Happy Sweet Sixteen Wishes & Quotes For Daughter, Boy, Niece

by Updated on December 27, 2018

Celebrating birthdays could get quite boring without certain landmark ages. We have the silver, golden and diamond jubilees. And then we have the sweet sixteen. What is sweet sixteen about or is it just an attempt at rhyming first letters? The age of sixteen is often times associated with a subtle transition from childhood to adulthood.

Whatever the reason, not knowing how to wish our loved one a happy birthday on this special age could remove the sweet from the sixteen. Let these quotes help you celebrate and add more sweetness to the 16th birthday celebration of the ones you care about.

Sweet Sixteeen

Happy Sweet 16 Qoutes.

#1: Who would have known that the years could go by as fast as this? one minute you were rocking diapers and the next, you are stepping out in sweet sixteen style.

#2: Maybe we celebrated your first birthday and maybe your tenth. Or perhaps we have even celebrated all your birthdays before. Well, this one is different as it is a landmark and you get to be sweetly celebrated.

#3: Your sixteenth birthday marks the middle of the ‘teen years’. It is a review point for the past and a reference for the future.

#4: Now you are closer to being an adult than you have ever been before. Out there is not the same as the other years. The sweet sixteen could yet be the best phase of your life.

#5: Just as this birthday marks some extra freedom, it also brings in responsibilities. You have to be equipped to handle both the freedom and responsibilities well enough.

#6: As you step into the sweetness of your sixteenth year on earth, it’s part of a joyful realization that your dreams are possible and can be wisely followed.

#7: Get your dancing shoes and party dress. A birthday like no other it is. Step into the sweetness of sixteen with happy steps and beaming smiles.

#8: You are sixteen going on seventeen, you’ll only be sixteen once. But the vibrancy and vitality of this spectacular age will go with you far and beyond and be a constant reminder of this birthday.

#9: Your sixteenth birthday ushers you into a new worldview. Your eyes are opened to more perspectives, different opinions and wider angles. A period devoid of confusion or distraction.

#10: Trust me, with this new age, you will feel like the world is under your feet and the winds in your wings, able to carry you to heights. Being sixteen is indeed sweet and knowing how far is too much would make it sweeter.

#11: Now you have got a new platform from which you can air your opinions, be heard and listened to. Have no fears. This sweetness does not fade fast.

#12: Look at the trees, the grass, the flowers; they tell time and season by the changes we see in them. Look at yourself on this sixteenth birthday, can you envision your bright future?

Sweet Sixteen

Sweet Sixteen Birthday Wishes for Daughter.

#1: It’s a great pleasure seeing my daughter turning the great sixteen! I wish you all the beauty that your young heart craves and may your heart never doubt the beauty you’re endowed with.

#2: This sweet sixteen again confirms that you’ve really moved from that candy demanding little girl to the sweet lady you are now. I am proud to be your mum.

#3: Looking round at the world, I wish I could wrap you close and still shield you from the world out there. You’re now sixteen, it’s time you learnt to walk all by yourself and not stumble.

#4: I know you may still be naive in some things and needing help to find your way but this sixteenth birthday is an indication that you actually have learnt a lot and you’re ready for more adventure.

#5: Sweet daughter, even as you step into this adult age, I want you to know that you can still talk to me and share your secrets with us. Happy sweet sixteen.

#6: Dear one, the age of sixteen isn’t sweet just because of it’s flair for material things but because beyond those, you can now appreciate more the non material blessings all around you. Happy sixteenth birthday.

Happy Sweet Sixteen Birthday Boy.

#1: The sweet boy that you have always been, it would be injustice to let today pass by without giving you a deserving celebration. Happy sweet sixteen!

#2: For every new beginning, there is some anxiety about what lies ahead. As we wish you a happy sweet sixteen, we also wish you courage to sail through no matter what.

#3: As you celebrate your sixteenth birthday, I want you to know it goes beyond physical maturity. Here’s to your all round growth

#4: Should we bring out tents and chairs? Should we call the largest party? Should we get music bands and performers? We can do all that but before then, I’ll like to wish my boy a happy sweet sixteen.

#5: It’s your sixteenth birthday! For this time, I especially celebrate your youth, your adulthood and your anticipation for the sweet adventures awaiting you. Happy sweet sixteen!

#6: The age doesn’t skip and no man moves from fifteen to seventeen, no stress. This is your own step from the shaky years prior, into a steady and surer walk in life. Enjoy!

Happy Sweet 16 to Niece.

#1: Watching you grow, I have always seen the grace with which you carry yourself. Now, I see my sixteen-year-old niece and I am convinced my eyes didn’t see wrong. Happy sweet sixteen.

#2: Fresh skin, bright eyes, smooth hair and my little niece is now a beautiful symbol of youth. As you continue to grow, may this youthfulness continue to be a part of you.

#3: No uncle or aunt would see the lady you have become and not have tears prickling the corner of their eyes. Your blossoming is amazing and the sweetness of your age, a miracle.

#4: There is no doubt that your parents have done right by you? What other evidence do I need? You’re this sweet, mature lady, ready for the world.

#5: Uncle/Aunt is proud of you, knowing that as you celebrate your sixteenth birthday today, you won’t be forgetting in a hurry the lessons your early teen years have taught you.

#6: Happy sweet sixteen. Niece, I know the guys will come knocking now, asking you on dates and whatnots. Just let them know they have your father to go through first. And then there is me.

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