Flirty Text Messages for Her

by Updated on September 30, 2019

While open flirting is frowned upon in strict social, there’s a kind of fun and excitement in having a guy express his attraction for a lady in a bold and sexual way. There are a few tactics known to men on how to win the heart of a woman; sending her flirty text messages should be among the highest ranking. In our post today, we’ve uniquely crafted flirty text messages you as a guy, can send to that lady who has caught your amorous attention. Enjoy!

Flirty Text Messages for Her

Flirty Text Messages for Her

1: Hello Beautiful. You are a wonder to behold, the reason I couldn’t resist staring at you shamelessly. Needless to say, I want you to know that your beauty is stunningly ravishing.

2: I can’t think of any better day than the day I laid my eyes on you. Before then, I felt there was nothing else that could excite me within this vicinity. How terribly I shook with excitement the day I saw your graceful figure sweep past me! I want more of what I felt with you, honey.

3: Do you know you are capable of ruining a man’s life? Haven’t you ever been told that you are addictive?

4: I wish for the day to run endlessly into the night so that I will have no reason to tear myself away from your side. It hurts that we are miles apart instead of lips apart.

5: There’s no suitable way to address you than as Her Royal Cuteness, The Empress of Dazzling Beauty And Uncommon Wits. Without mincing words, you’ve got me singing your praise.

6: It takes a strong woman like you to crush my heart of stone. I earnestly await the loving thumps of your ruthless hammer; don’t spare me.

7: I have known ladies; you are quite phenomenal. There’s nothing I can’t give for a second date with you, even if it means taking you to the farthest point of ecstasy with my words.

8: Truly, nobody prepared me for the shock I got when I took your hand in mine. You’ve got the softest hand that I have been privileged to savor in moments. It further drives me to imagine how I would react when I take your lips with mine.

9: You are adorable, a clean reminder that there is hope for men of my kind.

10: I have my eyes on you; one day, I will tell you why. However, get prepared to be swept off your feet, because I sure will do that.

11: Your sonorous voice followed me home, and has kept me entertained with your memories. Thank you for a wonderful first-time gift to me.

12: Whoever thought that I have plans to give up on you so soon must have got themselves entangled in lies. You are a project I am not in a hurry to put away.

13: Would you mind telling me the brand of the perfume you wear? I was too absorbed by your divine smell to give you my rapt attention. Kindly forgive my poor manners.

14: With you by my side, I am sure that there is no mountain that I won’t be able to ascend. I feel it strongly in my heart.

15: In a room filled with hundreds of women, my eyes caught you and my soul yearned for more of the aura you exuded. I want to know more about you than you will care to tell me.

Cute Flirty Text Messages for Her

16: I am like a man haunted. Not by any wrong of mine, but by the memory of my meeting with you. I know there’s no rest for me until I speak my mind to you. I really want to see you again.

17: If you are a field of expertise, I will be so engrossed in you that there will be little resistance in crowning me a professional.

18: I found our conversation profoundly interesting. You are not just a good conversationalist, you also ask incisive questions like an intellectual. You’ve got my utmost respect.

19: It is unbelievable that I could find myself drifting away in thoughts of you. What have you done to me?

20: Just as the spider spins its web without minding whose house is changed, so did you weave the delicate web of your tender affection over my heart. Girl, you have for yourself a changed man.

21: Your smiles light up the environment around you. I am aware you know little about how to keep your face from creasing into spontaneous smiles.

22: From where I sat, I couldn’t help but admire the way your hips swayed lazily to the rhythm of the song playing. You are simply sensational.

23: Even if it takes repeated phone calls, endless text messages, and horrible nightmares of me stalking you, I will hold your hands again. It’s a promise.

24: I have no doubt in me that you will make a great custodian of my trusting heart. Do you advice I give love a chance?

25: To be closely drawn to you, to have a whiff of your sensuous body, to be able to clench my teeth while saying goodbye…they are my dreams of you.

26: You make speaking the truth come easily to me. I honestly didn’t bargain to be open about my deepest thoughts with you. Here I am, pleading to make you my date. I hope you will understand my helplessness.

27: I can’t deny that you inspire me to grow from a naughty boy to a gentleman befitting of your kind.

28: The more I think about it, the more I am certain that you are the woman meant for me. Please, before you wave it off, give it some serious thought.

Funny Flirty Text Messages for Her

29: I opened my mouth to say a word, and then quickly snapped it shut. That’s how dumbfounded I found myself in your presence.

30: Even if I die tonight, I will journey to the world beyond, satisfied that I got to send a text message to a gorgeous woman who I met in the most inexplicable conditions.

31: It is vain to escape from the chains of your charm. I thoroughly advised myself against that, so that I won’t be more hurt than I am trapped.

32: Thank you for making my sightseeing an adventurous one. I never knew pretty but hilarious ladies like you still laugh at a man’s dry jokes.

33: When I try to conjure up the picture of your face, I am only fed with less than desirable features to really trust my imagination. To save myself from the trouble, could you send me your photo? I will gladly appreciate.

34: It never crossed my mind that I will be smitten by you within minutes of our encounter. It is not an exaggeration that love is strange. I think it’s dangerous too.

35: I threw myself on my bed and in fits of happiness, somersaulted and broke my neck. Not to worry; it is the little price to pay for getting the phone number of a damsel like you.

36: Summer is almost over and winter is around the corner but my heart hasn’t stopped beating for you over and again in its little corner.

37: If it hasn’t been for you, I wouldn’t have realized that I have the ability to pee on myself. Thank you very much.

38: There’s a 100% guarantee that our home will be heaven on earth because you are nobody short of an angel.

39: I must have been out of my mind to request for your phone number. See where it has got me!

40: I don’t want to date you. I want to marry you. But I have to date you first.

41: I know we compliment each other quite well. I am male, while you are female. We will definitely make a perfect match.

42: You were a bit red on the face and I was wondering if I had grown hairs in my ears all of a sudden. Happened that I left my fly open while in a haste to get your number. It’s a funny world we live in.

43: Nobody told me you would go out with me. I just felt I should give you the benefit of doubt. Please, don’t disappoint me!

44: The only reason why I might likely cease from checking up on you is if I lose my phone. Even at that, my heart is telling me that I have your phone number memorized.

45: The beauty of hooking up with a special woman like you is that special things will become the order of the day in my life by default. Vice versa for the ordinary woman.

46: If truth would be told, I temporarily forgot that you have the power to say no to my advances. When I remembered, it was already late because I succeeded in asking you to be my lover.

47: You are wonderfully endowed with the qualities that can make a man turn from his evil ways and lean on God for sanctification before he is worthy to approach you.

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