Most people don’t know what to say to their bereaved friends. It’s usually moments filled with sighs and awkward silence. You cannot look them in the face and sometimes even end up totally avoid grieving people.

Imagine how many friends you could have helped if you just knew what to say to them. Disappearing in their time of need is also not an option, they would definitely appreciate some kind words. In case you struggle with the right words.

Here is a collection of quotes to help you reach out to your grieving friends or family members:

#1: In this tragic moment, I hope you remember all the joyous moments you have had with family and let these memories be the consolation you need in the dark times.

In this tragic moment

#2: Losing people we love could be a lot of pain, bitterness and we could even lash out at the world. We must however remember to let light in, to leave space for those who will try to help.

Losing people we love could be a lot of pain

#3: Pain could be so blinding that you lose sight of all the love that is within your reach. Times of sorrow are the moments you need to allow yourself to be loved, to be cared for.

Pain could be so blinding condolence quote

#4: Don’t try to be strong, it’s perfectly okay to just sleep in, roll under your blanket and shed tears. Death is not a fleeting disappointment that should be shoved aside, you will heal eventually.

Death is not a fleeting disappointment Condolence Quote

#5: Sad news is one of the toughest things to handle, at first you think you know what to do then you suddenly can’t feel your face. Take a breather, give yourself some time to catch your breath.

Sad news is one of the toughest things Condolence Quote

#6: I know you are still wondering if you will be able to live through this tragedy but I also hope you keep looking out for the silver lining. It’s not easy to lose the ones we love, it’s harder to let go and live again.

it’s harder to let go and live again.

#7: Crying will surely not bring them back but it would help you through the grief because you can never truly forget the ones you love. You can however cry yourself back to joy.

Crying will surely not bring them back Condolence Quote

#8: Don’t let go of the memories, death is not the end of your happiness. You can still take so much pleasure in the memories you made with them while they were alive.

death is not the end of your happiness

Sympathy & Condolence Quotes for Loss

#9: In times of great loss comes the test of our true strength, now you know how strong you can be, now you know how much pain you can bear. You are certain that troubling times don’t last.

In times of great loss

#10: It’s not only them that dies, every moment you spend regretting and feeling sorry for yourself, you give in to the loss you have experienced. You become out of reach and that’s additional loss.

It’s not only them that dies

#11: There’s a coffin, there’s the grave, there’s the body and your tears capture every moment. Crying is not just because you would miss them, it’s a part of you letting out all the pain of loss.

There’s a coffin, there’s the graveThere’s a coffin, there’s the grave

#12: Never feel ashamed that you spend the whole day in tears, you can be strong only after you have felt the pain inside your heart. Death feels like a stab wound in your heart.

Death feels like a stab wound in your heart.

#13: It’s sad news to know that you are experiencing such hard times, the loss you feel would be best filled when you remember that your happiness is all that should matter right now.

It’s sad news Condolence Quote

#14: In times like this you should hold on firmly to faith and hope, it might look like you have lost more than you can bear but you are stronger than this pain you feel.

firmly to faith and hope

#15: Dark days seem like they never end, but they are just like any other day. The clouds will clear up, you will find reasons to cheer up, the birds will sing again, so hold on.

Dark days seem like they never end

#16: Beneath that cloak of sorrow is a shining garment of strength and renewed appreciation for life. You just have to wait long enough for the top layer to wear out so you can rise again.

Beneath that cloak of sorrow

Heartfelt Condolence Quotes

#17: Pain is sometimes so overwhelming, you are wondering if you will ever be happy again, if this deep unrelenting sense of loss will ever go away. Time is medicine for all ailments even the ones we can’t see.

#18: You might be wondering why they had to go, you want them back with you and this is very understandable. Be willing to stand back while they continue on this new journey after life.

#19: It’s painful to part ways with someone who has journeyed with you all the way, someone who has been a part of you. Take this as a temporary separation, there’s a place up ahead where the roads meet again.

#20: Death is most times unexpected, some times devastatingly so. This is too much surprise but I really hope you realize how much time you have to recover from the loss, start living again as soon as you can.

#21: In times when you are certain you would not make it through another day, you should remember you lost them but they didn’t lose you. You need to keep living for them.

#22: It’s so easy to be lost in the pain we feel at the death of those we love that we forget how much they loved us in the time they had with us. It’s important to keep their memory alive.

#23: If you feel like tearing up every minute, it’s perfectly okay to be emotional and sad, you should know that grieving is a huge part of your healing journey.

#24: Don’t be sorry for crying in public, being an emotional bag of tears or embarrassing yourself during a meltdown. Losing someone close to you could do worse things to you.

#25: As you mourn your loss, remember to see the beauty of life around you and don’t sink into a hole of depression and sorrow.

Don’t ever be short of words again! There are so many ways to show grieving people that you care for them and one of those ways is to send them inspiring and uplifting quotes.


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