Good Afternoon Messages for Her – Impressive List

by Updated on July 29, 2020

Most people are only accustomed to getting good morning and goodnight texts from their lovers. As such, surprising them with some lovely good afternoon messages could spice things up and put a smile on their face- unless you have a better way of brightening up their day.

At the end of the day lads, you should do everything in your power to make your girl feel loved and appreciated. With all the hastiness at work and daily bustle, it feels hard to squeeze in some time to send a simple, yet well-crafted message. But that shouldn’t worry you!

Our comprehensive list of Good Afternoon Messages will give you enough insights to send the right message to your woman and keep the fire of your love ablaze. You wouldn’t want to miss this!

Cute Good Afternoon Messages for Her

#1: Good afternoon, Queen of my heart. Your love has played a huge role in making me the strong person I am today. It has become the very reason I smile every day. Wishing you the most interesting afternoon. See you in the evening!

#2: Just a brief reminder that I have given you my whole heart and my sole purpose for existing is to love and make you feel appreciated. I hope you’ve had a good morning and an even better afternoon. I love you.

#3: Good afternoon my love. You are strong and courageous enough to handle anything that’s on your plate this afternoon. Put your chin up, adjust your crown, and keep winning like the successful woman you are. You are the best.

#4: I pray that the fresh breeze of good luck and favor sweep you this afternoon and gives you the wisdom you need to tackle your tasks. You bring a special kind of peace in my life and I will forever be grateful for you. Have a lovely afternoon, dear one.

#5: Thinking about you makes me feel good about myself. You take away all the sadness and I hope I will keep doing the same for you. Cheers to us and a splendid afternoon. Sending numerous hugs and kisses.

#6: Good afternoon, wifey. This is to remind you how much joy you bring me. If I were to go back in time, I would do everything with you, but only a little sooner. Have a great afternoon at work.

#7: Up until this moment, I never realized how great of a treasure you were. I believe in you and everything about us. Thank you for being mine and sticking through the tough times. Good afternoon.

#8: Life has been completely different since you came around darling. I could never imagine a life without you. Have a lovely afternoon and think about me as much as I think about us.

#9: Wishing you an afternoon that is as beautiful as you are. I’ll prepare a nice meal for us in the evening. I can’t wait to see you. Bye for now.

#10: Sweetheart, I’d like to wish you the best afternoon this world has to offer. I just took a break from work because it’s not easy being with someone as beautiful as you are. Good afternoon.

#11: I know the distance between us has been daunting, but I know we will be together someday soon. Each day, my love for you grows stronger. Have an amazing afternoon ahead.

#12: May you enjoy every moment this afternoon has to offer. I can’t help looking at your photos. No one could ever resist your charm. Tell me all about your day when you get home. See you soon!

#13: A heart full of happiness and a mind full of resilience is all I wish for you this afternoon and forevermore. I miss you so much. Have an amazing lunch and see you at our normal hideout in the evening.

#14: Every day, I realize that God gave me one of the rarest gems. You are irreplaceable in every day and I would never let you go for anything in the world. Splendid afternoon dear one.

#15: How about a little lunch date in a few minutes? I will never get over the fact that we work so close to each other. Thank you for being the best thing to ever happen to me. Good afternoon!

Romantic Good Afternoon Messages for Her

#1: All my life, I have tasted sweet things and heard some of the most soothing words, but nothing compares to the joy you bring. I would choose to see your smile and stare at your eyes all day long. I hope this finds you well, and that your afternoon is productive. I love you.

#2: To the most amazing woman the world has ever seen, I hope you have the most amazing afternoon. You deserve everything good in life and more. Thank you for being perfect for me. I count myself so lucky to have you.

#3: With you, every day is my lucky day. Sited in the office and recalling how far we have come gets me emotional. Thank you for believing in me and getting me out of the pits of darkness.

#4: Everything about you is much better than what I see in romantic films. I long for my evenings because you fill them with bliss. Have a great afternoon and try not to think about me too much.

#5: I know this is probably not the right time to tell you this, but I instantly fell in love when I laid my eyes on you. Seeing your smile has always been the highlight of my day. You deserve an amazing afternoon ahead. All the best!

