Fascinating Questions To Ask Your Crush

by Updated on April 29, 2020

There’s always that one person who awakens your desire for affection or a deeper connection. Finding a way to connect with this person could be a hard task, but quite rewarding if all goes as planned. Aren’t you tired of the ordinary questions and small talk with your crush?

Question games help you undress each other’s mind, whilst establishing a mutual connection. This is your best shot at securing that crush and improving the bond.

As a love-struck guy, you’ve probably tried searching for “Funny questions to ask a girl” or vice versa. Lucky for you, this is where the search ends. We have scoured through the web to bring you some of the craziest, funniest, and best flirty questions you could ask your crush.

With this, you can display a sense of humor, learn about genuine interests, and even talk about your passions and endeavors in life. Let’s get to it!

Good Questions to Ask Your Crush

#1: What is the best compliment you have received this year so far?

#2: What kind of music, movies, and sports are you into?

#3: Who has been your celebrity crush for the longest time now?

#4: When was the last time you cried in public and what was the reason behind it?

#5: What are some of your best quotes from movies or Television shows?

#6: If you were in a zombie apocalypse or a robot invasion, how would you fair on? Would you survive?

#7: What is your go-to activity when you need to clear your mind or blow some steam?

#8: What is a typical week for you and which day do you always look forward to it?

#9: What do you find yourself doing most on the internet? Are you happy about it?

#10: Could you list down your top 5 turn-offs in a guy or anyone for that matter?

#11: Would you rather spend the weekend with a small group of friends or at a wild party?

#12: What are some of the best things that have happened in your life so far?

#13: Who has always managed to pop in your mind every week for the last year?

#14: Which occasion in your life would you like to repeat over and over again?

#15: What life accomplishment are you most fond of right now? And what would you like to be remembered for?

#16: Which recent read painted a great picture and met all your expectations?

#17: What appeals to you most about your zodiac sign? Would you change it?

#18: What is your greatest phobia and how have you had to deal with it in the past?

#19: After school, what are some of the activities you take part in?

#20: Mention a few musicians and actors who would do extremely well if they ran for office?

#21: What are some of the songs you have memorized from start to finish? Could you sing one?

#22: Is there any dead person you would have loved to meet or even have dinner with? If there is, who would it be?

#23: How often do you like staying up to date with the news and what’s happening in the country?

#24: Who in the whole world knows you in and out? Would you like to keep it that way?

#25: What are your most-valued guilty pleasures when you are feeling lazy?

#26: What are the top three things you will forever remain grateful for?

#27: What is the coolest or most fascinating place you have been to?

#28: Do you take alcohol? If so, which is your all-time alcoholic drink and how often do you take it?

#29: What’s the worst date you’ve been on and why?

#30: Is there any art or skill you have mastered to professionalism?

Flirty Questions to Ask Your Crush

#1: What was the first thing that popped into your mind the moment you laid your eyes on me?

#2: According to you, what is the perfect way to ask your date out? Has it worked on you before?

#3: Do you ever envision yourself getting into a relationship similar to your parents’?

#4: What’s the farthest you’ve gone to sound or look romantic? Did it work out?

#5: What have you always dreamt of receiving from a lover?

#6: How often do you fall for someone and what are some of the indicators that you are falling for them?

#7: Have you ever had to deal with unrequited love?

#8: What is the most important item and person in your life at the moment?

#9: Would you consider me hot, smart, or both?

#10: Assuming you were locked up with me for the weekend, what 3 things would you be dying to try out?

#11: What’s your ideal kind of relationship? Describe using one sentence.

#12: If you had all the money in the world as long as you were with me, what 5 things would you have in your bucket list?

#13: If we lived in a perfect world, would you rather have something casual with me or a long-term relationship?

#14: What would you do if the person who loved you most didn’t care about you at all?

#15: Would you prefer living like a millionaire or finding your soulmate?

#16: Where and when did you learn to be so funny and accommodative?

#17: What’s your take on tattoos? Do you find them sexy or unattractive?

#18: Is there any favorite feature on the opposite sex that you idolize of like too much?

#19: Did you get all your beauty from your parents or are you just a unique breed?

#20: On a scale of 1-10, how would you like to go skinny-dipping with me sometime?

#21: What’s the one nasty thought you’ve had about me since we started talking?

#22: What was your first-ever serious date like? Did it live up to the expectations?

