Prayers For Friend — In Pain, In Need, Happiness & Success

by Updated on July 9, 2019

The only time you are a real friend is when you are concerned with your friend’s welfare. When his pain becomes your pain, his happiness your own happiness, his safety your top priority, and his success all that gets you excited, you will never think twice before saying a prayer or two for your friend.

The length notwithstanding, what matters most is the sincerity of your intercession. The compilation of prayers for your friend below serves as a guide for you when you need to say some prayers for your dear one.

Prayers For Your Friend

Prayers For Your Friend’s Happiness

1: It is my heart cry that you live in abundant happiness all the days of your life. You deserve to be happy.

2: I pray for you this day, that your feet will take you to places where happiness and fulfilment dwell. May sadness and disaster be far from you.

3: Today, may nothing annoying find its way into your life. May the good Lord make everything you do today to bring joy into your heart.

4: Like fresh oil, may happiness add shine and attractiveness to your life this day. You will have no reason to shed tears of sorrow.

5: I command the land to bring you great satisfaction and plenteous harvest this season. May you be contented in all your getting.

6: Be in high spirits today. Find fun while discharging your duties. Stay happy!

7: I wish above all things, that your heart be gladdened and your soul robust. May you have reasons to celebrate with real smiles on your face.

8: Nothing is worthy to take your happiness away. I declare that your heart is merry, and that no offence can comfortably rest in your heart.

9: Dearest, it is my earnest prayer that you be in a jolly mood even when problems arise today. Your decision to stay happy is all that matters.

10: I pray that people who will come around you today will honour you and put smiles on your face. No troublemaker will sit or stand near you today.

11: My lovely friend, all the good things you desire in life shall fall at your feet without stress. Don’t be afraid of the amount of time that it will take before happening; one thing is certain, you’ll be happy at last.

12: You will get your dream job, and we will celebrate with you in happiness. Hold on!

13: The sweetest gift of life is the luxury of happiness. May there be no room for unhappiness in your heart. I pray this day, that you will be joyful in season and out of season.

14: May your home be the hub of happiness in your community. May other homes model theirs after yours.

15: My desire for you now and always, is that you will glow in pleasure, satisfaction and serenity. May all your dreams come true.

16: The blessings that will come your way very soon, shall wipe away every depression and heartache you’ve harboured in your heart and in their place, bring cheerfulness and long-lasting fulfilment.

17: At all times, I lift you up in my prayers, and ask the Lord to preserve your happiness because it means a lot to me.

Prayers For Your Friend’s Success

Prayers For Your Friend's Success

1: Your success isn’t really about the riches and wealth you should acquire. True success is found in self-fulfilment. I pray that you find success from within, and not from material gains.

2: I pray that your barn be filled with an overflow of blessings too innumerable to count. May you never go hungry in life.

3: Dear Lord, bless my friend so much that he will never lack any good thing. Increase his income, and cause him to find favour before men.

4: May you find success in impossible places. Doors of goodness shall be opened to you, and you will be on top, never to go down.

5: Whatever is dry in your hand shall become fattened with abundance. Whatever that is poor in your life shall make wealth for you. I pray that in your lifetime, you will never beg for bread.

6: Rise up and succeed, friend. It is your time to shine, and nothing can keep you down. Your progress is sure.

7: Where people of greatness are gathered, you shall be found there. You will not suffer rejection or any form of misfortune. I lift you up before our Father who promotes anyone who seeks Him; may He give you an undeniable promotion.

8: Get ready to hear good news and messages of bountiful harvest. All that you expect to come to you are already on their way without any delay. I am set to rejoice with you!

9: You will not know any stagnation. Poverty and despair shall run away from you and from your household. I am sure that your story shall change from grass to grace within the shortest period of time.

10: You have been destined to excel in all your ways. The labour of your hands shall not be in vain. Where people fail, you’ll go and succeed. The plan of the wicked to make you barren shall be put to shame.

11: Your children shall rejoice because you will provide for them the basic necessities for their living. God shall help you to put wisdom into action to manage your wealth. I can assure you that God is in control. Your resources will not run dry.

12: Each new day shall unfold better prospects and money-making strategies for you. You shall never be in want of ideas to create wealth. Your efforts shall be handsomely rewarded.

13: It is a good thing to have ideas and to work on plans. I pray that the God of all good fortunes and irrevocable blessings will shine the light of His countenance on your ideas and plans to make them fruitful.

Prayers For A Friend In Need

Prayers For A Friend In Need

1: I am burdened in the heart over your desire for a better home for your family. Though I have little money to help you with, I pray that you find unexpected blessings from unexpected places which will solve the need for you.

2: Though you are in a desperate need for a job, you will not be put to shame because of it. I pray that your helpers will locate you anytime soon. May the Lord answer you speedily.

3: The Lord that answers by fire shall answer you suddenly, and give you children of your own. You will never be a barren woman. I declare that the Lord’s mercy shall do the impossible in your life.

4: The money that you have prayed for is already a settled case. Rejoice because the Lord who owns the earth and its fullness has made provisions for your need.

5: The debts you owe shall be paid up. I pray that your hand will not be stuck in a mess, and your creditors shall not disgrace you. Remain hopeful and positive for better outcomes.

6: Have faith; there is nothing impossible, and nothing that can’t be done if you believe. Your burden shall soon be rolled away.

Prayer For Your Friend In Pain

Prayer For Your Friend In Pain

1: I pray that you receive the touch of healing from above. May all your pains fade away, and may your relief be permanent.

2: May your health be restored in its fullness. All the afflictions you feel shall leave your body right now. Receive your healing and rest in Jesus’ Name.

3: Even if I may not understand how much you are troubled by the pains in your bones, I believe that your healing will be miraculous. You will look for that discomfort and won’t find it anymore.

4: There are days when your spirit may be dampened, and you will think that all hope is lost concerning the heartache you are suffering. But I tell you this day that you shouldn’t give up. You’ll come out of it, better and stronger.

5: No matter how long you have been in pains, be consoled with this: one day, all of them shall be gone, and you will be back to health, hale and hearty. Believe!

6: Sufferings are a part of life; don’t write yourself off. I pray that the pains you are going through will heal. Surely, your healing will be a message of hope for those who are going through the same pain.

7: Irrespective of the kind of agony you might be undergoing, no remnant will be left behind when the super healing power of the Most High descends upon it. Your freedom is certain, and I know you are completely healed.

8: The Lord is our divine healer. There is no ache too painful for Him to cure, and there is no disease too complex for Him to heal. I declare that His Hand of righteousness will meet you at the point of your need this moment.

9: Receive calmness in your ailing body. Amen.

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