Sweet Love Text Messages for Him

by Updated on July 24, 2018

Men are strong. A lot of women recognize this but is that all that makes a man? I am pretty sure you think your man does not need mushy moments, candlelight and romantic gestures. That’s where a lot of women are getting it wrong.

In fact a lot of people say men just need food and sex. This is not only a misconception, it would make you lose your man to a woman who knows how to make him feel loved.

Words are a powerful way to show your man that you really care about him. A lot of men may be shy about it, some may even pretend like they don’t like sweet romantic words. This is not true, don’t be deceived by the masculine pretence.

Behind that hard exterior, your man has a soft heart beating with human blood. There’s no one who doesn’t like romantic messages.

You can resolve arguments with just a simple text message. The right message could be the perfect gift on a special day. There is so much good you can do for your relationship by a simple text.

Do you think you don’t know what to say? Maybe you’ve struggled to tell your man how you feel. We have compiled 41 cupid certified romantic messages that would get your man’s heart racing with excitement. Here they are:

Sweet Love Text Messages for Him

#1: Every dream I have about you seems so real. Now I know you have become a part of my life even when I am asleep. You are always on my mind.

every dream i have about you seems so real

#2: Behind your macho stature, there’s a cuteness that spills over in the way you care and fuss over me. Don’t ever stop.

#3: After a while I started to doubt if you were real or just a dream. All men have virtues but you are the King of the pack, strong and loving me to bits. Every passing moment with you is a memory to cherish.

#4: For listening to me, giving me your most precious gift of time, thanks. I find comfort in your silence, encouragement in your words and peace in your embrace. You are true love and I’m happy I found you.

#5: I found you, not because you were lost but because I was lost. You are the anchor I needed just when I was about turning back, you reached out. You saved me. If only with kisses I could crown you king, then my lips would worship you all day. I love you always.

#6: I hate it when you leave, it feels like an eternity even when you are just in the other room.

#7: I need you so much that it hurts to say goodbye. I only want to say hello and hug you. Leaving you for a moment is like the worst thing that could happen. But I am always happy knowing you’ll always be mine.

#8: I want to plan now and forever with you. This love we share is enough for a lifetime. On my own, I can’t last a day. But with you, I would take on every new day like a Queen whose King is bae!

#9: If I was asked what is my favourite drink, I would mention your name. You quench my thirst. I love you.

#10: I won’t pay you mindless compliments. I won’t flatter you just to make you feel good. Every time I tell you how much you mean, believe me. That’s exactly what you are.

#11: I have experienced loneliness, until I met you. Then I realized I was just missing someone I had never met. You fit into every space and crack in my heart, you’ve filled me up with your kindness. Even when I feel alone, now I just have to think about you.

#12: I would be glad to grow old with one person, you. I have no use for crowd and noise, you are more than enough for this ride. While we think about the many children I will have with you, I will never forget how being alone with you makes me feel.

#13: I would sleep but every time I shut these eyes, they keep taking me on a journey. Showing me where we first met, playing me the song you love the most. The way you smile at me, I wonder if I would wake from this dream and find you were unreal. I know you are mine so I will rest.

#14: I’d kiss you with all my heart. I’d hold your hands with all my trust. I’d be by your side with all I have. I’m giving my all to what we have. I’m not holding back.

#15: You make me feel complete, I’m ready to say my vows before God and man, that I’ll forever love you. There’s no rush because I know we are on this journey together, you’ll be mine and I will be yours, to keep forever. I love you.

#16: I’ve always felt that love was an emotion you feel or something that happens in your mind. Until I met you. Love walked into my life, it has your voice, your smell and it holds me the way you do. Love is a person, it’s you.

#17: Thanks for accepting me as I am and as a reflection of how much more I can be. Thanks for bringing out a better me. You make me feel like no one could make you happier than I do.

#18: If there were a way to command birds, I will ask them to sing you a love song every morning. Every time you cross my mind, there’s a beautiful tune playing and I can’t but dance for joy. You are my melody, my only fantasy, you make my life better than a symphony. I want you and need you.

#19: If you were a country, i’d travel the length and breath of it. I’d search from mountain to valley, just to find your earth and build a home in it. If you were an Island, I would navigate the most treacherous seas to find you.

