Romantic Love Notes for Her

by Updated on May 25, 2019

Men struggle with words a lot of times. This makes it difficult to make our women see that they are loved and cherished beyond anything else. They think sometimes that they have to compete with your work, your buddies and even some female friends. Your job as a man is to make your woman feel like a queen every hour of the day. Sending her a steady flow of love notes could trigger a lot of powerful emotions that would keep your woman confident about her place in your life.

It doesn’t have to be a struggle to make your woman happy. In fact, with just the right words, you can make her feel loved and cherished all day and all year round. You might not know how to say what you feel exactly. No worries, here are a few love notes to get you started. 

Romantic Love Notes for Her

1: You amaze me with the things you do sweetheart, and no girl has ever loved me like you do. 

2: The moment I saw you, I just knew it. I realized you are all that I have been searching for all of my life.

3: When I think about the day we just met girl, you literally gate crashed into my life at a time I didn’t expect that I could find love.

4: I have thought of all the ways to tell you how beautiful, smart and intelligent you are, but all I can say is that I love you inside out.

5: My love for you is like a seed that sprouts in every patch of earth. No matter where I find myself your love and beauty surrounds me. 

6: Having a woman like you in my life has made me realize how fortunate I am. How can I let you realize the extent of love you have brought into my life?

7: You are the most amazing expression of love I have ever encountered. Every time you wake up by my side, I realize that you are the only woman I have ever truly loved this much.

8: In all that I have seen you do, I see your sacrifices for me and I wonder why such a gorgeous angel like you would love someone like me. I love you so much.

9: Don’t ever for a minute think that I don’t see all the love and affection you shower on me. I know love when I see it and you are the best image of love I have ever seen.

10: I believe in miracles and loving you is one of those miracles that has become a huge part of my life. Thank you for being the love of my life. 

11: I have waking thoughts about you; how sweet, kind, loving and affectionate you are to me. You are just a perfect lover and friend.

12: I have seen a lot of people search their entire lives for love that doesn’t last so when I tell you how satisfying your love is, you have to believe me. 

13: There are a lot of women in the world and a lot of ways to love but none matches the way you love me, it’s pure and unchanging.

Romantic Love Notes for Her
Image Credit: TheTalka

14: You are exactly all I have ever desired in a woman and I know that you are the best choice of a life partner, I love you so much beautiful!

15: If I was asked what I wanted most in the world, I would say that crowning you queen of my life is all that I desire because you truly rule my heart.

16: I have waited for a long time to meet the perfect woman but you have exceeded my expectation by being the imperfect woman that loves me perfectly. 

17: I have never seen someone who loves as flawlessly as you do. You must be a gift from the heavens to a lonely heart like mind.

18: Loving you is one of the best decisions I have made because you make it seem too simple to find love and I do not take this for granted. 

19: In a world where love is scarcely genuine and true, I have found in you a woman that loves with every atom of her being and all of her soul. 

20: When your eyes open up to a new day, I want to be the first person you see and I want to let you know how much your love has changed my life. 

21: Since you walked into my life, you have grown to become an integral part of all that I do and this makes me realize how much I am inlove with you.

22: Don’t you ever forget the days we have shared and the nights we have slept in each other’s arms while our love flowed unrestrained. 

23: My heart has always yearned for a person to love and has failed several times until I met you and our hearts connected so effortlessly. 

24: You are such a blessing to me and I cannot thank you enough for allowing yourself to love me the way you do, thank you my queen.

25: Ever since we met, something has changed about me and I am sure it’s because now i know how much you love me.

26: We are meant for each other and this is something that assures me how perfectly nature hatched the plans for me to meet you my queen.

27: I have searched all over looking for that true love that overwhelms and there you are, the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. I love you. 

Romantic Love Notes for Her
Image Credit: TheTalka

28: I want to pass every minute and every second by your side. Your love is a lifetime experience and I don’t want to miss out on any part of this. 

29: Holding your hands gives me so much confidence and adds a bounce to my strides because no other woman makes me feel so much happiness my love!

30: Let’s talk about love and kisses and rainbows because your affection has added all these colours into my life and I cant get enough of it all. 

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