Good Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend – Fantastic Collection

by Updated on April 17, 2020

Women are known to reciprocate whatever they are offered by men. But this should not always be the case. Ladies too can take the initiative to introduce something new. Besides the random acting up and healthy drama, you could always keep your boyfriend psyched up with indoor activities and games.

Similar to other common question games such as “Most likely to questions” and “Would you rather questions” you could get the most from today’s question game! Think of it as a way to get those conversations going, rekindle a lost spark and take things off your mind. It also serves as a nice way to ask something you’ve been dying to know.

Whilst most people find it hard to generate an all-inclusive list of questions, our comprehensive compilation offers a wide array of viable examples with short commentaries, giving you enough options across different topics.

Girls, there’s always something new to learn. You don’t want to miss this!

Best Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

#1: What is your idea of the perfect date for me?

Easily one of the best questions to see how much your boyfriend knows you and your preferences

#2: What is one crucial thing in life that you learned a little too late?

There’s always something new to learn about your better half. This could be one of them.

#3: In your whole life, who has been the most toxic person and why?

In some cases, this could turn into a solemn conversation, but talking helps get rid of all the hurt

#4: Which three Tv shows would you binge-watch all week without getting bored?

This would come in handy, especially when planning movie dates

#5: What are some of the habits you have that annoy the people around you?

The essence of this is to get him to acknowledge some of the negatives he can change.

#6: If you had all the money in the world, where would you live and what car would you be driving?

Be sure to get a smile from him as he vividly describes the exquisite destinations and high-level cars. A good girlfriend shares in her man’s fantasies

#7: What’s the significance of the last two books you read? Were they appealing to you?

Of course, this only applies to avid readers. Feel free to contextualize your question based on what your boyfriend loves doing; say, playing games

#8: Would you say that your favorite pet is also your spirit animal? If not, which one is?

If you don’t know either, use this to hit two birds at a go. Who doesn’t love animals anyway?

#9: Up to this point in life, what have you been too hard on yourself for?

There is no better thing than to help your partner find closure on something that has been bugging him over the years.

#10: If you had to leave your house without being notified, what would you be sure to carry?

Unlike girls, most guys are light-weight travelers. The only response you are getting here is a “phone”

#11: What is the one thing you wish you never said or did and what were the repercussions?

Guilt conscience can sometimes be a major factor. Uplift your man and help him learn his mistakes

#12: What are some of the pros that make life worth living according to you?

Life’s too short to not talk about what fulfills you the most. Knowing this helps you create your happiness.

#13: If you could be the first person to do something or discover something, what would it be?

Keep your mind open to some interesting answers. Guys have the wildest ideas and imaginations.

#14: Assuming you were an acclaimed action figure like James Bond, what would be your signature drinks and catchphrases?

Everyone admires a renowned movie star for one reason or another. Time to put yourselves in their shoes

#15: Tell me your worst vomiting story and what had caused it

Such experiences are bound to happen to everyone. Some due to bad decisions, others naturally. Share and compare notes

#16: If you had all the time in the world, what steps would you take to achieve your longest-desired dream?

Use this to fine-tune his roadmap and clearly understand his vision

#17: Is there any story involving you that has been told by many people? If there is, tell me about it.

If your boyfriend is the outspoken outgoing type, there sure must be a popular story about him

#18: Ever since you were a baby, what are some of the amazingly common experiences you are still yet to try out?

Many people haven’t tried out basic things such as a piggyback. If possible, try them out!

#19: Name one person you wish you could be, and one person you looked up to when growing up

A clear giveaway of what he aspires and desires about his future.

#20: What would you do if you were lost in an enchanted forest for a whole month with limited resources?

It’s always wise to know how your partner would perform under pressure and in hopeless situations

Deep Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

#1: Given the chance, would you quit your job to travel around the world with no assurance of another job?

There’s a lot to consider here. Ultimately, you should try reasoning it out.

#2: How easily do you change your perception and opinion about things?

Even so, how much is your partner’s opinion influenced by friends and family?

