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Funny Birthday Wishes Funny Birthday Wishes

So you are celebrating the day someone you care about was born? A birthday is a joyful time for the birthday boy or girl as they commemorate the day they were born. It’s also another chance to be thankful for another year in their lives. It is a special day when they want their dearest […]

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Retirement Wishes For Boss

Retirement is more significant than we choose to admit. It represents a part in a person’s life that requires major changes to how they live and operate. Just like in any transition, kind words can help anyone cope with this important phase. Bosses, in particular, play a big role in our lives, and they are […]

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Thank You Messages For the Gift
Thank You

Let’s be frank; a plain thankyou does not accomplish the desired level of gratitude you would want it to, especially after receiving a hearty gift from a loved one. Nothing gets to a person’s heart more than knowing they influenced or positively touched a person’s life. The only way to do this is by genuinely […]

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Happy Birthday Wishes In Heaven

Like a thief that roams around stealthily in the night, death has a cruel way of stealing loved ones. If you have lost a friend or an immediate family member, then you truly understand the hole that remains thereafter; especially during birthdays and festive seasons. We bring you some of the most heartwarming birthday wishes […]

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Good Morning Messages For Your Friends

Good Morning

Keeping touch and retaining friends has become a known extreme sport; especially with our current fast-paced lives. Regardless of the energy and vibrancy that flows through your veins, you are bound to wake up on the wrong side of the bed someday. It’s okay to feel de-motivated, lazy, or even fazed by life experiences. During […]

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Good Morning Messages For Wife
Good Morning

Women are known to be highly receptive to the words said to them, whether positive or negative. As a loving husband, you should take advantage of this and use every opportunity to put a bright smile across her face. Take it from the experts; You don’t have to spend money every time to make your […]

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Thank You Messages For Husband
Thank You

The importance of appreciation or the lack of it thereof could make or break any relationship- Truth be told! Yet, most people only seem to realize this when it’s too late. Sometimes, it’s not about what you don’t have, but being grateful for what you have. As a wife, it is important to understand that […]

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First Dates Questions
Question Game

Let’s be honest: 90% of the time spent on first dates is usually nerve-racking; even if it doesn’t show on the outside. You’ve finally gone out with the person of your dreams, but the uncertainty of their validation makes everything frustrating, at the very least. “Are my jokes funny enough?” “Do I look good enough?” […]

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Conversation Starters For Couples
Question Game

It is almost impossible for a conversation between two persons to be dull and boring where there are loads of engaging conversation starters to marshal out one after the other. For couples (old or new), you are most likely to get to discover more of the fascinating sides of your partner, travel into time with […]

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Flirty Text Messages for Her
Question Game

While open flirting is frowned upon in strict social, there’s a kind of fun and excitement in having a guy express his attraction for a lady in a bold and sexual way. There are a few tactics known to men on how to win the heart of a woman; sending her flirty text messages should […]

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Interesting Best Friend Tag Questions
Question Game

It’s another fun post again this time, involving best friends and how much they know one another. Best friend tag questions are game questions aimed at revealing the extent someone knows their best friend. The answers are graded in points: where it is a correct answer given, a point or points are awarded and where […]

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Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend
Question Game

In Deon Jackson’s words, “Love makes the world go round…Everybody needs love…” As a matter of fact, the desire for a good dose of love can make a girl’s heart hunger for the sweet nothings only love-smitten guys are capable of. It takes a healthy mixture of creativity and careless abandon to words, to be […]

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Romantic Pick Up Lines For Him And Her
Question Game, Romantic

Pick up lines are conversation starters which do wonders in catching the interest of that someone you fancy. They rule the world of romance; they have been known to make ladies blush uncontrollably, and guys dangerously hooked. On that note, we have compiled the following romantic pick up lines for you to get the dice […]

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Compliments For Her
Question Game

A woman’s ears are often attributed to be the channel to her heart. By that, the words you speak to her make her heart ready to accept you with open arms or throw you over the fence. Irrespective of your relationship with a lady, it is advisable to pay her compliments. Compliments are words of […]

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Never Have I Ever Questions
Question Game

The classic “Never have I ever…” statements trend so noisily among friends that it is absolutely hard to turn your deaf ears to them. It’s a must-be part of fun, where you will learn exciting, as well as disheartening things from your friends. It could start when everyone is seated in a circle, and somebody […]

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Would You Rather Questions
Question Game

Many of us were hit, albeit too early in our teen years, with the harsh reality of opportunity cost as found in Economics, which demands that we forego one item or activity, for another. And that’s what life is basically all about. Would you rather questions in the context of fun, are asked to find […]

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Deep Questions To Ask A Guy
Question Game

Trust us, when it comes to asking a man questions, it’s easy to guess how important the questions are to him, from the way he thinks them through. If he answers immediately he hears them, he’s a joker, and shouldn’t be taken seriously. But if he ponders on them briefly, supports his answers with additional […]

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Flirty Questions To Ask A Girl
Question Game

It isn’t all the time that a man gets to have a face to face, up-close meeting with a stunning woman he’s heavily attracted to. It is not unlikely that he could be groping for the right questions to ask, and may not be able to imagine what would become of him if the girl […]

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Prayers For Your Friend

The only time you are a real friend is when you are concerned with your friend’s welfare. When his pain becomes your pain, his happiness your own happiness, his safety your top priority, and his success all that gets you excited, you will never think twice before saying a prayer or two for your friend. […]

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Heart-warming Happy Birthday Wishes For Dad
Bday, Wishes

Dads also love birthdays! Accept it or not, there’s a vacuum in a child’s life only a dad can fill. It isn’t just about being a man; the role of a dad goes beyond fathering a son or daughter. Getting fully involved in the upbringing of one’s child makes the difference between a dad and […]

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