Dads also love birthdays! Accept it or not, there’s a vacuum in a child’s life only a dad can fill. It isn’t just about being a man; the role of a dad goes beyond fathering a son or daughter. Getting fully involved in the upbringing of one’s child makes the difference between a dad and a man on pants.

For the uncommon dads who have made our childhood and adult experiences worth the while, nothing is too big to give them, especially on their birthdays. To make it all the sweeter, start the celebration for him with a note that deeply expresses your reverence, respect, and love for him. These sample birthday messages for your dad will serve as a guide:

Heart-warming Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad

Heart-warming Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad

1: It is great to feel a dad’s love once in a lifetime. If we do get it twice, it is counted as the jackpot of miracles. Thanks, dad, for giving me reasons to call you dad, and not a step-father. Happy birthday.

2: No matter how far and wide I travel, my heart never stops beating for the first man that showed me unconditional love. Happy birthday, daddy.

3: Today, I want you to know that you are a rare and priceless gem. Happy birthday, dad.

4: I don’t know how you were able to put up with my excesses, dad. I can’t say how you kept loving me when I couldn’t show you a bit of appreciation. I respect you a lot, daddy. I really do. Happy birthday.

5: For all the days you sweated to give me sweet, for all the times you underwent pain to make me gain, I want to say a sincere “Thank you, dad.” I don’t know what would have been of me without you. Happy birthday.

6: May this day bring you incredible love which you brought into my life. Merriest birthday, dad.

7: Of all fathers, you are the noblest. Happy birthday, sweet dad.

8: There were days I despised your strict stance on discipline. Now, daddy, I have no regrets knowing you. Happy birthday, and may you live long for me.

9: You never cared about your comfort more than you cared about mine. All you were out to achieve was to help make me a star. Happy birthday, dad. I love you with all my heart.

10: You make my world light up in different, colourful ways. You are my father, and forever you’ll be. Happy birthday, dad.

11: People often wonder why I revere you even though you are my dad. They don’t really know the meaning you brought into my life. I adore you. Enjoy a fruitful birthday.

12: You taught me to always let love lead. Indeed, you are my “Triple L” dad. Happy birthday!

13: Thousands of words only scratch the surface of my thoughts about you, father. The description of your persona is best summarised as perfect. Happy birthday to my one and only dad.

14: Do you know that I can’t have any other dad in place of you? It is simply impossible. Happy birthday.

15: Happy birthday to my father, who is his wife’s lover, and the best friend of his children. Live long, and prosper in health.

16: Whenever I go down memory lane, there’s a man I usually meet who contributed in making me the real father that I am today. Happy birthday, dad. I will love you all my life.

17: My childhood was filled with fantastic fun because there was never a dull moment with you, dad. Even presently, I smile at some of the memories. Happy birthday.

18: Happy birthday, dad. Thanks for making me love God by your own loving.

Happy Birthday Prayer Wishes For Your Dad

Happy Birthday Prayer Wishes For Your Dad

1: I will be a fulfilled woman to see you live into your 90s in health and with your face creased with contentment. I pray you do have them all. Happy birthday, dearest daddy.

2: May safety, security, and success be yours, ten times and more as you step into a new year of your life. Happy birthday, my living legend.

3: All that you’ve ever hoped for, all that you keep praying about, all that will make you a fulfilled man, let them all be your birthday gift as you majestically enjoy your new age. Cheery birthday, daddy love.

4: As you gave all up to take me up, may people never rest until they make you comfortable. Happy birthday, dad.

5: I have directed loads of blessings, barrels of goodness, sheaves of favour and pots of sweetness to you on the occasion of your birthday today. You deserve all and more. Happy birthday, dad.

6: Happy birthday to my father who merits the title of “best friend”. You are blessed on every side. Rise and never fall into disgrace.

7: Will you mind if I command heaven to release all the wonderful benefits that befit a man like you? I know you wouldn’t mind. Happy birthday, my precious daddy.

8: Happy birthday, lovely dad. May none of your struggles for me never amount to anything. May you live to eat the fruit of your labour.

9: On this beautiful day, I pray that only beautiful things will find you. Happy birthday, father.

10: For not keeping me stranded as a child, for raising me with mum, to be the best of my kind, may the good Lord make your life tastier than ever, through me. Happy birthday, dad.

11: No moment passes me by without your thoughts flashing across my mind. Then, I make a silent prayer, requesting heaven to bless my dad in every way possible. I know this year will be better for you, dad. Have an incredible birthday.

12: If God should bless you the way I desire him to, you will have no room left to accommodate more. I pray that you’ll be richly happy, now and always. I heart you, dad. Happy birthday.

13: One of the best ways to appreciate a fine gentleman like you is by praying for their continuous existence on earth. Live into your ripe, old age full of health. Happy birthday, dad.

14: Whenever you are happy, I am happy. I pray that you always dwell in happiness. Happy birthday, papa.

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Dad

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes For Your Dad

1: You often tell even strangers, that I’m your son who you are very proud of. You like showing off, dad! Take it easy, please. Happy birthday, by the way.

2: The only difference between your last birthday and the present one is that you want a bigger birthday cake this time around. Enjoy while it lasts. Happy birthday, super dad.

3: That you are getting older isn’t a perfect reason for not visiting us, too. We aren’t taking that excuse. We want to hear your own knock on our door. Hope you’ll change for the best, dad. Happy birthday.

4: Every new year, you grow a new patch of grey hairs. Is that the best you can offer, dad? Happy birthday, all the same.

5: Happy birthday to our special dad. Just grow old so that we can get some respite from mean people. We are already tired of hearing, “Your dad is more handsome than you all!”

6: Dearest papi, this birthday wish contains many warm hugs for you that will last till your next birthday. No gifts this year. Thank you.

7: I love the way you smile, dad. This is me, wishing you a happy birthday. My gift for you is a buzz of tickling to make you smile crazily a hundred times, everyday. I’m sure you’ll like it.

8: Personally, I would have exchanged you for the richest man in our city. But your soft heart couldn’t let my plan work out. You are something else, dad. Happy birthday.

9: Daddy, happy birthday. You taught me how to prank on people, and now you want me to come over to learn more from you. Thanks for loving me in weird ways, Mister.

10: Happy birthday, my lovely dad. Too many of your advice ruined my life. Thanks to you, I am referred to as the “Man of Integrity.” I can’t even have a thief for a friend!

11: I am very sure you are waiting for my message before you celebrate your birthday. Stop making me jump hurdles for you. I don’t know why I love you so much. Happy birthday, dad.

12: Do you know why I love you? I don’t know either. Happy birthday, daddy.

13: This day, I want to thank God for giving me a fat father. Nobody would question if you had any birthday feast. Happy birthday without a cake, sweet dad.

14: Happy birthday, dad. For this year, I learnt that you’ve already sent invites for a bigger celebration. Well, tell the folks to come along with their own party chairs and food.

15: I wish you long life and a sprinting spirit even if your legs won’t want to run anymore. Happy birthday, papa.


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