34 Letting Go & Moving On Quotes

by Updated on October 4, 2018

A lot of the problems people have come from unresolved pain and struggles. As more and more people hold on to grudges, hurts, and baggage from the past, we continue to create horribly abusive relationships. There’s nothing worse than judging others around you by the things that happened to you in your past.

Holding on to painful history has a way of blinding you to all the possibilities around you. This is why we have written these quotes about letting go. You might find this therapeutic even, because in these 34 quotes are wise thoughts that would help you accept change and grow.

Here’s a list of 34 Letting Go quotes:

#1: It’s time to let go when they stop looking at you, they stop seeing you and you just know they stopped caring.
It’s time to let go

#2: There’s nothing left for you in that space, so let go and move on.
let go and move on

#3: The way to let go is to embrace the memories and then turn to the future at the same time.
embrace the memories

#4: The past is all that has kept you tied to unfulfilled promises and desires, so you might need to find new desires for the old ones to fade.
letting go quote

#5: It’s good to fight to keep them around because of the time and the love you shared but there’s a lot more loving in letting people go.
letting people go

#6: For everything that has a beginning there’s always an ending, so when you see the finish line, don’t hold on stubbornly to the race. Simply let go.
Simply let go

#7: A breakup is not the end of the road, and the only way to heal from this is to let go of all those memories that keep your cheeks wet with tears.
let go of all those memories

#8: Don’t linger when you need to run.
moving on quote

#9: Letting go is the last stage of the heartbreak, and at this stage it stops being so tough to watch all the times you shared fading into the past.
Letting go quote

#10: The best way to know how strong you have become after losing the best thing in your life is to see how well you are letting go of all the hurt and the pain.
letting go of all the hurt and the pain

#11: Not all things are meant to last forever and you always have known this so handle these moments gracefully by letting go without a struggle or drama.
letting go without a struggle or drama

#12: There’s always a time to be strong and to make every move to patch things up, but there’s also a time when you realize that the best way to love them is by letting them go.
letting them go

#13: If you keep holding on to the things you lost, you might never find the things you need so you must be willing to let go even when it hurts you so much.
willing to let go

#14: Living in fear would keep you stuck, thinking the past could have been better and blinding you to the beautiful future ahead of you.
move on quote

#15: The days grow long when love becomes a thing of the past and the person you once professed so much love for becomes a stranger. Still you must let them go and fix yourself.
let them go and fix yourself

#16: Dreams are the first to fade, as you begin to let go of all you shared. They will become a memory of a future you wished you had but there’s a new future lying just ahead.
let go of all you shared

#17: You don’t have to let go of who you were because the love ended, you simply have to let go of who you were not, because the future just opened up to unlimited possibilities.
let go of who you were not

#18: The beginning of your healing comes when you let out all the bitterness and pain, when you choose your peace over everything else and let them go.
move on quote

#19: Most of us are too afraid to try new things because we are holding on to memories that have become nothing but ghosts of a life we once had. Courage comes from letting go and moving on.
letting go and moving on

#20: It’s like stepping out of the boat into the water with no floats. You suddenly feel all sorts of new feelings and notice new desire when you choose to let go of the past.
let go of the past

#21: Taking that leap from familiar ground is the one and most important step you need to make for growth to happen and it marks the beginning of something new so let go of the past.
let go of the past

#22: There’s no work in living in pain and regrets which you inflict on yourself. The real work is in choosing to move on, to say goodbye to the memories and letting go.
move on quote

#23: Refuse to be distracted by the past when the future calls for your presence. It’s time to wake up into the new person and let go of the old.
let go of the old

#24: Ignite yourself, remain in motion and refuse to stay static or locked down in the past. Letting go always fuels motion and progress.
Letting go always

#25: Your greatest enemy at this point would be your fantasies about ideal circumstances, when you think there’s some happily ever after coming and refuse to let go.
refuse to let go

#26: While love was perfect, it felt like an unending blend of hearts and affection but then it ends and suddenly demands that you let go of everything that made you feel beautiful.
let go of everything

#27: The attachment you feel to the past is perfectly normal, history is a powerful force that creates bonds that are not easily broken but times change and letting go is just a part of being human.
letting go is just a part of being human.

#28: No one is stronger than heartbreaks.
stronger than heartbreaks

#29: You never expected the future to suddenly take on such a sad look so don’t be in a hurry to let go of all that seems familiar.
let go of all that

#30: You had a routine until they stopped loving you and now you feel like a foreigner in your own life.
they stopped loving you

#31: This pain will remain until you finally allow yourself to let them go.
allow yourself to let them go

#32: The lingering thoughts of the past are there to make you weak and you alone can stop this from ruining your whole existence by letting go and releasing the pain.
letting go quote

#33: Like the wind, you cannot hold on to memories because they’ll slip through your fingers. Just let go.
Just let go

#34: Find your peace, walk away from all that reminds you to be static and unchanging, grow!
Find your peace

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