Romantic Poems About Love For Her

by Updated on August 13, 2018

Love is certainly a beautiful thing, it’s an expression that can’t be hidden. When love comes into your life, it takes ground and over shadow every other feelings. You tend to forgive easily and care massively for the heart chosen person. Love is what make the strongest weak and makes the softest strong, depending on how it comes your way.

Sometimes we fall deeply in love that we tend to over look the bad sides of our partner and we might feel stupid for falling in love but the feelings called love, is a strong bond that can’t be overlooked easily. We all fall in love at some point In life.

How can you make her feel you are deeply down for her and stuck in her flourishing love, true love is something that is not easy to express and mostly, girls want to hear you say you love them and want them in not just a causal way but rather in an Exceptional way.

Don’t go out of your way, you can just drop a love poem on her cell phone. I will be dropping few poems that you can send to your girl lover.

  • Bright like the morning star,
    Fresh like a flower,
    Sweet like honey,
    Smooth like an ocean,
    Sparks like a romantic feeling,
    My love for you is more beautiful.


  • As bright as the sun shines,
    My love took a deeper turn,
    A bolder step,
    And a brighter fragrant.
    My love for you is the sweetest.


  • My love, I’m here Thinking about;
    the word love,
    It’s like a dream that can’t be achieved,
    You came into my world;
    and changed the whole idea of love
    and now I feel;
    love is the sweetest,
    Love is pure,
    Love is true,
    Love is holy,
    Love is selfless,
    I love you.


  • Your kisses are fantasy,
    Your smile are the brightest,
    Your voice sound like a melody,
    Your soft lips are dream come true,
    And your heart is my greatest life gift ,
    I love you forever more.
Your kisses are fantasy
Your kisses are fantasy


  • What’s a heart without a beat?
    What’s a star without the night ?
    What’s a sun without a day?
    What’s a King without a crown?
    And what’s the world without Human?
    What’s me without you?
    I am deeply engross with you
    I love you.


  • Love is blind,
    Love is naive,
    Love can be demanding,
    Love can be selective,
    Love sometimes hurts,
    And love sometimes heal,
    But with you by my side;
    everything about love feels good,
    I am happy I found you.


  • Your beauty is captivating,
    Your smile is the brightest,
    Your beautiful eyes is lovely,
    Your teeth are the whitest,
    But your heart is the purest,
    I just can’t stop loving you,
    You are my queen now and forever.
Romantic Poems About Love For Her
Romantic Poems About Love For Her

Creative Poems About Love For Her

  • I wish my night can be filled with your smile
    My day can be filled with your shining light
    My noon can be spent beside you
    My whole world has revolve around you
    I’m incomplete without your love
    I love you Sweetheart.


  • Just like the star light up the night,
    You light up my world.
    Just like yesterday you came into my world,
    And now my life is filled with you astonishing;
    You captivated my soul,
    And now I can’t live without you,
    I’m deeply engross with you,
    I love you.


  • Love is magical,
    Love is spiritual,
    Love is what bond two together,
    I’m deeply happy to be bonded,
    With you forever,
    One life time is too short
    I deeply care My Queen.
love is magical
love is magical


  • I see perfections in you: coz,
    You are the most sophisticated,
    You are the prettiest,
    You are the most gorgeous,
    You are the sweetest,
    And you’re mine
    And forever won’t change a thing.
    I love you deeply.


  • Darling, If i come into this world again,
    I will choose you over again,
    I can’t imagine myself;
    With another.
    You are the only one for me,
    Even in the world beyond,
    I will Love you forever.


  • If I’m to live again,
    I want to live with you,
    If i conquer the world,
    I want it to be beside you,
    You are my power;
    When I am weak.
    Your smile and soft looks;
    Makes me want to win every battle,
    With you by my side I am victorious,
    I love you.


  • If I am a King,
    You are my queen.
    If I am successful,
    You are my success story.
    If I am victorious,
    You are my encouragement.
    I can’t imagine myself without you
    You remain my biggest motivation.
    I care.

Sweet love Poems For Her

  • My dream are not complete;
    without you in it,
    My future seem baseless;
    without you in it,
    My today seem worthless;
    if you not here,
    How could I imagine my tomorrow;
    without you in it?
    It seems worthless
    I love you.


  • I must have been a great son,
    I must have served God in a brighter way,
    I must have met some people needs,
    For God to have made you mine.
    I feel so blessed,
    I feel favored,
    I feel chosen out of thousand,
    You made me the luckiest person;
    by being mine,
    And mine alone.


  • Don’t look too far,
    Worry less,
    Be happy,
    Be at ease,
    I am here to fight your biggest life battles ,
    With you I feel like a mighty Man,
    I am deeply engross with your love.


  • When ever I’m beside you,
    The light stops shining,
    The moon is on hold,
    My breath stops,
    The clock stop clicking,
    The whole world seem on hold,
    Each time I set my eyes on you,
    I love you My Queen.


  • Even when am old
    You will be my princess
    And I would hold;
    Onto your presence
    When your teeth are all soft,
    You will be my lovely queen,
    Time can’t change what I feel for you,
    I want to get old just beside you,
    With a renewed and stronger love.
    I care.


  • My wishes for our love,
    Is to be strong forever,
    To past the test of time and might,
    To give us hope in the darkest night,
    To make every moment worth living,
    To make the stars and moon,
    Jealous of our fondness,
    These is how I want to be till forever,
    I love you.

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