Sweet Love Poems for Him

by Updated on June 17, 2019

Making your man happy doesn’t stop at all the romantic gestures, candles and dinners. Sometimes he just wants to hear you speak soothing words about how you love him. Yes, it could be a bit scary not knowing what to say to him. You might be thinking, how am I supposed to know the right words? Most men have never had a chance to get a love poem from the woman they love. It goes without saying that you’d be doing something unique and special by sending him one.

In case you are still feeling jittery, no worries. Writing a love poem or sharing one that you find interesting has the same romantic effect. It’s a beautiful way of fueling the flames of love and keeping your man excited about the relationship. Here are a few poems you can send to him:

Sweet Love Poems for Him

#1: King of my heart,
you are amazingly dependable,
reliable and you fill my life with unspeakable joy.
This is why I love you with undying love.

#2: There are men
who the world made into monsters
There are the men
who conquered the world
and you are one of such.
This is why I adore you.

#3: The smell of your fragrance,
the crumple of your shirt,
the fold and locks,
the twist and turns and
all that you are
is one of nature’s greatest artworks.

#4: It’s rare
to find a man who thinks less of himself
and more about others.
Your selfless affection
brings the world to a standstill.
I love you.

#5: Fly with me my prince.
For on your wings,
I soar and climb up on the winds,
you are a display of supernatural strength
so, I love and trust you with everything.

#6: You are the brightest of them all.
Yes, in the galaxy of stars,
there are men who have come and gone
but of all the beauty that the universe has made,
you are the best of them.

#7: I’d love my babies to smell of you,
their eyes to look like yours
and that deep aura that you bring,
I’ll ask angels to create little kings that walk like you do.
I love you.

#8: You are my shining armour,
the real deal forged from years of real hard work.
Our love is one that transcends transient emotions
and passing desires.

#9: You make me a woman
with the shelter of a king.
I have wondered,
the miracle that formed you,
your mother must have been the wife of a god.

#10: Your smile
reminds me of the sweetest music,
your heart
is like the workings of a skillful craftsman,
your embrace is complete and whole.

#11: I have looked at the way a man is defined,
you have broken all the rules.
The man you are,
is nothing short of a miracle of creation,
a specimen of wonder and grace.

#12: If anything,
I know what a father looks like.
When you stretch out your arms to embrace me,
I think of making babies for you.
You will make a perfect father.

Love Poems for Him

#13: I loved you even before I met you.
You were always the protagonist in my dreams
so, walking into my life was not a shocker.
I found you!

#14: We are coming to a walk by the river side,
talking about the love that flows like the ocean’s tide.
You are the fountain of endless memories
and joy unending.

#15: My kind of girl,
needs your kind of man.
This is why your hands wrapped around me
feels like home to my weary head
and I find rest in your gentle kisses.

#16: Paris is the name of my Prince.
Like lovers from far countries
in the foreign words
that from your lips
turn to whispers in the night.

#17: Making a woman happy
is like a crossword puzzle and an endless maze.
You masterfully navigate my heart
like a sailor that has no fear of the sea.

#18: Let’s talk about the flames
that leap in my heart
like the burning of coal in a fire place.
Let’s talk about the butterflies
that flutter about the crevices of my heart
when you speak my name.

#19: Finding home was a venture
into the unknown abysses
of dark and lonely paths.
Knocking on the wrong doors,
missing my way,
stumbling along until I found you my king.

#20: There are a thousand men in the fields
searching for the signs of true love,
waiting for a kiss from my lips
and hoping that they would find the key to my heart
but you own everything already.

#21: You who once was but the stranger next door,
no expectations were exchanged
in all the times when you walked by my doorway.
Now you are everything I want in the world.

#22: Help me understand your love,
because it feels like shock waves
from ripples of oceans deep.
I love how you find me
like the sound of my raging emotions find your heart.

Sweet Love Poems for Him

#23: You,
the king of my realms.
Like the royalty you are,
I wake up every day
thinking of the most noble ways
to adorn you
for the special place you have
in my heart.

#24: First you became a father to me,
so, I am not afraid
that my babies would stretch their arms out
to call you Daddy.
You are the best lover!

#25: Your kindness and heart,
the ringing laughter of mirth and joy
that comes from you,
that is all I need to know
that I have found in you a man,
my home.

#26: You are the purest of them all,
like the sparkling waters of cool springs,
your presence is reassuring
and like never before,
I feel safe with you.
I love you my King.

#27: Loving you has never been a simpler.
It’s like the taste of honey on the lips of a toddler,
sweeter than the milk from a mother’s breast. I love you.

#28: I have always known
that you’d be more than a smile and a wave.
You became a hug and kiss.
You are all that love needs to be.

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