Get Well Soon Texts For Her & Him: Quotes & Messages

by Updated on August 4, 2018

Here we have complied a list of “Get well soon” messages for your special one, we hope this messages can make them feel loved and better and also aid in their quick recovery.

Every sick person loves to know that someone out there care about them and is wishing for them to get well as soon as possible, yeah the doctors are working but your little word of encouragement goes a long way in making a sick person better and cheerful.

Below are wishes for your sick boyfriend in other to encourage him to get better soon:

  1. Hey handsome, if my kisses and hugs could heal you right away, you know I’ll be doing that every seconds of the day. It hurts to see you sick on that bed and I just want you to get well for me as soon as possible. Get well soon my love.

  2. Everywhere has been really boring without you, can you just get better already and come make my days. Please get better for me. Miss you.

  3. There’s one consolation in being sick and that is the possibility that you might recover to being in a better state than you were before, I’m hoping this works for you baby – Henry David Thoreau

  4. I want you to recover fast baby and shine brighter than the sun because you’re really my sunshine, get well soon and brighten my day. Love you sunshine.

  5. Knowing you’re with me all day gives me joy and happiness, I’m so sad knowing you’re sick, can you just get well already and bring back my happiness. Get well soon pumpkin.

  6. My love, I’m sending you all my love and care, hoping they’ll make you recover soon. Please get better for me my love.

  7. My lips misses kissing yours, my body misses your touch, my head misses your shoulder to lean on, in short I miss everything about you baby, Get well soon and give me a shoulder to lean on and your sweet touch. Get well soon my love.

8. Baby, the sun hasn’t been out for days because the earth knows my love is sick, the birds refuse to fly because you’re weak, and the rivers are dry because you are sick my love, do us a favor by recovering as soon as possible baby. Get well soon my love.

he sun hasn’t been out
he sun hasn’t been out

Still On Get Well Soon Texts For Him

  1. Sweetheart, I’m sending my prayers and warm wishes to you, hoping they will heal you as fast as possible. Get well soon for me honey. I miss you here.

  2. It’s so painful to see you on that bed looking sick, I’m so used to you being alive and so healthy, I just want you to come back stronger and better for me my love. Get well soon baby.

  3. I’m sending my thoughtful prayers to you, get better soon baby and enjoy the joy of being healthy. Miss you my love, do get well soon for me.

  4. If I was a fairy godmother, I’ll just wave my magic wand so you can get heal immediately but since I’m not all I can send is my wishes and prayer for you to recover quickly my love. Get well soon handsome.

  5. I know injection hurts and pills are bitter, if you don’t want any of that again. Just Get better soon for me baby. Get well soon love.

  6. Like a dead plant, you look helpless on that sick bed baby, just come alive for me baby and boom like a soldier that you are, be strong for me like a hero that you are baby. I miss you here. Get well soon my love.

  7. Everything about me is dead because you’re not here to keep them alive, Please Get well soon for me baby. I miss you here !

  8. I’m jealous of the nurses and doctors right now because they get to see you every minute and I can’t even, I want to take you back from them and it can only happen if you get better for me and come home. Get well soon baby.

Below are Get well soon wishes for your Girlfriend

  1. My love, I don’t know the perfect word to say to you but I’ll hold your hands till you will get better and you’ll open your eyes seeing me by your bed each day until you get better. Get well soon babe.

  2. Honey, I know you like me caring about you every minutes but I don’t want to do it this way, Get well soon for me baby and I promise to care for you more than ever. Get well soon my love.

  3. Hey pretty, you know your body doesn’t belong to a hospital bed, it belongs right next to me, recover soon and come be by my side. Get well soon my love.

  4. Baby, you know my love is stronger than any pills that could be given to you at the hospital, I’m here feeling the pains of the injections being administered to you. Please Get well soon and save me from this pain. Miss you baby.

  5. My love, you’re indeed an angel because only angel look beautiful even when they are sick but you look better when you healthy. Get well soon baby.

  6. Honey I’m here with you always because going anywhere without you is like a car without petrol, it won’t move, me without you is incomplete. Get well soon and complete me my love.

  7. My love, I want you to close your eyes and remember the first time we met, I hope that memory can heal you faster and make you stronger baby. Please do get well soon my love.

8. Baby, you know you’re my strength, looking at you everyday gives me joy and makes me feel better. I hope my wishes can make you strong too and recover quickly. Get well soon baby.

Get Well Soon Texts For Her & Him
Get Well Soon Texts For Her & Him

Still Get Well Soon Texts Messages For Her

  1. My love, you’re the strongest woman I know and I know you’re strong enough to overcome this illness. Get well soon and continue staying strong for me. I love you.

  2. Sweetheart, do you know I’m feeling unwell too because our body might be different but our heartbeat is the same and that’s because we are soulmates. Get well soon baby.

  3. As important as injections are when you’re sick, that’s how important you are to me everyday of my life. Get well soon my love.

  4. I wish I was the bed you resting on and I wish I was the doctor so I can get to see you everyday of my life. Miss you here, Get well soon baby.

  5. Sweetie, I want you to know that whatever you go through, I’ll always be here with you, and now that you’re feeling sick, I still want you to know I’m always here, even when you get better, I’ll always be there. Get well soon for me baby.

6. Honey, Your ill health has taken away my joy and happiness and I wish you were here with me and not on that sick bed that has kept you away from me. I’m just wishing you a speedy and full recovery from your illness. Get well soon my love. I miss you here.

Get Well Soon Texts For Her & Him
Get Well Soon Texts For Her & Him

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