Awesome Love Quotes for Him

by Updated on August 24, 2018

We did it again! There’s so little information about how a woman wants to be treated. A lot of men make costly mistakes while trying to make their woman happy. How about getting into the mind of a woman for a second, we’ve made a awesome collection.

Let’s school the men with these excitingly accurate catalogue of quotes. We will be giving him the road map to your heart, he can figure out the important parts on his own.

This exhaustive list of love quotes is a great conversation starter and fun way to tell a man you want him to make a move.

Contrary to popular opinion, Men do not always know how to approach the subject of love and romance. This might just be the reason he needs to made a move.

Here are 27 awesome love quotes for him:

#1: He feels like the beautiful sunrise, suddenly it’s like love is something brighter than you have ever encountered. If he leaves you squinting hard, trying to catch your breath then he’s the one.

Love Quotes for Him

#2: I suddenly realise that love does more protecting than big muscular arms, a beating heart filled with love carries the strength of a thousand soldiers.

I suddenly realise that love

#3: Watching the man you love become a king is one of the best feelings in the world. For every of his dreams that becomes reality, he is bound to make it a celebration with you.

Watching the man you love become KING

#4: There’s no better place to be than in your arms, they are like the reserved parking space before I take the red carpet walk into your heart.

Theres no better place to be than in your arms

#5: Love is what you begin to discover when there’s someone who wakes you up with a hug and a mug filled with chocolate. It’s dark, yummy, steaming, thick and tasting like heaven!

Love is what you begin to discover

#6: The search for love is full of thorny bushes; getting pricked, bleeding and hurting at every turn. Then you find a garden of roses in a man’s heart and he makes you forget every other time you’ve bled.

The search for love is full

#7: There’s nothing more satisfying than when he leaves everyone else to choose you. Ordinary, petty, annoyingly clumsy you, and someone wants to be your man regardless!

There's nothing more satisfying

#8: Men are dogs, but who says this is meant to be a bad thing. A dog would stick with you, die by your side even, walk with you and miss you when you go to the bathroom.

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Sweet Love Quotes for Him, Boyfriend

#9: Putting a ring on my fingers is not the sign of eternal love I want. The way he looks at me, undresses me when i’m too weak to move, combs my hair, that’s more beauty than any precious stone he could buy me.

Putting a ring on my fingers

#10: People talk about love all the time but if love was a language, half of it is spoken through actions and the rest by your lips. If you want to know a man that loves, consider his actions.

People talk about love all the time

#11: Men can be beautiful too, when love is part of the words that describe him then he is not only handsome and cute, he is beauty and a sight for sore eyes.

Men can be beautiful too

#12: Being a man has been described by so many adjectives that have nothing to do with his character. A man who is committed to loving his woman has found all he needs to know about manhood.

Being a man

#13: On those days when it becomes so hard to love yourself, there’s that man who loves you so effortlessly that you start to understand that love is a superpower.

On those days

#14: Love is Magic, the type that happens when you meet a man who has eyes only for you.

Love is Magic

#15: Don’t be deceived to think love is some expensive perfume, jewellery or a wardrobe filled with overpriced jackets. Love is as simple as being the man who shows up.

Don't be deceived to think

#16: Don’t sing me songs about money, cars, and trips to the moon. Tell me you will be there when my breath stinks and my hair is a mess, then can I take you as my man.

Don't sing me songs about money

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Cute Love Quotes for Him From the Heart

#17: Love is like a butterfly, it starts out all rough and ugly on some days. Like a caterpillar, love wiggles and drags but then it spreads one wing after another and you find that you are flying.

#18: The world is a vivid description of how a man loves you. There’s the third world nations where everyone takes and no one wants to give. While there are those who dominate the world, they are always giving.

#19: My body is a temple, the man who walks on it must show himself worthy of this hallowed grounds.

#20: The heart of a man is like a well, he alone understand how to drink from the water. Giving me the keys to your heart involves a total commitment to quench my thirst.

#21: Capturing a firefly is beautiful because it glows in your hands but letting it go is even more beautiful because it can shine anywhere it wants. A real man does not seek to hide a woman from the world.

#22: A lot of men mistake having an erection with falling in love. You cannot love someone who doesn’t give your heart an erection.

#23: The strongest muscle is the one that holds the heart of a man that’s in love. The pounding and palpitations when you see the one you love can be mistaken for a heart attack.

#24: Behind every smile I have is the thought that you will always be the reason for my joy. There’s nothing that makes a woman happier than a man who makes her smile.

#25: Your moustache might be rough, but your lips are soft and soothing. They both remind me that on the rough and easy days, no matter what, you will be there for me.

#26: Love me when I am young and beautiful but wait till I am wrinkled and old. Then tell me how much you care without having an erection.

#27: Wait for me, don’t be in a hurry to know every inch of my body when you have not discovered a tiny bit of my heart.

Awesome! Now that’s enough ideas for him to run with. You can share this with someone you care about. It might just be the perfect list for him.

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