Don’t miss the moments where love finds an opportunity to blossom. Exciting messages duly timed to express your deepest affections might just be the perfect mood setter. Whether you have planned an evening out or you just want to keep the love sparks alive, then you should send romantic messages to them. A lot of times, we assume that those we love understand how much they mean to us.

This assumption could be the total undoing of your relationship. Romantic heart touching love messages are important rituals that help you show that cupid side of you. Check this collection of messages for some inspiration:

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messagesss

1: You are my clear blue sky, my endless fantasy. This is why as every moment passes all I can think about is how wide, matchless and beautiful your love is.

2: I’d want to wake up everyday to the tip of your fingers tracing heart shapes on my skin.

3: Our love is deeper than skin is so don’t hesitate to put your mark of love on me.

4: Moments pass and the ticking clock tells me how little time we have to share all these exciting emotions that I have for you. So kiss my lips my love.

5: The world is ever ready to crush this love that’s budding between us. Still, you have always fought to keep these flames alive and that alone warms me up on the inside. I love you.

6: Be my candle light for romantic dinners. Be my burning fireplace for cold nights.

7: I want you to know that the fire you bring is the kind that shields me from the cold world. I love you.

8: You are a consuming love. A reckless and powerful expression of humanity and desires have always marked our relationship and I never want to lose that.

9: Love me like you have never loved another. Take me like I am the only one meant for you.

10: I am not willing to share this sacred worship that is the kisses we exchange.

11: I have stopped comparing the day we met with the days we have share because as magnificent as it was meeting you, knowing you has been even more consuming. I love you.

12: Whisper in my ears the desires you have. Your every thought has become a driving force like the waves of the ocean and I cannot stop getting wet in this river of love.

13: Your love is unmatched by anyone that has ever loved me. This makes me feel safe and I just don’t know how to express all that you make me feel around you my love.

14: Like a butterfly, your love flutters into my heart and finds a resting place. Like a Lion, your desires dominate the twists and turns of my innermost being. I love you!

15: You love is like melting cheese on my taste buds, it is soothing like the flow of milk and honey and I am overwhelmed by the sweet taste of your affection.

16: I love the sound of your voice when you tell me how much of a treasure our love is to you. I can never get enough of this love story as it continues to unfold so tell me more my love.

17: Our love will overflow these banks and drown all the dark memories of unrequited love. I have finally found in you a resting place and I will be yours too.

Romantic Heart Touching Love Messages

18: I want to wake you up to the scent of roses, a platter of steaming breakfast and an orchestra of angelic voices because you are all of this and more to me.

19: My love for you is as powerful as the force of a thousand tsunamis. I’d move earth and oceans just to be with you because you have made my life beautiful. I love you.

20: Everyday I pray that your smile would continue to brighten your day and shine like the brightness of the stars. You are my illumination and I love you always.

21: Teach me to care for you as you do for me. Your love is superseding that I am unable to outrun this great affection that you give so freely.

22: I used to think that being blind was a thing of the eyes but now I realize that I have been blind to see how much your love has transformed me and made me a better person. I love you.

23: I’d want our children to watch us share hugs, kisses and our deepest secrets whispered over dinner and lunch and every meal we ever take must be a bond of eternal communion.

24: I have always wanted to tell a story of love but never could find the right characters to fit until I met you. Now you’ll be my knight in shining armour. A complete love story!

25: When I think of how much sunlight you bring to my life, I feel like a flower and the growth that comes with photosynthesis. You are a chemical reaction and a physical manifestation of love.

26: I never understood the power of love till I met you and your twinkling eyes. You came into my life all bubbly and full of adventure, now I can’t get enough of you!

27: I have never been happier than I am when you come close to me and whisper sweet words into my ears. You make me feel like something really special and I can’t get used to this love!

28: I have found an angel without a doubt and this makes me wonder how this extraterrestrial being found me and came to be part of my whole life.

29: The love we share is nothing short of supernatural.

Heart Touching Love Messages

30: Your beating heart sounds like the voice of many angels singing a chorus meant for kings and queens.

31: I have found something precious and beyond compare, a gem that can never be replaced. Your love is like fine ointment with the scent of rose bushes.

32: I have never seen the inside of your heart but your love shines through your eyes and it’s accompanied by your sweet reassuring voice so I have no doubts.


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