Sweet Love Poems for Her

by Updated on June 22, 2019

Poetry is one of creation’s most astounding ways to express the most abstract feelings in the most tangible ways. Being short of words, you can always surrender to the power of poetry to travel and hit home. Deep in the heart of your lover is a cord that when struck by the right imagery could set in motion an avalanche of desires that would last forever.

All you need is the right combination of letters, calibration of words so intense that they can taste your words in their mouth. This is why we have helped you come up with the best collection of love poems for that special woman.

Check these 30 marvelous short poems and thrill her with the vibes:

Sweet Love Poems for Her

#1: There’s a stream that flows
right through my heart.
It’s an endless stream
of love and affection for you my queen.
I love you.

#2: The sounds of music and melody
that makes my heart bubble
have been a part of the music that your love creates,
this is why I have always loved you since we met.

#3: In the moments when my thoughts travel
like the birds in the air,
I catch a glimpse
of how high your love is
and I just feel like making a nest
in your heart.

#4: Love is not one of the precious stones that men seek.
Love is the only stone!
This is why I am unable to quantify
the value of your love for me
because it is more precious than jewelry.

#5: We are lovers
created by fate and destiny
but even more powerful than predestination
is the intention you put
into scribbling your name on my heart.

#6: There’s nothing
that would stop this flood of emotions
from breaking their banks whenever I set my eyes on you,
so, come along with a boat!

Sweet Love Poems for Her

#7: You are the first thought I embrace every morning
because out here,
the world is cold
but your love feels like the warmth
of a winter blanket.

#8: My heart is made of glass,
so delicate and fragile.
Yet when I see the way you handle it
with your delicate touch,
I am assured that this wine of love
will not be wasted on the cold floor.

#9: I’d love to show you
how much you mean to me,
but you are everything
so, I’d rather just be the reason you smile every day.
I love you.

#10: We are the twin lobes of a healthy kolanut,
born together in the womb of time
and fated to be consumed in the exchange of love unrestrained.

#11: I would write a love song
that contains the lyrics of your waking thoughts
because you amaze me
beyond anything else in this world.

#12: There’s no second
that my heart does not send a note of melody
through my body
reminding me to dance to the music that you are.

#13: In all the times I have seen life become a storm,
you have always been there to be my shelter
and now I know why I feel safe with you my queen.

#14: We have gone through hell
and the coals of the darkest abyss
have been unable to consume the love that we share,
I love you!

#15: In all the times
we have fought through the darkest nights,
your love has been a shining light
that has kept us on the right path.
Thank you, queen!

#16: If I had a chance
to address the universe,
to speak about the best of all its creations,
I’d talk about you my rose petal.
You are everything pure!

#17: The worst that could happen to me
is not losing my wealth or my health.
It’s you walking away from me
that would be the end of me,
so stay with me my love.

#18: When the cold earth searches for warmth,
I would call out and whisper your name lovely queen.
For you shine like the brightness of the Sun.

#19: Finding a woman who truly loves you
is like the search for a pin
in a haystack
so, imagine my joy when I found you!
It’s been amazing to know such love.

#20: I have seen the lifespan of a song,
and it’s the power of the singer’s voice
that keeps the tune alive.
You are the voice that keeps me on, I love you.

#21: In all of earth,
in all of the times the heavens have thundered with rain,
and the seas have bellowed with rage,
your love has been my comfort, I love you.

#22: Ticking away like the clock’s hands,
I see the endless hours wasted
searching for love in the wrong places
while all I had to do was embrace you.

#23: You were mine all along,
the barrel of a loaded gun,
the arrow in quiver,
the lightning strike
and the force of love
that travels faster than light.

Sweet Love Poems for Her

#24: What more can I request?
than what you have offered;
the soothing relief of oil on my skin,
and the scent of candles
as your love drowns my worries.

#25: You are not the fluttering spell
of a temporary smile,
you are the loud ringing laughter
that comes from deep within my soul.
You are my happiness and I love you.

#26: We have never talked
about the ways you make the world a better place for me,
but here is my way of telling you
how amazing you are.

#27: Let’s call a world conference
so that I can have a chance to recite
these love verses to you
in the presence of all creation
and I’d gladly tell them
about the queen that you are.

#28: Let’s make a nuisance on the beach
sand and play around with castles
built for love birds because in my dreams,
you are royalty and I want to be your king.

#29: I’d love to smell
of the lavender in your hair
and breath in air that comes
from the whispers of love
that you speak into my ears.

#30: Like fine wine running down my tongue,
I am reminded of the taste of forever
whenever you wake me up with a kiss
and a smile on your face.
I love you queen.

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