Funny Get Well Soon Messages

by Updated on June 11, 2019

Nobody wants to be sick. At least not unless it is “pretend-sick” to get out of going to school or work. We all desire that our health keeps up and does not hinder us from carrying out our day to day activities. But, sometimes, we fall ill and we need more than just the medicines and treatments the hospital has to offer.

We also need reasons to laugh. Laughter is good medicine and if you want someone to laugh and still convey your best wishes to them while ill, these messages are for you:

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

1: I know I have always told you you can rock just any clothes, but, you see those hospital overalls are the exception to the rule. Get well soon!

2: I think you were the one telling me your digestive system can adapt to just any food. I think I can bet that the hospital food has prove you wrong. Get well soon, I will be waiting with fresh non-hospital food at the door.

3: Did you know that you really snore? The nurse told me the other day that the other patients could not sleep because of you. Get well. Come home. We at home are used to it.

4: I think I know why they often paint hospital white. I think it has something to do with white being a good background for pictures. Put on a smile, we would take a picture once you get well enough to leave.

5: In as much as having you out of our hair for a while has been fun, I think it is high time we got you back. Get well soon. We miss your trouble.

6: I hope you get well soon so I can actually hug you tight without fear of breaking you, fist bump with no fear of breaking your bones and peck you with no fear of catching a bug.

7: If I have to count the number of times I have imagined hearing you walk into the house, I would have been admitted into the hospital a long time ago. Please get well soon so I stop hearing things.

8: I wish you get well soon. Eating all the sweets and goodies brought for you has lost its appeal. Besides, I think I am getting bigger than my clothes. I cannot conquer this food mountain without you.

9: After swallowing all those pills day in, day out, I doubt your tongue knows how real food tastes at this point. Get well.

10: You really need to get well soon and come back to contributing your quota to societal development. Or at least, add to the number of people using up air outside. We need to balance these things you know.

11: I know you have formed a deep relationship with your hospital bed and you guys have become buddies but you should remember that you have your bed at home and if you do not get well soon, it may just die of jealousy. You have been warned.

12: The doctor said you have become good at guessing what the nurses are about to do and speaking in medical terms. If you are that interested in medicine, please get well so we can start arranging your academic pursuit in that direction.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages

13: I have come to know that most of these drugs start with ‘anti’ – antibiotics, antiemetics, anticonvulsants, antihypertensives and the likes. I have been developing a drug of my own, something special just for you; “anti-hospital-stay”. It has just one job and that’s is to get you well.

14: Maybe one of the reasons you are enjoying the hospital is because you get to watch the TV free all day. I have gone against my better judgment and fixed ours too, all that is needed is that you come home.

15: In anticipation of your speedy return home, I have drawn out a plan of repeated baths to get that peculiar hospital-disinfectant smell off of you. I have struggled hard to maintain my cool thus far, once you get well and get home, it is good riddance to bad rubbish. So help me God.

16: I know you’ve been enjoying the perks of being attended to like royalty; the bell you can readily press, the fact that a nurse is never far away and all. Noted. We can find a way around all that once you get well soon and get you out of here.

17: If you stay any longer at that hospital, I am afraid they would have to name the room after you. Then maybe your drip stand and thermometer will have the honor of bearing your name too. Or you can just do us all a favor and get well soon enough to avoid such.

18: On behalf of all caregivers, I would like to inform you that our services will be closing down for maintenance and as such would like you get well soon before such date is reached.

19: You may have gotten used to whatever view your window gives you each dawn and sunset. Please get well soon so I can show you how breathtaking they really are.

20: You are kind and generous, always thinking about others, which is really cool. The issue now is I think you have been more than generous enough to this hospital in terms of bills. Enough is enough. I’m going to be needing some of that money to get me some chewing gum.

Funny Get Well Soon Messages
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21: Give yourself a pinch. No, it is not a dream. No, you are not hallucinating. You are getting yourself out of the hospital, hale and hearty. I cannot wait to have you back.

22: There is no way you can spend so much time away from home, who will do your chores? we need you to get well soon and get out of that hospital.

23: And what scares me is that you may start thinking those pills are what taste normal. Get well soon and save your taste buds!

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