Funny And Sweet Good Night Text Messages For Him & Her

by Updated on September 5, 2018

Are you looking for how to say goodnight to someone special to you in a special way? then don’t look any further because here we have compile funny and sweet goodnight text and messages for that special one in your life to wish them a goodnight rest.

Sending goodnight messages help to emphasize our feelings to that special one and also to tell them they are the last person in our thoughts and the only one we think about before going to bed at night.

Goodnight text for your girl:

#1: Hey beautiful, the sun has gone to its resting place and the moon is out in the sky, the stars are shining brighter today as my queen is about to sleep. Goodnight beautiful, have a night as sweet as you are.

#2: To the prettiest woman I know, you soldier in shinning armor is wishing you a very lovely night rest, I’m right here protecting you if you ever need me. Goodnight beautiful!

#3: Hey beautiful, I’m bringing our reality to your dream tonight just to show you how much you mean to me. Goodnight my favorite.

#4: There are so many stars out there tonight singing your praise and watching over you my pretty woman. Goodnight beautiful, have a great night!

#5: You’re my love, my dream come true and the best part of me. I adore you and cherish every moment with you and I’m ready to love you forever. Goodnight beautiful!

#6: I wonder who says the beautiful ones are yet to be born when I’m lucky to have the most beautiful woman as mine and someone to love forever. Goodnight my pretty woman.

#7: This isn’t a goodnight text just a reminder that I love you now and years to come. Goodnight my love!

#8: Darling, I’ll be the first person you hear in the morning and the last person to tell you goodnight because you’re really special to me. Goodnight beautiful!

#9: Baby girl, my love for you is so deep that even the ocean is jealous and what I feel for you is stronger than the waves of the sea. Goodnight my beloved!
Good Night Baby girl

Funny And Sweet Good Night Texts For Her

#10: It’s known that angels get to sleep at night and I can testify to that because my angel would be sleeping soon. Goodnight my pretty woman!

#11: Being here without you seems lonely but the memories we shared is what I hold on to and the happiness that I’ll see your face in the morning gives me joy. Goodnight my pretty lady.

#12: I’ll give all it takes to wish you a lovely goodnight because a queen like you deserve better. Goodnight my pretty lady.

#13: That remaining angels are waiting for you to complete them so they can close their eyes, I’ll be here for you to see your beautiful face in the morning. Goodnight my beautiful queen!

#14: Dearest, although in sleep, we might be drifted apart and in the different worlds but I’m happy because you’ll always be in my dreams.

#15: I’m sending you this to make a confession that every night before I go to sleep I think about you, kiss your pictures and dream about you. Goodnight beautiful.

#16: I’ll go miles to kiss your forehead and kiss your beautiful lips and also to whisper a very goodnight in your ears. Goodnight my love!

#17: Darling before you came into my life, every night was so lonely and feels cold but now that I have you, I feel warm even without a blanket. Thank you for being in my life. Goodnight and have a night as awesome as you are.

#18: They say the law of gravity states that “whatever goes up must surely come down” my darling, you are really a champion because you defile the law of gravity, my love for you has gone up higher than I ever imagine and it’s never coming down. Goodnight beautiful!
kiss your forehead good night

Funny And Sweet Good Night Texts For Him

#1: I call you my king because you made me a queen in this lovely paradise of ours and I’m glad you are mine. Goodnight my king!

#2: To that special man that comes into my life and gave me peace during my distress, you’re really a life saver. Goodnight my Prince Charming.

#3: Your husky voice is the sweetest lullaby that puts me to sleep and your touch soothes my soul and forever would I long for it. Goodnight my darling man.

#4: As the stars shine through the sky, I gaze up into the sky and find myself thinking of you. Goodnight sugar.

#5: Now today is gone and it’s really nice to know there’s someone out there who would go miles for me and make my days fulfilled, you’re indeed a rare gem. Goodnight my king, have a night as fantastic as you are!

#6: As the moon reign over the night, so does your thoughts reign in my heart and your memories linger in my soul, I’m glad to call you mine. Goodnight dearest!

#7: My day is incomplete if I’m yet to send a goodnight text to the one that owns my heart and world. Goodnight my charming prince!

#8: My superhero, I can sleep well tonight because I know I’ve got you and you would always be there for me. Goodnight my cute prince.

#9: I love everything about you baby, from your hair to your toes and I cannot imagine a day without you my love. Goodnight baby, have a great night!

#10: Dear, it’s going to be naughty tonight because I’ll come over tonight, sneak into your sleep, cuddle you, hug you so tight and kiss you goodnight.
naughty tonight good night

Good Night Texts For Boyfriend

#1: My prayer everyday of my life is for heaven to grant me more years so I can get to tell you how much you love and mean to me. Goodnight my darling and remember to dream of me.

#2: If there’s a place like dreamland, I wish I’ll get to see you there because you completes me in reality and in dreams. Goodnight my cute prince. Enjoy your night!

#3: I’m sending angels like me to come watch you sleep and guide you, I just hope they won’t be disturbed by your loud snores although I love it when you do that. Goodnight my prince!

#4: You deserve the best night for making me feel good about myself and smiling all day, you’re indeed the best for me. Goodnight my beloved prince.

#5: Everyday I find myself addicted to you and I don’t ever want to let go of this found addiction because it brings me joy that I can ever imagine. Goodnight my addiction!

#6: Tonight, I pray to heaven to send his angels to guide you through the night, protect you and lighten your ways through your dream and wake you up with a sweet smile in the morning.

#7: Tonight, my wish for you is to sleep well without no worries, free from all troubles and undisturbed by the burden of this world, goodnight and have a pleasant night rest baby.

#8: You’re all I wish and can ever ask for, thank you for bringing peace to my troubled world. Goodnight my prince.
You’re all I wish good night

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