27 Best Mother Daughter Quotes & Sayings With Images

by Updated on September 29, 2018

There are relationships that are simply adorable, like the one between a mother and daughter. It’s sometimes so complicated that you wonder if they are sworn enemies and other times they are just perfect. There’s so much confusion there, passion, emotions and words that sometimes leave indelible memories.

How about you share these mother daughter quotes with some of your friends and see how they react to them? These are the perfect ways to express the beautiful bond between two quite similar people especially when they are not getting along too well. Help them see the beauty of what they have.

Here are some of our best mother daughter quotes:

#1: Having a daughter is like creating a replica of yourself, you think you are cranky and moody? Wait till she arrives and gives you double for the trouble!
Having a daughter quote

#2: Daughters think they are just as smart and they are not going to miss out any opportunity to show you how well you’ve trained them to be mothers, it’s practically two mothers in one house.
trained them to be mothers quote

#3: There’s a time at which a girl becomes a woman and she would need someone who understands all the sparks flying in her mind, being a mother is about being there for your daughter in these moments.
girl becomes a woman quote

#4: Mothers are strong and vicious especially when it comes to protecting their children, more especially when it’s their daughter, that’s like protecting their clone!
Mothers are strong quote

#5: You’ll never know how much pain you gave your mother until you have a daughter with your exact same attitude doing the same things you used to do. Cycle of life.
mother until you have a daughter

#6: Every mother is a coach, a teacher, a mentor, a doctor, relationship counsellor, your first client is your daughter and it’s so much pressure because you just can’t afford to fail.
Every mother is a coach quote

#7: Being the best of yourself is an option, you can always choose to laze away and waste all the capacity inside you. Until you become mother to a cute little girl who deserves better and you realize you must do better.
little girl who deserves better quote

#8: The first battle a mother has to win is the one that conquers her daughter’s heart, the moment you lose this battle, it only spirals into endless battles and quarrels.
first battle a mother has to win

#9: Just as you need your daughter to listen and cooperate with you as a daughter, she also wants you to listen as her mother, not as a judge that has no feelings.
listen as her mother quote

#10: The mother to daughter relationship is one of the most fragile relationships that exists, one wrong move could turn into and endless cycle of domestic war and blood.
The mother to daughter relationship quote

#11: Women are not that different, age is what matters. First you start out all rebellious and wanting what you want, then you become a mature mother with a daughter who wants what she wants.
mother daughter quote

#12: You have no idea how wonderful it would be to have a twin until suddenly your daughter is all grown and she becomes the sister you never had. That is the beauty of being a mother.
beauty of being a mother quote

#13: As a woman you might struggle to find your purpose, you might question the whole point of your existence. Having a daughter brings that clarity about your role as a woman, a mother and a sister.
As a woman you might struggle

#14: Teaching your daughter how to be confident is one of the most demanding jobs mothers have to do, because out there are wolves making every attempt to make her cower in fear.
Teaching your daughter

#15: Wondering what use you are as a mother? Who teaches your daughter that she is perfect, that she is whole, that she doesn’t need any extras in other to be accepted? That’s enough job for a lifetime.
Who teaches your daughter

#16: The woman you are today is a product of hard work, resilience and a lot of smart, you deserve to pass all that greatness to the next generation, so show your daughters what it takes to have a mother like you.
The woman you are today quote

#17: Whenever you think there’s nothing left to fight for, remember that the fate of your daughters is inextricably linked to the way you view your life. Don’t make them regret having you as their mother.
Don't make them regret having you as their mother quote

#18: The role of a mother is not one you take up and drop at will, it’s a lifetime commitment to your daughter’s well being even when she is married and living miles away.
The role of a mother quote

#19: Your fragility and fears end the moment you realize there’s a little version of you looking out for her mother to guide her. You automatically find strength when you realize how much your daughter needs you.
daughter mother quote

#20: The greatest gift a mother can give her daughter is letting her know that no matter who she chooses to be, you will always be her mother before any other thing.
mother daughter quote

#21: When a girl grows up without her mother, it leaves a gap that she can only fill by being the kind of mother she would have wanted to her own daughter.
When a girl grows up without her mother quote

#22: Dresses are just a picture of how much we want to be decorated as women but there’s no better decoration than a mother’s love for her daughter.
mother's love for her daughter quote

#23: Women are stronger than they think and this is only something that can be revealed from one woman to another, mothers to their daughters and one generation to the next.
Women are stronger quote

#24: Be her fortress, her pillar, be the reason she is proud to be a woman, be the mother who tells her daughter it’s okay to be powerful beyond society’s expectations.
be the mother who tells her daughter

#25: The greatest opponents are not armed men or world war, it’s mother and daughter who agree, that’s force equal to all of the cosmic elements combined.
mother and daughter quote

#26: The thrill of being a wife can not match that of being a mother, because your daughter is the closest you’ll get to unconditional love.
being a mother quote

#27: Teach her to be passionate about her goals, teach her to love vigorously and to fight with all she has, to protect family. This is the best lesson a daughter can get from her mother.
daughter can get from her mother

There you have it. When you see a mother who’s struggling to express her feelings for her daughter, understand that these feelings go beyond words. They might just need a few thoughts to help them remember what being a mother means to them.

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