29 I Miss You Quotes For Her & Him – Missing Someone Sayings

by Updated on October 14, 2018

It’s not easy to admit when we miss the people who are important to us but it’s a beautiful thing to do. Don’t just assume that people know how much you value them. With the right words you can also build affection between you and your loved ones.

In this quote collection, you can see a lot of interesting ways to say “I miss you.” Don’t miss out on sharing your feelings.

Cute I Miss You Quotes For Her & Him

#1: You’ve always been a part of my life until we stopped talking, and now I feel so incomplete. I miss you love.
I miss you love

#2: It’s so quiet in here like you never used to be by my side, like you were just another figment of my imagination, and I know for sure you were real. Please come back, I miss you.
 I miss you.

#3: We used to be the concert, the orchestra, the reason the theater filled up to overflow, and then abruptly it all ended as you exited the stage. I am tired of this solo performance, I miss you.
I miss you quote.

#4: I still think we have too much history to make together, too much of sparks to make together and I wouldn’t trade a future with you for all the gold in the world. I miss you so much.
I miss you so much quote.

#5: It’s never occurred to me how much of my day is a product of the adventures you create until now when I cannot help missing you every moment of the day.
missing you every moment of the day

#6: I miss you being the first person to smile at me in the morning, sharing the rising Sun with you and knowing I can always take on everything that comes my way.
I miss you being the first person to smile at me

#7: We’ve always been two sides of a coin and rolling with you in the mud made every sense there ever could be. Now I just miss you like I have never thought I would.
I just miss you quote

#8: In anger we say all the most despicable things we can allow our minds to imagine, it feels good in the moment because of the pain inflicted. Now I just wake up to write I miss you notes everyday.
I miss you notes

#9: I miss you like it was some kind of incurable disease breaking down all my defense, and making me vulnerable to these strange feelings about you.
I miss you like

#10: First you didn’t seem to matter much to me, in fact I could walk past your spot without sparing you a glance but now you are everything important. I miss you so badly.
I miss you so badly quote

#11: Have you ever wanted to hug someone so much that they would choke from too much squeezing? Have you ever missed someone so much that you could not spare another minute away from them? This is how I miss you.
This is how I miss you quote

#12: In the days when we would walk the quiet streets together, I would be listen to the breath from your nose just to remember. I miss you too much.
I miss you too much

#13: The scents you leave behind you are the lingering memories of all that we shared and I just can’t stop wishing you would not leave me missing you with every breath I take.
missing you quote

#14: It’s hard to say goodbye to yesterday because of all the treasures we shared in the times we spent together. You are a rare gem and I miss you always.
I miss you always quote

#15: There’s no part of you I’d wish I never experienced and I want to keep these memories forever. I miss you and wish we had done more with the time we had.
I miss you and wish

#16: Everyday we fight the urge to live with regrets, hoping that every moment we have lived would be the best ones we have ever had. I miss waking up by your side.
I miss waking up by your side

#17: The hold he has on you is all the hugs and affectionate kisses that have left you shattered and broken. All you are able to remember are the sounds of these words on your lips saying I miss you.
lips saying I miss you

Missing Someone Sayings

#1: It’s usually difficult to tell your feelings to people especially when they are the reason you are having that feeling. Like how it’s so hard to tell someone “I miss you.”
I miss you

#2: “I miss you” is one powerful expression that could bind your heart to that of another so much that when they leave the room, you ache for them to return.
I miss you heart

#3: Reminders are a great way to build the effects of love and affection, tell people you love how you really feel. Like saying “I miss you” even when they already know.
I miss you quote

#4: If there’s no better way to describe what you feel, then speak the truth and say “I miss you.”
Say “I miss you quote.”

#5: The easy way out is to be a coward and not tell you all that you represent, the space you occupy in people’s hearts but I will let you know that no one can replace you. I miss you.
I miss you sayings

#6: I miss you and the sound of your voice in my ears, they are the sounds of a confidant and friend.
I miss you and the sound of your voice in my ears

#7: Let your guards down a little and allow yourself to feel something beyond the ordinary. These times may never return and all you’ll have left are regrets and “I miss you” letters.
“I miss you quote” letters

#8: Every little moment you share with family is important because those are times you would wish you had enjoyed and relished. Now you just have to read their letters saying “I miss you.”
letters saying “I miss you quote.”

#9: We begin every year wondering how it’s all going to end, and hoping we would live to see the next. Now I can’t help but realize how much I miss you this year.
I miss you this year

#10: We had something beautiful and it was the most exciting experience to be the object of all your affection but you’ve moved on and I miss you still.
I miss you still

#11: We built this mansion for our dreams and planned to share the rooms, but now all I hear is the echoing silence and I know that I miss you more every minute.
I miss you more quote

#12: Find out what makes you think so much about them even when it’s been years since they left, why you keep writing them letters saying “I miss you.”
letters saying “I miss you.”

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