#23: What is the nastiest or most absurd thing you have ever said to someone you liked?

#24: If I were the only person in the world, would you marry me right there and then or wait for a bond to form?

#25: What risky or naughty bullet have you dodged recently? What was it about?

#26: What is your favorite kind of lingerie?

#27: How would you react if I put my hands underneath your shirt?

#28: Would you enjoy getting a massage from me? How interesting would it get?

#29: What are your most-prized untold skills?

#30: Have you ever played a kinky game at a party? How did it turn out?

Fun Questions to Ask Your Crush

#1: What was the most unique thing about you as a kid?

#2: What is the most ridiculous rule you have grown up following and believing?

#3: What are some of the weirdest or craziest pets you have had over the years?

#4: How often do you connect with your closest childhood friends?

#5: If you won the lottery today, what are the first 5 things you would spend your money on?

#6: Would you rather have a ballet dancer or a rap artist become the next president of this country?

#7: Is it more fulfilling to live in a giant house in a crowded area or a small space with a scenic view?

#8: Are there any unwritten rules in the place you work? Have you ever had to violate any of them?

#9: What is one thing that would ruin the world order if it was made illegal?

#10: Tell me the funniest joke you have mastered by heart?

#11: In the next 30 years, what do you think you will be most nostalgic for?

#12: What do you think appeared first in the universe? The chicken or the egg?

#13: What are your favorite memories growing up?

#14: What’s one thing you can do that most people wouldn’t be able to?

#15: Have you ever embarrassed yourself publicly?

#16: Is there anything weird or crazy you find attractive in people but wouldn’t admit outrightly?

#17: Do you ever come up with imaginary insults and wish you had the guts to say them out loud?

#18: Who is the one serious person you always have a hard time taking seriously?

#19: Have you ever found yourself laughing in an extremely serious situation?

#20: How ticklish would you say you are? Can we test it out and see?

#21: What is your thought on putting pineapple on pizza? Appealing or disgusting?

#22: If you could detach one part of your body for the rest of your life, what would it be?

#23: What do you often love shopping when you have money?

#24: Do you have any favorite Television channels at the moment?

#25: What part of growing up scared you the most and how did you get over it?

#26: Do you believe in karma, fate, and destiny?

#27: What is one activity or item you find funny, but most people don’t?

#28: What movie character resembles you most?

#29: Do you ever find yourself judging people for the most random stuff? Cite examples?

#30: What are you nostalgic about growing up or past experiences?

Deep Questions to Ask Your Crush

#1: Tell me about the worst year of your life so far and what made it so bad?

#2: What are the critical goals you have to achieve before you meet your maker?

#3: Have you had any principles of values? If so, what role have they played in the person you are today?

#4: What is your greatest fear in life and what are the steps you are willing to take to overcome it?

#5: If you were to move to a foreign country, what are five things you would take with you?

#6: You have to watch one movie for the rest of your life, what movie would you choose?

#7: What are some of the events that completely changed the course of your life?

#8: Would you consider yourself a serious person or a joker?

#9: If you had to save one thing from your burning house, what would it be?

#10: How would you sum up your whole life in one philosophical sentence?

#11: How many people are you crushing on right now? How many feel the same about you?

#12: What is one thing you’ve never told anyone? Whether big or small?

#13: If it were up to you, would you grant everyone the power of free will?

#14: How soon or later would you want to have a long-term relationship?

#15: What is the love language you treasure and acknowledge most?

#16: What is your biggest deal-breaker for any relationship?

#17: Assuming a genie granted you three wishes like in the movies, what would they be?

#18: Let’s say you could trade lives with anyone in the world, past and present, who would it be and why?

#19: If you could go back into the past and only change one thing, what would it be?

#20: Are there any personal rules you live by each day?

#21: What was your last relationship like? How did it end?

#22: Do you find it easier to ask for forgiveness or permission?

#23: Who do you like talking to when you feel low?

#24: Since you were a child, are there any unique cultures that have been maintained in your family?

#25: According to your wisdom so far, what do you think the future of the world is going to be like?

#26: Has there been a time in your life when you encountered God or had faith in any religion?

#27: If you could take one day and spend it any way you’d like, what would you do?

#28: Have you ever fallen for your best friend?

#29: What are you often scared to do but have always managed to get done?

#30: Are there things about your school life you would do anything to change?

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