits.

27: I want to thank you for all the ways you paint love with heart-melting colors.

28: There’s no mincing of words when it comes to letting you know that I cherish you from the depth of my heart.

29: Believe me when I tell you that you are simply irresistible. Honey, you drive me crazy.

30: There’s no question mark on the love I have for you. It is an express declaration of my heart’s pledge.

31: I only wish that there’s more of your kind for my friends. But then, you are only good for me. I wish them luck in their search for love.

32: If there’s a next life, I am so doing it with you!

33: I want to be the type of man that gets you walking on the waters out of pleasure. I want to make you fly without wings.

34: I do hope that someday, we will look back on our journey together, and wished we had started off earlier.

35: The sweet sound of your voice sends demons fleeing from my head.

36: You are the melody in my heart when there are no songs to sing. You are my peace when the storm of life threatens my stability.

37: I love loving you. It is my culture, my lifestyle.

38: Often, I wonder what on earth I did to be blessed with the rarest of gems like you. I can never take your love for granted.

39: It took me time to realize that you are the one for me. Now I have you, I am not willing to let go.

40: My promises in love to you are as sure as the day and as true as truth itself.

41: Even if I have to beg my way into your heart, I will do so without giving a hoot about what people will say. You are every inch my heart’s desire.

42: I can guarantee you my undying love; trust me on that.

43: If need be, I will wait for you till eternity. I count it all gain for me.

44: When I found you, I discovered that there’s more life has to offer to those who found love.

45: I am no poet, but I can write terrific lines with all the letters of your name.

46: Ever since I drank from the well of your love, I have had no need for any other. I am adequately satisfied with you.

47: Your flaws and imperfections make me fall in love with you over and again.

48: I love you. That’s my lifelong commitment to you.

49: I don’t want to have any other name permanently etched on my lips but yours.

50: Far above rubies and stars, your pricelessness is incontestable.

51: On this day, I wish to remind you that you are always loved by yours truly.

52: Mountains became plain grounds with you in my life.

53: I like the way I feel when you touch me. It makes the sweetness of honey envious.

54: The most outstanding achievement of mine is crowning you the queen of my kingdom.

55: Waking up each morning to behold your pretty face is God’s greatest gift to me.

56: I may not have the money, but I have my heart of love to offer you. Therein lies everything that will make you comfortable.

57: It isn’t about cheap talks; my life is incomplete without you.

58: You are the only reason life isn’t a tasteless piece of cake.

59: The only thing that matters to me is making you happy all the days of my life.

60: Angel, the good things you consider little are the most treasured to me.

61: I want to get drowned in your love. I want to be so immersed in your love that I will have no room for any other.

62: Affection is only measured by the sincerity with which it is given. You have it all with me, girl.

63: You are the magic people pay huge sums to have a feel of.

64: If there’s anything I can boast with, it is the undying love I have for you.

65: A girl like you is hard to come by. She’s a diamond in the midst of zillion charcoals.

66: I don’t know how you did it, but I like the way you hold my heart captive.

67: I live for you. I won’t think twice to die for you.

68: You came into the little space known as my heart and expanded it immeasurably with your love.

69: I have only you, and the world automatically belongs to me.

70: You are safe with me, my precious one. Don’t let your heart tell you otherwise.

71: I have immense satisfaction from the fact that I am the luckiest man on earth to be referred to as your lover.

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