30 Uplifting Positive Quotes About Life

by Updated on October 3, 2018

There’s too much talk about what life should be or not be. Too many speculations about the ideal life and too little positive assertions to live by. Every day you step out, you are more likely to bump into negative people because life is not always a roadshow.

It’s important to arm yourself with all the goodness you can muster. You will be needing this for yourself and for all the people around you who are struggling to see the light ahead. These quotes about life are the perfect challenge to help you stay on the positive side always.

Have you always wanted to share a positive thought about life with your friends? Here’s a collection you don’t want to pass over:

#1: Life will not always be bitter, sometimes it will be sour, sweet and even tasteless. You just have to allow yourself savour every moment with the accompanying taste.
Life will not always be bitter

#2: The battle for life is one we have always been fighting that we almost always forget to live, you deserve to take a break and breath in some of the moments that life offers you.
The battle for life

#3: A lot of people complain about not having a life, they constantly forget that life is not something we are offered by anyone but rather what we choose to do with our time and relationships.
Positive Life Quote

#4: When life knocks you down, it’s not trying to say you are not good enough but it’s showing you how powerful you can be even in your most vulnerable moments.
Positive Life Quote

#5: Life is the culmination of the people in your life, the time you spend with them, the memories you create and the stories you treasure from these experiences.
the people in your life

#6: The most fulfilling lives are not those with endless riches or insurmountable strength, but rather those who are content with experiencing the simple beauties of life.
Positive Life Quote

#7: Fighting for life is one of those things that teaches you how important it is to actually live life but most times we are eager to fall back into complacent passivity once we win.
Fighting for life

#8: Life teaches you to fail and to be accepting of the person you are in your failure because asides success, your life is also a collection of failures.
Life Quote

#9: Don’t be afraid to be yourself, or you will forever be miserable living the life another person so desperately also wants to avoid. No life is perfect, just choose yourself.
No life is perfect

#10: If you live a lie, you would probably still die and that would not make up for the years you have spent wondering who you were really meant to be.
Positive Life Quote

#11: life is what you make it out to be, you are in charge and so you should always believe that life is wired to do you good and not evil.
life is wired

#12: Do what makes you happy while you have the time because life could be the most amazing picnic but it’s also a brief moment on the ticking clock so it’s up to us to enjoy every bit of it.
Do what makes you happy

#13: Be ready to experience every moment, don’t let any of it pass you by because you can only truly live the life you have embraced.
Life Quote

#14: A lot of times we are too busy trying to discover life’s meaning that we refuse to see the beauty of it, the whole time missing out on both ends of life; meaning and beauty eludes us.
discover life quote

#15: Despite it’s finite nature, life is magnificent like a gift pack filled with all the beautiful pain and pleasure that consists of family, friends, struggles and wins.
Life Nature Quote

#16: Open up to someone at least once in your life, you’ll need them to share in the awesome complexities that make up life and living.
make up life and living

#17: Like a music sheet in the orchestra, life captures so much sound and directs the most beautiful musical through the city streets and into the most inspiring countryside.
Life Quote

#18: If you would be on this bus called life, you better pick the front row sit and get that perfect view where you won’t miss anything as you pass through the times and experience all the seasons.
bus called life

#19: It’s never going to be all you expect it to be and sometimes life will hurt you but you can’t ignore all the special moments it comes along with and the treats you get along the way.
sometimes life will hurt you

#20: Strong people are not always going to be the best at enjoying life. Some times it’s the weak and vulnerable who are capable of the most profound experiences and they get the most out of life.
enjoying life

#21: You can’t live all of life caged in by fear because that would be so much injustice to yourself. Taking one step out, one after the other brings you closer to so much adventure and you deserve it.
live all of life

#22: life makes you realize how subtly you become this person you always wanted to be, it goes almost unnoticeable that you might even not notice how close you have come to your dreams.
life makes you realize

#23: The most sneaky thing is life, it doesn’t give warnings, it simply happens and leaves you amusingly shocked at how much you can accomplish in such a short time.
Positive Life Quote

#24: The life you’ve always wanted will not always remain in dreamland, some day when you are ready, it will be within your grasp and it would be as real as the taste of joy on your lips.
Life Quote

#25: The beauty of life is not in constant joy but rather after so many painful moments, you always get a chance to breath, to take a break and be happy for transient moments. Those rare moments make life beautiful.
The beauty of life

#26: Some times life would trash you so hard that you would think it’s the end but it only pushes you harder towards your greatest survival instincts that you even learn how to thrive.
Some times life would trash you

#27: Life makes you sandwiches and drags you on a picnic with experiences so magnificent and this is why we hardly ever want it to end.
Life Make You Quote

#28: Do all it takes to be present because life won’t pause to share the goodies with you, you just have to see them and chase them down.
Positive Life Quote

#29: Some mornings you just need to sit outside and admire the Sun rising and the cool morning air. You would realize how much awesomeness life has given to you.
awesome life quote

#30: Don’t let your present fears be the reason you miss out on the beauty playing out around you, life is good.
life is good quote

#31: My life is better with every year of living it. – Rachel Maddow

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