Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend – Romantic, Funny, Short & Long

by Updated on October 15, 2018

Being in a relationship is a great thing. There are many occasions to celebrate and more than actions, having the right words to pass across feelings becomes quite important. Men have been known to be of few words and no matter how much they love their lady; it sometimes gets hard to say the right things especially on birthdays.

Birthdays are on repeat and one can’t keep saying the same thing over and over. A broken record may even sound better. These quotes should help you to pass across how much you value your girlfriend in funny, romantic, short and long words on her birthday.

Short Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

#1: Happy birthday baby girl, you are the best!

#2: Did you know that I just said I love you? Yes, there, I just did. Have an amazing birthday.

#3: Super girl, my own super hero. There is no saving the world today. Today, just be happy!

#4: My pumpkin pie is a year older, you should get as many hugs and kisses as you wish.

#5: Millions of girls out there, yet, you stand out. Just like that one star on a dark moonless night. Love, you are amazing. Enjoy today!

#6: For anyone who cares enough and also those who don’t, we are celebrating my girlfriend.

#7: Wake up to a new day. You are as bright as sunshine and as reassuring as is it is for newness. Happy newness!

#8: My girlfriend is plus one and I just want her to know she is cherished.

#9: Little drops of water make the mighty ocean. I wish you many blessings in the little ways that you may not even imagine. Surprises in their ways as you celebrate today.

#10: Happy birthday. And happy birthday. And happy birthday. I wish this message could keep replaying throughout today and with it, a smile for you.
Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Long Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

#1: Getting to celebrate this day with you beside me is a gift on its own and it is not even my birthday but yours.

#2: I could try to get you the best of clothes or shoe or what have you but I’d choose first of all to remind you how unique and amazing you are.

#3: Seasons come and go. The world continues to change and few are the things still familiar. Your birthday is one constant reminder that the world still has good in it.

#4: Today, you’d be cutting cakes, blowing a candle or two and making wishes. I’d be there watching you smile, giggle and strike poses for the camera. Darling, I will be satisfied as long as you are happy and I get to whisper, “I love you”, once and throughout today.

#5: Happy birthday to the unique girlfriend. The world is a better place with you in it. Your family is complete with you. Every circle of friends you’ve ever had had your place in it. And my life? It is complete and better because you have a place in it.

#6: What are your heart desires? What wishes do you have? What requests would you like to make? Dear, today is your day and the world is at your call and beckon, starting from me.

#7: You’ve got the Midas touch and that is just one of things that make you special. This birthday, I wish you more opportunities to make your gift known to the world.

#8: As long as we are together, I never want to forget today. Not just because of you but also because you are you, the most beautiful girlfriend, in and out.
Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Romantic Birthday Quotes For Girlfriend

#1: Babe, every time I remember your love, I celebrate you. Your birthday though is a mega celebration because then the whole world joins to celebrate you.

#2: Can I just make this day a public holiday? My sweetheart was born today and I just can’t keep quiet. The whole world has to know about today!

#3: Happy birthday to the one who makes me smile and gives me beautiful dreams about the future. The one who makes me look forward to every new day, including today, with passion.

#4: My love, I want to give you all the happiness in the world and all the riches you need and all the comfort you desire. This is not just about your birthday; it is about how much you are worth.

#5: For every heartbeat of mine, I remind myself that I have the best of ladies at my side. Happy birthday!

#6: This new year, may you have more reasons to smile and may my love for you be even more evident.

#7: I would choose you, again and again. Even if it means ensuring your dad and mum get together in every life and give birth on this day, to the woman I get to call my girlfriend.

#8: The best of flowers and the sweetest of pie, the best of places and even my favourite sofa, all have got nothing on you. Happy birthday girlfriend.

#9: When it comes to the love of my life, you are number one.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

Funny Happy Birthday Wishes Girlfriend

#1: So my pretty girlfriend is a year older today. Should I buy you candles and colorful balloons? Or maybe a lot of sweet munchies would do. I wish you all the joy and sweetness in this new year.

#2: Some have girls but have not friends. Some have friends but have no girls. I have you and I have both, am I not the luckiest dude? Happy birthday, girlfriend.

#3: Choose any of our games; sheds, monopoly, PES, anyone. Well, especially the one that I almost always trash you at. As a birthday gift, I am allowing you to win ahead of time. You are welcome.

#4: You looked really cool and sexy in that my shirt you borrowed the last time. You know what I’m thinking? Keep the shirt and Happy Birthday.

#5: Now that you are a year older, I think I can now start recording your snores, taking videos when you sleep walk and taking sleek pictures when you pick your nose. It’s going to be a swell time this new year!

#6: If you see me with your baby pictures and any of your still surviving toys, fear not. I am only gathering intel for an epic throwback for you.

#7: How old will you be today? Good, because I just want to know how many hugs and how many kisses you are getting today so I can leave the rest in the bank.

#8: We choose to not laugh at how you actually do fart or how much love you have for food. We only recall and acknowledge these things because we know you are human and that is not a crime. Happy birthday to my angel who is still human and down to earth.
Happy Birthday Wishes For Girlfriend

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