Beautiful Happy Birthday Wishes In Heaven

by Updated on November 20, 2019
Happy Birthday Wishes In Heaven

Like a thief that roams around stealthily in the night, death has a cruel way of stealing loved ones. If you have lost a friend or an immediate family member, then you truly understand the hole that remains thereafter; especially during birthdays and festive seasons.

We bring you some of the most heartwarming birthday wishes for your mom, dad, brother or sister and other loved ones who may have passed on. You would be amazed by the comfort it brings to commemorate the memories you shared with them, especially on their birthdays.

Rest assured, there may be an off chance they can still hear you.

Happy Birthday In Heaven

1: Death could have taken you away from me physically, but it could never take the bond and memories we shared. My dear friend, I wish you nothing but the best after-life in heaven. Happy birthday

2: No single day has passed without being filled with all the great things you did and your warm presence. As you celebrate this birthday in paradise, I wish you greater moments.

3: Today being your birthday, I choose to thank and appreciate you for the great gifts and lessons you taught me while you were still alive. Continue resting well.

4: My dearest and one of my closest friends, my heart shall never forget you even when my mind does. You brought so much light into my life that still illuminates forward. You were always my prayer answered. Enjoy the company of God and all the angels on this special day. 

5: Though we were not together for long, I’m confident you still have your eyes and angels looking out for me. I miss you so much and with a heart full of gratitude, I celebrate your birthday. Rest well.

6: May the heavenly angels sing glorious birthday songs for you, my friend. With a pillow of comfort, I am glad I got to know you.

7: If only there was a way to send you birthday presents just like the good old days. But since that is no longer possible, I send the best wishes and hope that the stars will carry forth my love to wherever you are. 

8: We might be in different realms now, but I pray that my love and warm wishes will reach you wherever you are. One day we will meet again and make up for all the good times stolen from us. 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Mom In Heaven

9: Mom, from the depths of my heart, I wish you nothing but floods of joy and happiness. As you sing along with the angels, the only thing I can do is say a silent prayer for you. Happy birthday. 

10: Sending love and the most special birthday wishes to heaven. Mummy, it’s been years since you left, but may all your heavenly wishes and desires come to pass. We all miss you dearly.

11: You were the only person who knew me all too well. Since we cannot celebrate your birthday with you here, I hope that everyone in heaven has gathered around to wish the best mom a happy birthday. 

12: Mom, I love you and I miss you so much that it hurts. When I look back, there is a lot I couldn’t have accomplished without you. For that, I will forever be grateful. Have a merry happy birthday in heaven.

13: You are always on my mind and in my heart. I love you with every ounce and every fiber being. Words cannot describe what the past year has been without you. As you sit by the Lord’s side on this special day, we hope that you are in complete peace. 

14: Mom, we are here converged for a day that was once special and still is special to us. Your birthday reminds us of all of the great impact you have had in our lives and of the lessons we’ve learned through you. Enjoy this sweet day in heaven! 

15: If you were here right now, I would give you endless hugs to show you just how much I miss you, and endless more to wish you a very happy birthday. Throughout your stay in heaven, I hope you will find endless happiness. 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad In Heaven

16: You may have left this world dad, but your soul and spirit will always speak volumes to me in the days to come. Your love and teachings of being a better man live deep within my heart. On this special day, I remember and appreciate all you did. 

17: Happy birthday in heaven dad. A day like this many years ago, you came into existence and because of your immense wisdom and wits, you left it a different place. There’s a lot I would still like to tell you in person; but I still will, one day.

18: Being your birthday is a very special day for me. We all miss you so much; always remembering you through the impact of your life’s work. Reign forever!

19: Dad, your love lives inside me every day, because of the many things you imparted in me. I’m growing up to be a responsible man just like you would have wanted. May you receive all my heart’s birthday wishes in heaven. 

20: I can smile because I know that heaven is blissful because of your birthday. Happy birthday dear dad. Don’t blush as you used to when the angels harmoniously sing birthday songs to you.

21: Like any other birthday dad, we have gathered today to share some of the experiences and lessons you left us. After all that has happened, we are stronger than ever. Wishing the best dad to ever live a heavenly happy birthday. 

22: As I remember you on your special day, words are simply not enough to explain how everything reminds me of you. Everyone appreciates the great man you were and the stout principles you held on to. Enjoy your birthday wishes in heaven.

Happy Birthday Wishes For Sister In Heaven

23: Dearest sister, as you celebrate your birthday in heaven today, I wouldn’t ask God for a better sibling. You were my happiness, my agony, my responsibility but most of all, my blessing. I think of you each day!

24: Happy birthday in heaven sweetheart. Just as you wished to get wings and fly while you were here on earth, I hope you now have real wings to fly around heaven. 

25: I have thought of you since the day you left, and I miss you more than everything else. I would like to send forth wishes dear sister, showing that I still love and celebrate the impact you had on us. 

26: To the loveliest and most adorable baby sister that ever lived, have a blissful birthday in heaven. Sadly, you had to live before us, but we truly celebrate you and hope that the sadness we have will be replaced by joy

27: Wherever you are, big sister, we wish you nothing, but happiness and all the blessings heaven could give. We would have taken you to your best restaurant if you were here. Have a very happy birthday.

28: You’ve been away for a short time, but it feels like it’s been years without your smiles, sarcastic laughter and joy that you always carried within you. Have a special day and a forever happy stay in heaven

29: Dear sweet sister, on this day, my wish is that the angels sing to you in a majestic, joyous way, to let you know just how important you still are. 

30: Losing you was the saddest and lowest moment in my life but I hope you are in a better place. We still celebrate your birthday here, and hope that they have some of your favorite ice-cream in heaven. 

Happy Birthday Wishes For Brother In Heaven

31: Dearest brother, for years on end, you have been my support system, backbone, and strength. I will forever keep you in my heart and consider myself the luckiest person to have shared in your life. Happy birthday in heaven

32: The bike rides, the random forest visits, and theme park explorations are some of the memories that run through my mind on this special day. Those memories will never fade away. May you have the best birthday in heaven.

33: To the most treasured, most annoying and the most caring brother in the world, as you rest in peace, may you find heavenly happiness in the bosom of the Lord. Celebrate your birthday responsibly in heaven. You live on in my heart. 

34: Though you are not here to blow your candles, you will forever remain in our thoughts. No one could ever replace you; not in a million years. I hope all the new people in heaven are singing happy birthday to you. 

35: Little brother? If you can hear me, I hope you know how much I think about you and wish I spent more time with you. Happy birthday in heaven. We remember you in every family moment and imagine all you would be doing. 

36: Big brother, to me, you were more than an ordinary brother. Not only did you support and take care of me like a father, but I also took up most of the responsibilities. I wouldn’t forget your birthday for anything in the world. Have the best one, yet, in heaven.

37: I remember vividly, how we had a major party for your birthday last year. It’s sad to celebrate this birthday without seeing your bright smile and big eyes. I pray that you have all the joy and happiness for the rest of your heavenly life. 

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