Best Retirement Wishes For Boss

by Updated on December 18, 2019
Retirement Wishes For Boss

Retirement is more significant than we choose to admit. It represents a part in a person’s life that requires major changes to how they live and operate. Just like in any transition, kind words can help anyone cope with this important phase.

Bosses, in particular, play a big role in our lives, and they are most likely to retire before you. No matter your feelings for your boss, you can offer them these kind words as they prepare to depart the company.

Normal Retirement Wishes For Boss

1: You are hands down the best boss I’ve ever had. You might be leaving, but the impact you had on us will never fade. Retirement is a victory for you! Have a great time ahead.

2: Retirement can be a trying time, no matter how much you prepare for it. I hope that you find as much success in retirement as you’ve found in business.

3: You made many friends during your many years running this business. Don’t hesitate to call for a coffee! Have a great retirement.

4: It’s time take it easy boss. You have worked hard for such a long time and it’s now time for you to relax. No more deadlines, conferences, and endless meetings. It’s time to forget all of that and focus on your happiness.

5: I could always tell that this job gave you joy. You did it whole-heartedly and without compromise. Thankfully for you, retirement tends to have more joy than work. Have a great time boss!

6: You made sure that we never missed deadlines boss, and now your deadline has come. It’s time for you to throw in the towel and relax. Enjoy your retirement.

7: I regret to say this boss, but you have been fired for your exemplary service. You have been invaluable for this company, and it will be tough to see you go. Congrats boss!

8: We might not have been waiting for your retirement, but I am sure your family won’t mind. It’s their time to enjoy your presence. Have a great time in retirement.

9: I can’t believe that it’s your time to go. Nevertheless, you will leave us with many great memories. Adios boss!

10: You always gave this place unbridled joy whenever you were around. You were the boss that everybody longed for. Thank you and good luck in retirement.

11: Retirement can only be defined as bliss. It’s a time to enjoy your hard work without worrying about the work. Have a great retirement boss.

12: Boss you were irreplaceable, but then again retirement time is invaluable. Embrace retirement and you will be irretrievably happy.

Heartfelt Retirement Wishes For Boss

13: You came, you saw, you conquered. Where would this place be without you boss? Have an awesome retirement.

14: I remember vividly how clueless I was when I first arrived here. You recognized my fear and naivety and you guided me through everything I needed to do; even when it wasn’t your duty to do so. You are more than a boss to me. I consider you a friend. Have a great retirement boss.

15: I wouldn’t deny that there are some days I cringed when I saw you. Days when I thought that I would have it easy at work. Ironically, those are same days that I left with the biggest smile on my face. You were something else boss, and I appreciate that. Happy retirement.

16: You were never a fan of putting something off. You wanted everything done at the right time, and you’ve definitely chosen the right time to retire. We will miss you.

17: Your creativity in the office was unmatched boss. You had an uncanny ability to think outside the box that wowed all of us at the office. You were at your best when everyone was looking at you to deliver. You are an idol. Happy retirement.

18: It’s hard to imagine how we will manage without you. You are woven into the fabric of this institution and your absence will be felt. It was an honor working with you. Have a great retirement.

19: I never thought that I would be this emotional because of your retirement. They say that you do not know what you have until you lose it, and I am now beginning to see how big a part you played around here. You will be missed boss.

20: Tales have been told of mean bosses who mistreat their employees. I’m happy to tell you that for us, it always been a tale without truth. Thank you and happy retirement boss.

21: Everyone who has crossed paths with you is a better person. That’s the effect you had on people boss. You made us better. May you find happy times in retirement.

22: Your contribution to this company has no monetary value, and so does the joy you can draw from retirement. Happy retirement boss!

Inspirational Retirement Wishes For Boss

23: Too say that you were tough is the understatement of the century. However, we understand that you always had the best interests of the business and your employees at heart. The lessons you taught will echo in these halls for a long time to come. We will miss you boss!

24: I have never seen a more results oriented person such as you boss. You knew what you wanted and you went for it. That is the mark of a great human being. Have a good time in retirement.

25: The future might seem different now that you are leaving boss, but we know that you will handle retirement like the resourceful person you’ve always been. It will be difficult to leave work, but it might be a good time to work on one of your many talents. Happy retirement boss.

26: Words of inspiration were commonplace every time you were around boss. You always found a way to get the best out of us. I hope that you find that inspiration in your retirement. Have a blessed retirement boss!

27: I remember when you took over our department and sales took off immediately. You had the Midas touch boss. I hope that everything you touch in your retirement turns to gold as well.

28: Congratulations boss! You made it to the end of the line and you won gold. You are a champion boss and we wish you luck in retirement.

29: We will never find a replacement for you boss. You had a unique set of attributes that are so rare to find. Happy days in retirement!

30: You grew this company to where it is today, and it’s now time for personal growth. Happy retirement!

31: Ironically, we usually retire at an advanced age to pursue childhood dreams. It’s time for you to chase those dreams boss!

32: If I had a say in it, I would let you leave. However, I understand that you need time for you. Happy retirement boss!

33: You will more than likely miss this place, but I encourage you not to return boss. Give quality time to yourself and your loved ones, and you will soon forget the job. Happy retirement!

Funny Retirement Wishes For Boss

34: I bet you feel good that the early mornings and late evenings are behind you. I doubt that your work ethic will retire as you retire. You were an inspiration and we will miss you immensely.

35: We always wondered whether the latte you took every morning was the reason why you never seemed to tire. You were like the proverbial stallion that never tires. You will always be a favorite here and we wish you a great time in retirement.

36: Was there anything that you couldn’t do around here? I never saw you struggle at anything boss. All of us wish that we could be as multi-purpose as you are, but alas! We can’t all be superman. Have a great time as you retire.

37: I’m sitting here wondering what your new daily outfit will be. I’m thinking a polo shirt and khaki shorts! Have a great retirement boss.

38: I would really love to know how you made everybody like you boss. You were a real people person and you made everyone smile. Have a great retirement boss.

39: I’m thinking you chose this retirement date just to mess with me. Could you effect that raise before you leave? Haha! Happy retirement boss.

40: No matter how far your travels take you or whoever takes your position, you will always be the boss. Happy retirement boss!

41: Happy retirement boss. How about you recommend me for your position. You are irreplaceable, but I could use the raise.

42: Remember that one office party boss. I never though that you were one to let loose like that. Retirement will offer you the chance to let loose for as long as you want. Have fun in your retirement boss!

43: If you were awaiting confirmation boss, I can tell you that you are officially old. However, I’ve never seen such youthful enthusiasm in a person so experienced. Have a great time in retirement.

44: I always loved how you would note every penny that was out of place in the company’s financial records. It will much harder tracking your spending in retirement. Enjoy yourself while at it!

45: It’s our time to rule now that you are leaving boss. However, I don’t think we will ever get over the feeling that you are watching. I hope you are never tempted to return though. Have a super retirement.

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