Getting kinky and nasty over text messages has to be one of the most underrated sensations of our time. Sometimes, you don’t have to make physical contact to experience what teasing feels like. Take advantage of the commonly known dare game. But in this case, let’s turn it a notch higher.

Being spontaneous has been proven to be one of the most rewarding things in the world. Whether with your lover or someone you like, this game would suit a wide variety of people. Skim through some of the dare questions you would ask, together with their short descriptions.

You are in for a wild ride!

Dirty Dares Over Text Messages

Dirty Dares Over Text Messages

#1: Pretend you are making sweet love to the couch for the next two minutes. Make it as real as possible

Might be better off if there is no one else in the room unless your opponent is willing to embarrass themselves.

#2: Pick up a random kids’ book and read it out loud in the most seductive voice

With the ideal kids’ book, you would be in for a good laugh.

#3: Go take your clothes off and perform a whole set of different somersaults

If he/she is a gymnast, acrobat or flexible dancer, you would be amazed by how easy they would do this

#4: Using your hands, demonstrate a vivid description of your favorite sexual technique

Time to test your acting skills. Make it fun by trying to guess the description made

#5: Pick a banana or a carrot and take a video of you trying to put a condom on it

If you are a straight guy, this would be a lot harder than you think.

#6: Show the least sexy part of your body through a video, describing why you dislike it

Ideally, this is the easiest dare on our list. You could start with it to kickstart the game.

#7: Go to the bathroom and take a voice recording of you making loud annoying grunting sounds.

Just make sure you have your place open for accommodation in case they get chased out of their homes for this

#8: Make out with any of your body parts to any sensual song and take a short clip

Before this, you could have them make out or dance to an imaginary song.

#9: Send me the nastiest text you could think of

If you are not used to someone, this would be a great way to know their true colors

#10: Send a sexy selfie while naked

Pretty overrated, but if you are both comfortable with each other, it would be thrilling to explore such extents

#11: Walk to the fridge and pick any two different items then use them to portray a sexual act

If you are running out of creative questions, this would most certainly blow your partner away

#12: I dare you to stay in your underwear for the remaining part of the game

This will have them locking themselves in their bedrooms. Trust me!

#13: Put on a winter jacket and take a video of you telling a dirty joke

The winter jacket part is just a way of throwing them off, the dare is still dirty

#14: Take a short clip of yourself outside shouting “Someone come sleep with me!”

You might want to advise them to put on a mask before doing so because this is quite embarrassing

#15: Continue the rest of the game with your worst pair of underwear on your head

Similar to a previous dare, but with more humiliation. Everyone has a pair of underwear they dislike

#16: Sing me a song while half-naked and send me proof of it

You might have to wait a while for this one. Getting the perfect clip can be quite a hassle

#17: Leave an R-rated audio note for me, assuming we were married.

Compared to the rest of the dares, this is a walk in the part. Use it when you want to go easy on them

#18: Walk outside and flirt with the first person you spot, regardless of the gender. And send a video of the same

Be ready to call the medics in case your opponent gets punched in the face for this.

#19: Post a video on your favorite social media page, of you making out with the air in front of you

This is by far, the most humiliating dare, especially because most people value their social media reputation

#20: Put on all the pants you have and send a picture

The fewer they have, the better for them. Time to see them all at once.

#21: Take a short clip of yourself presenting a talk about sex technique as you would in a TED talk.

If they don’t break down with laughter midway during the presentation, you are playing with the wrong person.

#22: Assuming you were a vampire, send a picture of you sucking the blood out of anyone around you

Any smaller sibling would be in for this. On rare occasions, some parents would like to participate as well

#23: Go to your closet and change to the hottest outfit you have

Beware! Pulling this dare on a girl will have your gallery full of hot outfits. You’d better try it on a guy instead

#24: Get someone close to you and touch tongues with you

Extremely overrated. 90% of people are most likely to pass this one

#25: Take a sexy crawl and make it look as sexy as possible

You should try this out on someone who is reserved and less kinky, just to see them unleash their nasty side

#26: Put on your sister’s panties on your head and walk around the house shouting my name

This would spark a fight but would be enjoyable while it lasts

#27: Hold on to a broom assuming it’s a strip pole and do your sexiest dance with it

If you are a girl, you should try this out on a guy, and save the video for future humiliation.

#28: Send me the last dirty text you sent on your phone

You’d have to believe whatever they send because there’s no way of confirming its legitimacy.


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