#3: Use any three words to fully describe your personality, flaws, strengths as well as the virtues you stand for.

Describing yourself without being biased has to be one of the hardest things. Fortunately, you’ll be there to moderate your boyfriend.

#4: How close or distant are you with members of your extended family?

An entirely different conversation that’s deep in every aspect. Unless your boyfriend comes from a perfect family.

#5: What is one brutal truth you would not mind sharing with me?

A good way to quench your curiosity if you have been fishing for something.

#6: How much of the negative things in your life would you take responsibility for?

Dwell on the positives as well. Put a smile on his face at the end of it.

#7: How often do you bully people or get into arguments on the internet? And how do you often resolve them?

You would be amazed by how different people are on social platforms.

#8: Which is one word that describes you better than any other word?

You might want to have a dictionary around for this. Give it a shot first and give him some ample time to think

#9: If you were taken to your death bed right now, what would you say for a fact, you have achieved in life?

Time to serve those accomplishments and speculate on what needs to be done.

#10: What do you find yourself thinking about most times?

Take this as a chance to inspire yourselves and spread some positivity

#11: Under what circumstances do you feel least like yourself and vice versa?

Deep in every aspect. At the end of the day, accept that life’s all about winning and getting disappointed.

#12: In a word, what was your parent’s relationship like and how did it influence you growing up?

Upbringing has a huge impact on a person’s life. Understanding it could help you know the best way to love someone.

#13: Given the chance to change one physical thing about yourself, what would you change?

No one loves themselves completely. There’s always that tiny bit about your physical nature that bugs you. Assure him that you love him regardless.

#14: Would you be comfortable sharing expenses and utilities if I lost my job and moved in with you?

This should help keep an open mind because anything is possible. It might even be the guy losing his job or primary source of income.

#15: What do you think we need to change about us as a couple?

Every couple should always have this question in mind. The only way to grow is to identify and fill the gaps in your relationship.

#16: If you found out that another guy was seriously hitting on me, how would you handle it?

Different people would approach this differently. Is your boyfriend the uptight insecure type or the opposite?

#17: What are some of the core events (good or bad) that have happened in the past and contributed greatly to the person you are today?

Taking a walk down memory lane helps appreciate the progress you’ve made. A cup of coffee and some background music would be a mega plus.

#18: What are some of the notable turning points in your life?

Even the best people were bad at some point, in one way or another. Everyone should know this about their lovers.

#19: Have you had any event in the past that has come back to haunt you?

Just make sure you don’t get creeped out. The world is full of many crazy things.

#20: What’s something you have always been afraid to tell me?

Cross your fingers ladies. This might be the day you get a confession for something you never had a clue about.

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

#1: What was the first appealing thing you noticed about me and what did you find most attractive?

A great question to kickstart this category. Feel free to throw it in anywhere, just to change the energy and mood.

#2: In any order, what are your five top reasons for being with me?

Don’t be so hard on him if he doesn’t have them at the top of his head.

#3: Is there a song that brings memories of me whenever you listen to it? Could you sing it?

It’s amazing how the human mind can relate objects, smells, and songs to memories of certain people. Relive some of those moments

#4: What is your most-valued physical feature of mine?

Don’t be afraid to get blunt with this one. You might as well mention what you like and dislike the most.

#5: Would you forego your favorite hobby for a whole month just to be with me?

Such a great sacrifice, especially if he does his hobby often. You should be a priority though.

#6: At what point in our relationship did you decide that you wanted something serious with me?

Almost immediately? Love at first sight? This should be a must-discuss topic.

#7: How would you best describe our first kiss? What were some of your expectations?

If it happened recently, you’ll most certainly get an accurate answer.

#8: If we were watching a scary horror movie, would you allow me to hide your eyes in your chest and cuddle you to sleep?

Quite basic. But as a girl, it’s always good to stress over the obvious things. Think about it as a polite reminder.

#9: What fruit or delicacy best describes how I smell?

Strawberries, apples and nice salads should be the expected answers. Don’t worry if he uses this to annoy you.

#10: Would you take me to the dance floor at a party even if we were the only people dancing?