#20: Your smile reminds me of everything beautiful. Like the Sun that shines the moon at night, you are my constellation. If my world were a galaxy, you would be the only star in it. Thinking of you, I realize how much of a wonder you are, I love you to the moon and back!

#21: If I ever have to spend a day without you, let it be the day I join the stars. For each moment I am still breathing, I want to do each day by your side.

#22: If you’ve ever been heartbroken, I will mend your heart. If by some chance, you’ve met with women who have made you regret falling in love. I will take your wounds and cover them with all the love I have stored up. I’ll always be home for your heart, your place of rest.

#23: In my definition of men and masculinity, your name is all that appears. You have shown me that a man can be everything a woman wants and more. Your Charisma is as loud as your heart is gentle. Without you, my life is on a rollercoaster ride, you saved me. Love like yours is rare.

#24: If I was asked what is my favourite drink, I would mention your name. You quench my thirst. I love you.

#25: Just when I thought life could never be better, you came and proved me wrong. You are that addition that makes my life seem like a party. You make me cherish everyday like I have never lived before.

#26: In such a short time I have come to know you. Nothing in this life could replace you in my life. You have shown me how much you deserve a permanent place in my heart and I can no longer hide how I feel for you.

#27: Kiss me with your words, tell me again that we are always meant to be. I know that you love me but I want you to say it over and over again.

#28: Let’s talk about love, let’s wake up in each other’s arms. Let’s shut out the world and just stay awake sharing all our hopes and dreams. Let my heartbeat become united with yours, we were made for one another. It’s clear as daylight that you are my soulmate.

#29: Like the taste of pure honey, you are pure and sweet. A gentleman like no other, you treat me like a queen. You are my prince charming. You make my heart beat like a marching band. I know now that I could never stop loving you even if I tried.

#30: Love is a beautiful thing. What we have is beautiful and that’s why I know it’s love.

Love is a beautiful thing

#31: Love is magical and you are all the magic I want to see. I have seen the power of love, it’s there in your eyes. Your looks light up my world no matter how dark the days have been. What magic surpasses the love you shower on me. I can’t but keep on loving you.

#32: Roses are red, you are more than the red in the roses. When I think of flower gardens and the serene nature, your face is what I see. You have been my joy, my happiness, my peace. If ever my life needed colour and flowers, your presence in it is just enough. I love you.

#33: Since I met you, it’s been many days of sunshine. The rainy days don’t feel so horrible anymore. Now I have someone who holds me like he’s too scared to let go. I love you.

Long Romantic Love Text Messages for Boyfriend

#34: Stars shine but none compares to how you light up my life. Like the shooting star, you have brought me nothing but good fortune. You are my fortune cookie, my genie in a lamp, the reason I can take on the world without. Every new day is another opportunity for me to let you know how much you mean to me.

#35: The taste of your lips on mine cannot compare to the language your heart speaks. You have given me peace. You have stolen my heart, King of my life. You make the world seem like a tiny ship adrift at sea. You be the captain, I will be the passenger. I trust you with my life.

#36: There’s so much I want to say to you that my heart cannot contain. If my heart was a book, every page would be filled with your name, your virtue, your autograph. This story is what I would read to our children, about the man who swept me off my feet and made me the apple of his eye.

#37: Your love is like an echo. You have shown me that love can travel the farthest distance. Like sound, nothing can separate me from you. I love you.

#38: This wasn’t how I planned to fall in love. I didn’t even have time to plan. You captured my heart before I could resist. You made me fall in love just the perfect way. No other way would have been better, this is just perfect.

#39: Two sides of a coin, my heart and yours. Our times apart feel like the I would not breath till I see you. You are my air, the one person that makes heart beat like the rhyme of the beautiful orchestra. I would give the world to be near you every day, I love you.

#40: You are breathtaking handsome, arresting all my attention. I look back at the first time our paths crossed, your eyes and mine, the moment we locked gazes, I knew you were special. Now I can’t wait to breath you in, everyday. You give me reasons to be alive, to live, to love and be loved.

#41: Your name is written on my heart. People think I am going to get tired of this love but every day this flood of emotions continues to grow stronger. I would gladly drown in this river of love.

Sweet Love Text Messages for Him

There you have it. Top of the line exquisitely composed love messages that would leave him breathless. We hope you find and keep true love.

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