76 Interesting Instagram Captions for Guys

by Updated on December 2, 2018

Instagram Captions for Guys

A picture is worth a thousand words but a caption will get you the thousand likes. As a guy, your photos on Instagram will make more sense if they are captioned. You can drive the message and also make people understand your feeling at the moment. It is also a way of communicating with your friends and fans.

There are different ways of expressing yourself on Instagram. You could want to send the message of love, appreciation, inspiration and such other feelings. Here are captivating captions you can use on your photos to drive likes and keep your fans on Instagram informed and entertained.

Savage Captions for Guys

#1: Making money is hard, being poor is hard, choose your hard.

#2: It is responsibilities that ruin the fun of adulthood.

#3: I do not lick boots or butts.

#4: They love me for my six cars not six pack.

#5. Bro codes are forever.

#6. A man with no guts will never taste glory.

#7. Inside every man is a beast, that protects a queen.

#8: If you want to be treated like a queen, you must behave like one.

#9: A real man protects and perseveres.

#10: The world wants men who are beasts.

#11: A man without confidence has nothing.

#12: No man for another man!

#13: Men don’t sweat over nothing.

#14: The best cologne for a man is sweat from his hard work.

#15: Touch my sister and experience the next volcano.

#16: A man without courage should put on a skirt.

Funny Instagram Captions for Guys

#1: We do not go to the gym for mere smiles.

#2: The luckiest a man can get is his talent.

#3: A man who does not work-out shall not eat.

#4: The glory of a man is built on the doubts of those around him.

#5: If you cannot beat them, organize to have them beaten.

#6: I will drive you, not home yet but crazy.

#7: A man has to choose the pain of regret or that of discipline.

#8: I am the angel God said he would send your way.

#9: Life is too short to mend broken hearts, buy a new one.

#10: This heart is closed for renovation.

#11: If your love for me is over, we can use mine.

Love is stupid, until it is about you.

#13: You either live real life or on Instagram.

#14: I am so good in bed, I can sleep all day!

#15: What do you expect me to be if you criticize me for what I am?

Inspirational Instagram Captions for Guys

#1: I never worry about my looks, my parents are responsible.

#2: A man who never tries is like a warrior without a scar.

#3: They criticize you too much because they wish they were you.

#4: You cannot make people love you, but they will have no option but to recognize you.

#5: Every man is already a king, you just need to curve your kingdom.

#6: Real men do not chase girls, they pick them up with Lamborghini.

#7: Every man must create something, consuming is for girls.

#8: The difference between what you are and what you want to be is the effort you put.

#9: Do not worry about what they think, they know nothing of what it means to you.

#10: Let them throw shade now, they will run to you for shade when it gets hot.

#11: Never try to fit it, STAND OUT.

#12: Everything you see around you started like an idea, just like the one you are trying so hard to ignore.

#13: A man shall never settle until he hits his dream.

#14: There are as many ideas as the number of men in the world.

#15: A man does not narrate his achievements, they speak on his behalf.

Captions for Guys

Clever Instagram Captions for Guys

#1: So vegetarians are trying to save animals by eating their food?

#2: Let them talk behind your back, after all, you are ahead.

#3: Men do not measure achievements by the number of days, it is what they made of these days.

#4: The most beautiful world is the smile of a mother.

#5: Waiting for tomorrow is like waiting for your flight at the beach.

#6: If nothing is right, you still got a lot left.

#7: I use criticism to know how far I have left my enemies behind.

#8: Real men don’t just take selfies, they trend!

#9: If you have come all the way to see my photo, then like it.

#10: Click twice to seen the latest boyfriend material.

#11: I do not know why ladies love my photos!

#12: Want to ride in an Ark? I Noah a guy…

#13: I saw an Instagram caption saying that we should stop using Instagram, I will tell more people on Instagram.

#14: Double tap and ignore.

#15: You next achievement is going to make people wish they had treated you better before.

Success Instagram Caption for Guys

#1: Don’t post your gym photos, we can tell how much you worked out.

#2: We were all strangers to begin with.

#3: I am not a thug, I only take what belongs to me.

#4: Do not celebrate for too long, it is just one mile in a marathon.

#5: I use the #tbt to remind myself where I have come from.

#6: The prayers of my mother got me here.

#7: If success could talk, it would tell of the sleepless nights and long hours.

#8: Success is never for the average.

#9: Men are never judged by their looks, but what they give to the world.

#10: A man shall never live on another man, even his father.

#11: Men never seek fame, but success.

#12: No skydiver ever complained that his parachute did not work!

#13: Success to a man is not a destination, it is a journey to improve his condition every day.

#14: The most successful men are unique.

#15: The greatest responsibility for a man is to make his today better than yesterday.

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