Quotes About Loneliness & Feeling Lonely Sayings

by Updated on September 30, 2018

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding the issue of loneliness. A lot of people never want to admit that they are lonely. Also with the rising age of social media, most of your friends are probably lonely. We’ve grown into a system that isolates and rejects people based on class or race.

There’s so many reasons why you’d always feel like you don’t fit and this could be really lonely. Everyone is avoiding talking about it yet we are social beings, and one of our most important needs is connection with other humans.

As long as this need is not met, we would be left feeling lonely and vulnerable. This is why we are sharing this quotes about loneliness with you. You should have that conversation with someone today, you might be saving them too.

Check out these loneliness quotes:

#1: The most tragic fact about loneliness is that unlike sicknesses and diseases, there’s really no cure for this experience of feeling rejection, of being an outcast.
fact about loneliness

#2: It’s better to die knowing that you were loved and cared for than to live many years wishing that death would rescue you from the loneliness that tortures you daily.
loneliness that tortures you daily

#3: Loneliness is like an hired assassin that stalks you, it waits and tortures you with it’s presence and then takes everything from you including your life.
Loneliness is like an hired assassin

#4: It’s hard to appreciate the little beauties of family until you experience extreme solitude and loneliness takes over your days like a dark cloud in the middle of the day.
loneliness takes over your days

#5: There’s only one life for everyone to live, you deserve to live it surrounded by all the people you love, don’t let loneliness win.
loneliness win

#6: Money can get you almost anything, the only thing you might never be able to pay for is the antidote for loneliness, it’s the kind of illness too expensive to cure.
antidote for loneliness

#7: Loneliness is not just a feeling of being alone, it’s fear, depression, inferiority, it’s a collection of negative emotions building up a massive wall around you.
feeling of being alone quote

#8: It’s harder to tell when you are suffering from loneliness, you just know there’s something horribly wrong and you are too helpless to stop it.
suffering from loneliness

#9: The worst way to die is out in the cold, no one wondering where you are, no one searching for you. It’s just you lying in a pit of despair surrounded only by loneliness so dark.
loneliness so dark quote

#10: The greatest battles are not those you fight with guns and swords, it’s that internal struggle with loneliness. This adversary has no human feelings, it never retreats.
internal struggle with loneliness

Quotes About Loneliness & Feeling Lonely Sayings

#11: Further down the road you will realize that as much as family and friends could try all their best to help you, loneliness is one battle you only win by yourself.
loneliness quote

#12: With the desire for greatness comes a persistent feeling of loneliness, it’s the prize you have to pay because not many people would understand your path not to talk of walking it with you.
feeling of loneliness quote

#13: It’s tough realizing how meaningless a crowd could be, they would be around you with all the noise and you will be there stuck with empty hellos and handshakes that leave you more lonely than before.
lonely quote

#14: Sometimes I just want to get out of my own head, it’s too quiet and lonely in here. It is unbearable torture having to live in here all year round, locked up in my own silence.
lonely in here quote

#15: The world is a beautiful place to be, the seasons, the people and everything that makes up living. No one deserves to be lonely in this beautiful world, that’s just so dark and ugly.
to be lonely in this beautiful world

#16: There’s so much misunderstanding about loneliness, people don’t just feel lonely, they actually have to live with this state of mind that makes it hard to connect with other people.
misunderstanding about loneliness

#17: If you want to help a lonely person, just keep quite for a bit, listen to the silence with them, just be there with them and be present, that’s all they some times need.
help a lonely person

#18: It’s important to know why you are lonely, whether it’s actually because you have no one or because you think you have no one who cares.
why you are lonely

#19: Loneliness should not deprive you of the full human experience, live and love fully. Give yourself the chance to experience all that entails life.
Loneliness should not deprive you

#20: The only antidote for loneliness is contentment. It allows you to be aware of the tiniest details of your life and the people in it such that you can experience gratitude for them.
The only antidote for loneliness

#21: Be willing to let people in because the room called loneliness is one that can only open from the inside, if you don’t grab the doorknob, the door will forever stay shut.
room called loneliness

#22: Loneliness is not an after effect of isolation and rejections, it most times takes root even before you start to feel like the world doesn’t care.
Loneliness quote

#23: There’s a limit to how strong you can be, everyone breaks when it comes to isolation because no one is stronger than loneliness, it breaks you beyond repair.
loneliness quote

#24: Be kind to everyone you meet, you never know who is just waiting for one smile from a stranger, you could be their escape from the loneliness they feel.
loneliness they feel

#25: Kindness is not done because we have something to gain from others but because we have something to give, something that overcomes lonely nights and sad days.
overcomes lonely nights

#26: Lonely people are most times miserable because they struggle to accommodate weakness in others. In order to appreciate life, and people, you must learn to be vulnerable.
Lonely people quote

#27: The state of your heart determines your reality, so an empty heart attracts cold and empty loneliness because it has nothing to offer.
empty loneliness

Lonely people are not happy people and you deserve to be happy. These quotes are just the right conversation starters that would give you and your friends a chance to talk about loneliness and fight it together. Why not share these quotes with someone you care about? They would be glad you did.

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