Powerful Inspiring Friendship Quotes and Sayings

by Updated on August 31, 2018

Finding friends could be almost like a hunt on a treasure map. If you’ve ever wondered about strong friendships, how they are built or sustained, you are just like most people. We all want to have friends that would give us more than just the superficial friendship that’s commonplace.

Deep connections are quite admirable and when you find them, life becomes beautiful to experience. It could be terribly heartbreaking to see good friends go, we all want to keep the beauty growing.

This is why we have put together these inspiring friendship quotes:

#1: Friends are like the tyres of a car, your dreams ride on the backs of your friends. Wrong sizes make the car wobble, flat tyres leave you stranded and could end in fatal accidents.

Friends are like the tyres of a car Friendship Quotes

#2: There’s nothing more beautiful than a friend that knows when you are happy and when you just need some space. It’s rare to find friends with such level of perception.

#3: Friends are for the hard, the ugly and the beautiful times. When you have the kind of friends who stay through the tough times, remember to share them in the beautiful times too!

#4: Being a good friend is not as complex as we all make it out to be. You just have to be the one people can laugh with, argue with, throw pillows at and cry over your shoulders. Most of us don’t want more than that.

#5: Friends are like communicable diseases, you have to stay in touch to keep the fever spreading. Getting infected comes with high temperature and a lot of stress, but tending the relationship gives you so much relief.

#6: Someone to share a warm hug with, someone to dance in the rain, to laugh out loud in the streets, to share new hideouts and walk in silent fondness. This is all that makes up friendship.

#7: Friends are not round smooth stones, they come with rough jagged edges. Daily we choose to keep these edges together, allowing the friction and time to smooth out the edges.

#8: Building a skyscraper is much easier than building a friendship but when it’s all done, there’s more to live for in a friendship than a thousand empty rooms!

Building a skyscraper Friendship Quote

Best Friendship Quotes To Share With Your Best Friend

#9: Friends are nothing like seasons; they are consistent, stable, available when you need them most. They are not like the sun shining when you need heavy rain for your farm, friends always show up.

#10: Friends wait at the bus station holding out an umbrella for you, even if it’s half a mile away, they would go the lengths to shelter you from the storm.

#11: In times of war, you should be looking for bomb shelters. In times of crisis and struggle, all you need is a true friend. Friends are more reliable than any bomb shelter that ever existed.

#12: Celebrate those who give you the courage to be a better version of you; friends who would tell you the truth even when a lie would have been easier, they are the best!

Celebrate those who give you the courage Friendship Quotes

#13: Friends are the extra family we didn’t get to share a name with, they are strong bonds created without the ties of blood, marriage or obligations. This is unconditional love.

#14: When life is tough, we all remember the pain, the shame, and those who hurt us. What’s more noble is to remember the ones who walked through the storm by your side and gave you a reason to smile.

#15: Don’t wait for the perfect friend that has no flaw, no one is bound to always make you happy. Just find that one friend who is willing to keep coming back to fix things.

#16: Focus on those who stayed through the storms. Many people will leave when trying times come, you will suddenly realize who really cares about you, those are your real friends.

#17: Material things cannot buy friendship, it’s impossible to make a person become loyal and devoted to seeing you happy. That’s a job that has no salary or wages.

Material things cannot Friendship Quote

Inspirational Friendship Quotes and Sayings

#18: Don’t mistake friendship for ass-licking, the only thing they have in common is that there might be more than two people involved, the rest is a line of parallels that can never meet.

#19: Fake friends are those who try to hide you from their real life. Your true friends will never be ashamed of you in public, they always want to be seen with you.

Fake friends Friendship Quotes

#20: Self esteem is a personal responsibility but the friends you keep can determine how well you appreciate all the good virtues you have. Your friends build your confidence.

#21: Life is a war zone, your friends are lieutenants in your battle plan, make sure you surround yourself with friends who are never scared to stand by your side in face of grave danger.

Life is a war zone Friendship Quote

#22: There will be a lot of reasons to fail, excuses, fears, difficulties and obstacles. A friend is the reminder you need that someone believes in you even in your worst moments!

#23: Happiness is not a function of magically getting things done and breezing through your day. Happiness comes from having the right friends to create your magic with.

#24: You are not really sad, you are just surrounded by people who don’t care if you find happiness or not. Surround yourself with friends who prioritise your happiness everyday.

#25: Criticism could be hurtful because it exposes your weakness and leaves you feeling vulnerable. Your friend is that person who’s criticism leaves you feeling comfortably vulnerable and safe.

#26: Friendship is never a smooth walk in the park, there are days when you have to just believe that your friends will be available when you need them the most.

#27: Who takes a bullet for you is not as important as the one who takes a bullet out of you. True friends don’t give up on you.

Who takes a bullet Friendship Quote

There’s something so pristine about finding true friends, it keeps you rooted. We hope this list of quotes on friendship reminds you of someone important. Keep your friends close with these quotes! You can share this with some deserving friends and remind them you really value their friendship.

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