30 Rose Quotes That Reminds You Of The Significance Of Roses

by Updated on October 9, 2018

What do you know about Roses? Asides the thorns and the colours? We all love Roses because they represent something pristine and lovely. It talks about love, innocence and strength of character. Different Roses for different occasions but a Rose is a Rose is a Rose! It’s simply enough to have someone who cares enough to think about you while getting a flower pot.

A Rose at the right moment gives you much to desire and reflect on. A lot of shared affection is packed in the gift of a Rose and this is why we find these quotes about Roses quite exciting to share with you.

Here’s a list of Rose quotes that reminds you of the significance of Roses:

#1: Red Roses are the symbols you need when your heart beat erratic tones, and you don’t know how to express all you feel to the one you love.

#2: The most powerful description of life is how the once glowing Rose petal eventually loses it’s luster, fades away and falls to the ground. Nothing in life is permanent.

#3: If Love was a Rose bush, the thorns are the basis on which selection is made of those who really deserve the affection which we all eagerly seek.

#4: Love is not for everyone, it’s an exclusive club where only those who can endure the thorns on the Rose have a pass.

#5: The same stem that feeds the Rose petals feeds the thorns, and so feeding your affection opens up a well that could nurture deep hurt and pain.

#6: If you’ve ever thought of a Blue Rose and how rare it is, you would understand that there’s some kind of beauty that would only forever in our dreams.

#7: Everyone likes to see the Roses and smell the beautiful fragrance but only few want to see the torn hands that braved the thorns.

Rose Quotes With Images

#8: Roses are not only for birthdays and special occasions, because sometimes all you need is to just take some bit of heaven and share it with the ones you love.
Roses are not only for birthdays

#9: Just as Roses come with thorns, so will every beautiful experience you seek come with it’s arsenal of troubles so be prepared to fight for what you want.
Roses come with thorns

#10: Understand that thorns like everything that protects you are likely to hurt those who try to reach you, so make sure that your petals are alive and full like the Rose. Then, it would have been worth the pain.
rose quotes

#11: The fact of life is that pain and pleasure reside just side by side. Just like the Roses and the thorns, you cannot have one without the other.
Roses and the thorns quote

#12: Do what you must to make people happy but remember that the time would come when all that would be left of the Rose are wilting petals and thorns.
Rose are wilting petals and thorns quote

#13: If you ain’t ready for the pain then don’t seek the pleasure, Roses come with thorns and thorns draw blood.
Roses come with thorns and thorns draw blood.

#14: What makes you remember that she would love a Rose is because of this brand that has accompanied years of love and romance, that the perfect gift is one that involves sacrifice.
love a Rose quote

#15: Roses are red so is the colour of blood and the symbol of the lover’s deepest feelings, and so we must find you there when the romance turns to tears and blood.
romance turns to tears and blood

#16: Don’t be fooled by the beautiful petals of the Rose, it’s just a subtle hint of all that’s to come including the thorns that are just around the corner.
fooled by the beautiful petals of the Rose

#17: Love is a subtle art and it must never be rushed, that would be like trying to pluck a Rose flower in a hurry without taking notice of all the thorns standing guard.
Love is a subtle art

#18: Sometimes you need gloves because the Rose petals are just as delicate as the thorns are bitter, so handle with care.
thorns are bitter quote

#19: Dead Roses still have their thorns, so remember that even when all the romance ends, there might still be a truckload of pain to bear.
Dead Roses quote

#20: Be a Rose, don’t be so turned on by the pleasure that you forget the pains.
Be a Rose quote

#21: Precious things are not always found in the simplest of circumstances. Like a Rose, they might even be wrapped in thorns.
Like a Rose, they might even be wrapped in thorns.

#22: A lot of people expect that love would be a walk in the park, a Rose without thorns, a pleasure ride with no pain attached. They get disappointed always.
a Rose without thorns

#23: The freedom to choose is instilled by the thorns on the Rose, because now you know it’s not free for all yet you made your own decision to accept beauty and pain.
thorns on the Rose

#24: No one forces you to get a Rose and you do this in spite of the thorns, so why grumble when the object of your affection begins to bring you discomfort?
get a Rose quote

#25: The most powerful desires are wrapped in painful experiences, and our most beautiful relationships are those with the ones who make us cry the most just like Roses and thorns.
cry the most just like Roses and thorns.

#26: If Roses stood for what people make us feel, then the petals would be the candlelight dinners with beautiful music while the thorns are the moments when we actually wake up from the fairy tale.
If Roses stood for what people make us feel

#27: The greatest reality is that no matter the colour of the Rose petals, thorns don’t change colours and this is exactly how constant trouble is with the ones we love.
rose quote

#28: And as is with the White Roses you are able to see the purity they represent even when they have thorns to show for it. You know there’s some kind of innocence worth protecting.
White Roses you are able to see the purity

#29: Every kind of virtue is hidden behind thorny experiences like the white, red, and yellow Roses of innocence, love and respect.
rose love and respect quote

#30: Just as the scent and beauty of Roses are not for the faint of heart then you must always do what you believe in even if it would cost you your comfort.
beauty of Roses are not for the faint of heart
When next you are going out of your way to get a Rose, you should understand how important this gesture is. It’s definitely going to leave the recipient feeling loved and appreciated.

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