If he says yes, make sure he lives up to it in future parties.

#11: What goes through your mind whenever we are kissing?

Anything should be acceptable, well apart from thinking about other girls

#12: What is your favorite goofy name for me?

Prepare a list beforehand and choose the ones you love and hate. You can be sure to make him blush with this one.

#13: If you could write a paragraph about me, what would it be?

You’d be fortunate if you had a poetic boyfriend. A paragraph would be pure mockery compared to what he would create for the love of his life.

#14: What’s something I do, or don’t that reminds you how much you love me?

You don’t get to talk about this on a daily. It’s the small things that matter in life.

#15: Is there anything about us that has been the same since we started dating?

There are numerous answers to this one, especially if you are both foodies.

#16: Before going to bed, do you prefer a good kiss or a good hug?

One has to go, however hard it is.

#17: How do you think we have adapted and changed since we first started dating?

Mention all the things you have outgrown and learned over time.

#18: What are some of my outfits that you love most and why?

Also, ask about the ones he hates. A hard pill to swallow.

#19: If I turned into any form or dessert, which one would I be?

There should be a variety here. Return the favor by answering the same question, regarding him

#20: If this relationship ended (God forbid), what is the one thing you would miss dearly?

Such things help you understand how important someone is in your life. Wash this away with some funny questions in the next section

Funny Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

#1: If you could spend the whole week with any comedian, alive or dead, who would you pick?

The list is endless. Mention some of the popular one-liners to create a better atmosphere.

#2: Would you think of yourself as superstitious?

Movie knowledge comes in handy with this one.

#3: What is the one thing you like doing even if you suck at it?

This would take some balls to admit, but hey, he’s your man. Best believe he’d be open about anything with you

#4: What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten? Did you like it?

The real question should be whether he ate it intentionally.

#5: Narrate some of your most embarrassing experiences in life?

This is one sign of a good story. Share all your experiences here and have a good laugh

#6: What would you do if an extremely muscular guy hit on me in front of you? How would you handle it?

If he wouldn’t be willing to square off with the guy, how is he even your boyfriend?

#7: Would you rather go shoe shopping or dress shopping with me?

Be sure to annoy him with this one. Especially if you are a nagging shopper.

#8: Who is your current celebrity crush? What are some of the things you find funny about them?

Don’t get mad if he finds another female funnier than you.

#9: Growing up, did you have any crazy dream jobs?

Everyone once hoped to be a pilot or a doctor. Take some time and laugh at the outcome, appreciate all you have been through

#10: How would you like to try a public display of affection sometime?

What is a good boyfriend without a couple of good PDAs?

#11: If you had a pig for a pet, what would you name it?

Explore the numerous options and get as punny as possible. Nothing beats some good humor.

#12: If you ever wrote your autobiography, what would be the title?

Ladies, maybe this is your chance to gas him up. Quite a thought-provoking question

#13: What is one thing you have tried but didn’t live up to the set expectations?

It could be watching a movie or even trying out a restaurant. You’ll be sure to love something new with this.

#14: Are there things you wish someone told you to avoid learning the hard way?

What are some of the untold crazy experiences? Learning the hard way will help in the long run.

#15: What is one of the craziest lies your teachers told you back in high school?

Make the question more flexible by going way back before high school. Lots of myths and false truths involved.

#16: If someone had something embarrassing on their face or had an open zipper, how would you let them know?

Take up the challenge and act it out. It might help soon.

#17: You can only wear one thing or eat one thing for the rest of your life. What do you choose?

Is it going to be your favorite outfit or your favorite food? One of the best ways to measure priorities.

#18: Have you ever had to make people laugh?

If so, make him tell some of the jokes he made and be sarcastic about it.

#19: What is the silliest or craziest thing you have ever posted on social media?

At one point or another, everyone has posted something ill or absurd. If it’s worth a good laugh, air it out.

#20: Have you ever farted and let someone else take the fall for it?

Let’s face it, we have all done something sinister. Admitting it is the problem. Have fun while at it.

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