Romantic Pick Up Lines For Him And Her

by Updated on August 20, 2019

Pick up lines are conversation starters which do wonders in catching the interest of that someone you fancy. They rule the world of romance; they have been known to make ladies blush uncontrollably, and guys dangerously hooked. On that note, we have compiled the following romantic pick up lines for you to get the dice rolling. Good luck!

Romantic Pick Up Lines For Him And Her

Romantic Pick Up Lines For Him

1: I tried to avoid falling into the pit ahead of me but ended up falling in love with you.

2: You keep popping up in my mind just like a phone notification.

3: I don’t know how to make you understand that I like you because your attitude is simpler than Math, yet profoundly sophisticated like Quantum Physics.

4: You are sweet, as sweet as something divine. I hope you weren’t an angel in your past life.

5: All along, I have admired you from afar. If you were a pair of designer’s shoes, I would have taken you home a long time ago.

6: The moment I saw you, the question I had been carrying along with me disappeared, and in its place, an answer. Just ask me out, and I will give you the answer.

7: You are as cool as the breeze that blows on a sunny day; you are a phenomenal respite to a burning heart.

8: I have little need for a wristwatch whenever I am with you because time stands at a still without making any movement.

9: Can you lend me your heart? I promise to return it once you become mine.

10: I crave your indulgence to feast on your body until there’s nothing left on the table. I will eat you clean.

11: I have a lot of things to say to you. But first, will you mind if I just look at you and don’t say anything at all?

12: A picture worth a thousand words. A thousand words cannot paint a picture of you. You are that expensive.

13: I have come to believe that it is easy to say hello to a charming man than to get a charming man to say hello. I hope that won’t be my story with you.

14: Can you answer to my heart’s call? It has been waiting a long time for you to pick up.

15: We met under extraordinary circumstances which yielded ordinary results that have extras added to them. Smile if you understand.

16: I do know that you are as fantastic as Fanta, without being cocky as a cokehead. You yield compassionately like Mountain Dew, and your loving has got me hooked like Diet Coke.

17: I want to fly everywhere with you. Who wouldn’t want to, when your presence alone sends butterflies into my stomach?

18: You shine as bright as the guiding star. Can I contract you as my guardian angel?

19: You are the only reason my head still encourages my heart to give love a chance.

20: I am endeared to name-calling, but will never call you names.

21: I try to keep my thoughts neatly filed in my mind, but each time you appear, your warm smiles scatter them into corners I never knew existed.

22: To me, you’re like a cosy bath after a stressful day; I can’t do without you.

23: I fell head over heels in love with you the other day you hugged me. Maybe I have to wear a helmet and flats anytime we have a date.

24: The touch of your hand acts like software that has been programmed to get my senses running haywire.

25: I am a prisoner of love; I surrender to you. It is up to you to do with me as you want.

26: Have you ever thought of taking up a job as a gymnast coach? My heart juggles anytime I set my eyes on you.

27: When I thought that I was almost drowned in the sea of confusion, your love came to keep my heart afloat like a lifeboat.

28: There is never a dull moment with you. Did you intern as a baby in a nightclub?

29: No matter how many times I shuffle you in my heart, you always stand out as the constant variable in all my life’s equations.

30: The assurance of your love fits my specification. Thank you for giving me the exact quality I asked for.

31: Have you, by any chance, asked your mom how you came about? Did she in any way, tell you that you fell into her hands from heaven?

32: If you were a handbag, I would stuff only expensive things in you because you are a treasure to me.

33: If you were a salad, I would have eaten you with the best of dressings because someone as good as you deserves a healthy treatment.

34: I had wished to spend forever with you, but eternity seems to offer a better package.

Romantic Pick Up Lines For Her

35: It is awesome to know that there are still angels in human form walking the face of the earth. Did God give you any special message for me?

36: It is impossible to lose the memories I have of you. They are doubly secured in the cloud storage system of my heart.

37: You are a skilful burglar. Just one twist of the doorknob of my heart and I have already lost my wits to you.

38: The good news is that there is no better place to be than with the person my heart finds to be the best ever.

39: Oh my, your eyes sparkle like diamonds! What will be the cost of blessing me with a few of your stares?

40: It is hard to believe that I am in a conversation with you. Even the rehearsals before the mirror hasn’t prepared me to handle your humility.

41: You are as refreshing to me as the raindrops are to the sun-beaten desert.

42: I want to be the tune your heart plays, the passion that keeps you awake in the night, and the strength that protects you in weakness.

43: I wasn’t trained a photographer, but I have the perfect shot of your face saved in my heart.

44: I bet you, if you were to contest for the Miss World crown, your beauty would turn righteous judges into sinners.

45: You are good at being irresistible. I want to learn some. Can I sign up free for a one month course?

46: If you were a cookbook, I would never run out of a variety of delicacies to enjoy.

47: If you were a chocolate, you would have been the black chocolate that makes the heart healthy.

48: It appears you lost your way, because your kind dwell in the celestial.

49: Don’t worry about me. As long as I have you by my side, I am free to take the world by a storm.

50: If you were an oven, I would make bakers envious with my well-baked cakes.

51: Even if crying becomes illegal, I would go to prison for crying out of missing you.

52: It feels good to fall, only because it takes falling to be in love with you.

53: You are my daily dose of multivitamins. With you, I can’t be sick.

54: Do you think it’s possible for a human like me to date you? The last I heard, angels are still spirits.

55: If you were a Thanksgiving turkey, there will be no left over of you. Not even a piece of bone.

56: I want to be with you forever. I have already made the arrangements with God.

57: If you were a waterbody, you would have been one of the best hot springs in the world.

58: Your lips are calling on me. Should I answer them?

59: You are as fresh as the bread baked today. I want some bites.

60: I don’t know how you manage to move about without setting people on fire because you are too hot.

61: You are sizzling hot as chilli pepper, yet as comported as pheasant served to the Royals.

62: I can be too selective when it comes with who I roll with. First off, they should have a name that sounds as sweet as yours. See why you made the list?

63: If you were a fruit, you would be as curvy as the banana.

64: I want to be your driver, to drive you crazy all day.

65: I want to be your bank where all your secrets are safe with me.

66: Can I be your fashion designer? Your body deserves to be celebrated by all and sundry.

67: Whoever that has made you cry is fit to be an onion butcher all the days of his life.

68: If you were a class of food, you would have been protein, to repair the damaged structure of my heart.

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