#6: I hope your afternoon spreads and fills your heart with new ideas and insights. You have changed my ways in so many ways and for that, I will forever be indebted to you. Don’t forget to have lunch. Splendid afternoon!

#7: To me, you are like a sweet flower that spreads its beautiful fragrance to everyone around it. I miss you every time I’m not with you, but I know you are close because you’re in my heart. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

#8: Good afternoon to the woman of my dreams and the future mother of my kids. Just a quick reminder that every change you have made in my life has been for the better. I could never get this far without you. Sending loads of hugs and kisses.

#9: What we have is only experienced by people in the movies. Thank you for bringing my dreams to reality. You have always been the perfect person for me. Good afternoon love of my life.

#10: Visiting me today has been the best part of my week. My prayer for you this afternoon is that all your dreams and aspirations may come true and that you may find complete joy in this relationship. Great afternoon, my queen.

#11: The sun shining so majestically at midday is a constant reminder that there will always be some light in the darkness. In so many ways, you have been my light at the end of the tunnel. Good afternoon, my pumpkin.

#12: Sending warm hugs and hot kisses your way this lovely afternoon. Always remember how special you are and don’t let anyone walk over you. You have been and will always be a dime piece to behold. See you in the evening.

#13: This afternoon, I hope everything in your life falls into place. My day wouldn’t be complete without talking to you. Have a wonderful time and come home on time for our special meal tonight.

#14: I believe having you in my life has changed the course of my life and contributed greatly to all the success I have. With you around, my heart is at peace. Enjoy your afternoon and don’t forget to smile.

#15: Good afternoon, honey! Seeing the sky so bright reminds me how much you brighten up my small world with your big heart. Don’t ever let anyone take that away from you. Like a beautiful flower that slowly drifts with the wind, so do I drift in your stream of love.

Funny Good Afternoon Messages for Her

#1: Good afternoon, cutie. I never thought I would one day find someone who has a crazier sense of humor than me. You are as awkward as they come but you are all I need in this crazy world. Never change for anything.

#2: Growing up, my mother told me I used to cry a lot. Today, I realized it was only because I was missing you in my life. Ever since I met you, I haven’t cried. Have a jolly afternoon.

#3: If only you could understand how hard it is to be friends with someone annoying as you are. Even so, I appreciate all you’ve done and contributed to my well-being. Enjoy your afternoon.

#4: Good afternoon baby girl. If I had one wish today, it would be to see our love last until the day we would have apples growing on mango trees. I love you.

#5: Being stupid together and doing crazy things together has to be one of our greatest flexes ever. I wouldn’t be able to make it this far without you. I hope your afternoon is as eventful as possible.

#6: How is your afternoon darling? Even in your photographs, you still manage to captivate me. I must be having an eye problem because I can’t take them off you.

#7: Love has been the governing force in this relationship, well, and other things like good humor and our playful things. My heart is whole whenever I’m with you. Good afternoon, the woman of my dreams.

#8: Happy afternoon, loved one. I just realized I made the mistake of lying to you once when I told you I would love you forever. It just occurred to me I wouldn’t be able to live that long.

#9: You are crazy, annoying and you push all my buttons. But I would still want to have forever with you. Have an amazing afternoon ahead, my love.

#10: I have fallen off trees, chairs, and even cars. But I have never enjoyed falling until I fell in love with you. It has been the most beautiful thing in the world for me. Make the most out of your evening.

#11: Looking at your picture makes me speechless, even if they say that one picture tells a thousand words. You have always spoiled me with your love and sweetness, so let me spoil you all my life. Good munchkin!

#12: If we were the last people remaining on the planet with only one meal left, I would have to hide it and eat it all alone. You have eaten too much so far. Have a happy afternoon.

#13: You know I never gamble but my heart and mind are willing to bet that we will live together forever. Me living without you is like life without a sense of direction. Have an interesting afternoon.

#14: Good afternoon, honey. I can’t wait to have you in my arms tonight. Even though you can be annoying, you still have the best hugs in the world, and that is not something I would easily forget.

#15: Like a convict presented to the judge, so do I present my whole heart for you to understand how much I care about you. I hope to hear from you soon.

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